Jerry Kennealy Books in Order

Jerry Kennealy (website) is an American author best known for his Nick Polo detective crime mystery series.

Born in 1938 in San Franciso, California, he is a former San Francisco policeman and private investigator who decided to put his investigative knowledge into writing books.

The author first introduced Nick Polo in 1987 with his debut novel Polo Solo. Since then, he has written 11 books in the popular series and has started a new series titled The Carrol Quint Mysteries, and has written several standalone thrillers.

The latest installment in the Nick Polo series is published in 2017 with the title Polo’s Long Shot.

Several of Kennealy’s novels have been nominated for the Shamus Award for Best Novel, and his book, The Eye, has received the lifetime achievement award by the Private Eye Writers of America (PWA).

Here are the Jerry Kennealy books in order for his two crime mystery series and his standalone thrillers.

Nick Polo Series

1. Polo Solo (Nick Polo #1), 1987

2. Polo Solo (Nick Polo #2), 1988

3. Polo’s Ponies (Nick Polo #3), 1988

4. Polo in the Rough (Nick Polo #4), 1989

5. Polo’s Wild Card (Nick Polo #5), 1990

6. Green with Envy (Nick Polo #6), 1991

7. Special Delivery (Nick Polo #7), 1992

8. Vintage Polo (Nick Polo #8), 1993

9. Beggar’s Choice (Nick Polo #9), 1994

10. All That Glitters (Nick Polo #10), 1997

11. Polo’s Long Shot (Nick Polo #11), 2017

The Carroll Quint Mystery Series

1. Still Shot (Carroll Quint #1), 2007

2. Jigsaw (Carroll Quint #2), 2008

Other Books by Jerry Kennealy

The Conductor, 1995

The Forger, 1996

The Suspect, 1998

The Hunted, 1999

The Other Eye, 2000

The Conductor, 2002

The Vatican Connection, 2003

Chasing the Devil, 2004

Screen Test, 2016

Dirty Who?, 2018

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