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Last Updated on July 18, 2023

New York Times bestselling author Daniel Silva is the writer of the popular Gabriel Allon spy thriller series. If you like spy thrillers, you will want to pick up and read the Daniel Silva books in order of publication, because most of his novels focus on Gabriel Allon, with the exception of a standalone novel, and two books in his earlier thriller series about Michael Osbourne.

New Daniel Silva Book

The Collector
The Collector (Gabriel Allon #23) 2023

Here is the list of Daniel Silva’s books in order of when they were first released, i.e. in proper chronological and publication order, including the two series and the standalone novel. The reading order is also the order of publication. To make it easier, the list has been split into the various series.

Gabriel Allon Books In Publication Order

  1. The Kill Artist, 2000
  2. The English Assassin, 2002
  3. The Confessor, 2002
  4. A Death in Vienna, 2003
  5. Prince of Fire, 2005
  6. The Messenger, 2006
  7. The Secret Servant, 2007
  8. Moscow Rules, 2008
  9. The Defector, 2009
  10. The Rembrandt Affair, 2010
  11. Portrait of a Spy, 2011
  12. The Fallen Angel, 2012
  13. The English Girl, 2013
  14. The Heist, 2014
  15. The English Spy, 2015
  16. The Black Widow, 2016
  17. House of Spies, 2017
  18. The Other Woman, 2018
  19. The New Girl, 2019
  20. The Order, 2020
  21. The Cellist, 2021
  22. Portrait of an Unknown Woman, 2022
  23. The Collector, 2023

Michael Osbourne Books in Publication Order

  1. The Mark of the Assassin, published 1998
  2. The Marching Season, published 1999

Daniel Silva Standalone Novels

Why Should We Read the Daniel Silva Books In Order?

I’ve read almost all the books, and it’s not a major requirement. However, if you are like me, a stickler for reading them in the proper order for character development, I suggest you do the same, and here are some reasons why:

  1. Captivating spy thriller series: The Gabriel Allon series by the author Daniel Silva is known for its gripping and intricate plots that revolve around international espionage and intelligence operations. If you enjoy thrilling and suspenseful reads with a strong focus on spy craft, these books are a must-read. Daniel Silva’s storytelling skills will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.
  2. Complex and relatable characters: the Israeli spy Gabriel Allon, the series’s main protagonist, is a fascinating character who evolves throughout the books. As a master art restorer and an Israeli intelligence officer, aka Israeli spy Gabriel Allon possesses a unique blend of skills and experiences that make him relatable and engaging. Silva masterfully explores Allon’s personal growth, struggles, and moral dilemmas, making him a deeply human and compelling protagonist.
  3. Rich cultural and historical context: the author Daniel Silva extensively researches the historical and cultural backgrounds of the countries featured in his books, providing readers with an immersive experience. Whether exploring the art restoration world in Italy, delving into the history of the Middle East, or uncovering the secrets of European capitals, the series offers a rich tapestry of international settings that add depth and authenticity to the narrative.
  4. Thought-provoking themes: While the Gabriel Allon series offers thrilling escapism, it also delves into thought-provoking themes such as politics, terrorism, religious extremism, and the complexities of the intelligence community. Silva’s books weave these themes into the narrative, giving readers an opportunity to reflect on real-world issues while enjoying a page-turning story.
  5. Meticulous research and attention to detail: Daniel Silva’s dedication to research and attention to detail shine through in his writing. His books are meticulously researched, providing readers with a wealth of accurate information about historical events, intelligence operations, and the inner workings of various organizations. This level of authenticity enhances the reading experience and adds a layer of credibility to the storytelling.
  6. Engaging writing style: Daniel Silva’s writing style is fluid and accessible, making his books highly readable and enjoyable. He strikes a balance between descriptive prose, fast-paced action, and insightful dialogue, keeping readers fully immersed in the story. The pacing is well-crafted, ensuring that the plot moves forward compellingly while allowing room for character development and introspection.
  7. Standalone novels with serial elements: The Gabriel Allon series follows a chronological order and allows readers to witness the characters’ growth over time, but each book can also be enjoyed as a standalone novel. Silva provides enough background information to catch new readers up to speed without overwhelming them with excessive details. This makes it easy to jump into the series at any point and still fully appreciate the story.

Overall, the Gabriel Allon book series by the author Daniel Silva offers a thrilling and intellectually stimulating reading experience. With its captivating plots, complex characters, meticulous research, and engaging writing style, the series is an excellent choice for all fans of espionage thrillers and anyone looking for a compelling and thought-provoking read.

Daniel Silva Biography and Bibliography

Daniel Silva

Daniel Silva was born in 1960 in the United States, in Detroit, Michigan. At seven, he moved with his parents, both teachers, to  Merced, California, a city also known as the “Gateway to Yosemite.” He graduated from the California State University in  Fresno with a BA, after which he enrolled at the  San Francisco State University with a major in international relations focusing on Russia, and the Soviet Union.. He didn’t graduate, however, as he got a good job offer as a journalist with the United Press International (UPI) in 1984.

His initial position was temporary and his first assignment was to cover the  Democratic National Convention. Soon, however, he got an offer to work at the UPI full time. After one year of working there, he got a transfer to the company’s Washington, D.C., headquarters. He stayed there two more years, after which he was reassigned again to Cairo in Egypt, where he became UPI’s Middle East correspondent. When he left UPI, he went back to the US and got jobs with Cable News Network, and later with CNN, where he became the producer and executive producer of several CNN programs, including Crossfire and Capital Gang.

He began working on his debut novel in 1994, which was published in 1997 with the title The Unlikely Spy, a standalone novel. This started the author’s writing career. The book was on the New York Times bestseller list for five weeks. The novel is set in the WWII around the allied invasion of France. This book set the trend for the next spy thrillers the author is so well known about.

This is when Daniel Silva left his day job to pursue a full-time career in writing. His next book, The Mark of The Assassin started his Michael Osbourne series in 1998. The Kill Artist, published in 2000 is the 4th novel by the author Daniel Silva and the one that gave birth to one of the best heroes in fiction – the spy Gabriel Allon.

The author is well known in the international intrigue fiction circles and the spy Gabriel Allon is a character that everyone wants to learn about. Reading the Daniel Silva books in proper chronological order will mostly focus on the complex character of the Israeli secret agent. The author has around 20 books, with 23 in the Gabriel Allon series. The latest novel, The New Girl was published in 2019. At some point, in 2007 there was an offer to option the rights to Silva’s Gabriel Allon series by Universal Pictures. Nothing came of it as Daniel Silva was not entirely happy about the team that would work on the movie.

In 2007, however,  MGM Television had actually acquired the rights for the Gabriel Allon series based on the books, but at this time we don’t have any news on when they will be adapted. Daniel Silva and his wife, Jamie Gangel, are said to be executive producers. He met his wife in 1987 when he was covering the Iraq-Iran conflict, and she was a CNN special correspondent in Israel at the time.

The first book I’ve read by Daniel Silva was The Kill Artist. It is the book that stayed with me ever since. I’ve read, in the meantime everything else in both series and let’s say that whenever I think of the spy thriller genre, Gabriel Allon is the first character that pops into my mind right away.

Who is Gabriel Allon?

Gabriel Allon, a sabra whose native language was German, grew up in a secular household in the Jezreel Valley. Although raised Jewish, he had little knowledge of Jewish customs until adulthood, including Shabbat candles. Allon’s parents, particularly his mother Irene, were Holocaust survivors from Berlin, a significant aspect of his character. Allon’s father, who was born and raised in Munich, died during the Six-Day War. Shamron, a mentor figure, believes Gabriel’s name holds significance, representing his role as a defender of Israel and the angel of judgment.

Gabriel Allon possesses exceptional linguistic skills, fluent in English, French, German, Hebrew, and Italian, and has a decent grasp of Arabic and Spanish. German, spoken with his mother’s Berlin accent, remains his first language and is the language of his dreams. Allon’s artistic talent stems from his grandfather, a renowned German Expressionist painter, who passed it down to Gabriel’s mother and eventually to him. After serving in the army, Allon attended the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.

In 1972, Ari Shamron approached Gabriel Allon while studying at Bezalel, inviting him to join “The Office” and participate in an operation seeking retribution against Black September terrorist attack people responsible for the Munich massacre at the 1972 Summer Olympics. Gabriel Allon got drawn into the spy game and became one of the key assassins involved in the three-year operation across Europe, altering his future career as a painter.

Following the mission, Gabriel Allon left “The Office” and assumed the fake identity of Mario Delvecchio, an Italian art restorer and spy. He lived in Cornwall and worked for an art dealer while maintaining his undercover work for “The Office.” Despite initial resistance, Allon eventually heads “The Office.” The British Intelligence calls Gabriel a double agent.

In 1991, tragedy struck when a car bomb in Vienna took the life of Allon’s son and severely injured his wife, Leah. Leah survived but resided in a psychiatric hospital near their son’s burial place. Allon felt the need to find peace with Leah’s condition before proposing to Chiara, an Office field operative and his second wife. Allon’s son’s ghost continues to haunt him, particularly after Chiara’s miscarriage and their subsequent struggles with conception. However, Chiara eventually becomes pregnant and gives birth to twins, a girl named Irene in memory of Gabriel’s mother, and a boy named Raphael.

While the main character retired in the book Portrait of an Unknown Woman, he remains active at the urge of his peers.

Who Is Michael Osbourne?

Michael Osbourne, a character created by Daniel Silva, is a CIA agent with a complex history. Originally a field operative, he was forced to leave active duty after an assassin killed his lover. Despite transitioning to a desk job at CIA Headquarters in Washington, D.C., Michael couldn’t let go of the pursuit of his lover’s killer. Over the years, he meticulously gathered clues, leading him to believe that the assassin was a highly skilled and renowned international killer.

Having remarried Elizabeth, a lawyer in Washington, D.C., Michael’s personal life has moved forward. However, his relentless search for the man who murdered Sarah, his former lover, remains an ongoing mission. Unbeknownst to Michael, the assassin has transformed into a hired mercenary, embarking on a dangerous endeavor that will eventually reconnect him with Michael, putting both his and Elizabeth’s lives at risk.

In the second book, Michael has left the CIA but eventually rejoins the agency due to his concerns about his father-in-law, a retired U.S. senator, who has been appointed as an ambassador to Ireland. Sensing impending danger, Michael returns to service to protect his family and confront the threats that lie ahead.

Daniel Silva Book Adaptations

n 2007, Universal Pictures expressed interest in acquiring the rights to Daniel Silva’s Gabriel Allon series, beginning with the novel The Messenger. However, although in 2011 Jeff Zucker was announced as a potential producer, the deal was never finalized. Moving forward, on May 15, 2017, MGM Television obtained the rights to adapt the Gabriel Allon series, but details such as the specific novels being considered or a production schedule were not disclosed at the time of the announcement.

Daniel Silva Awards


  • 2007 – The Messenger won the Barry Award for Best Thriller
  • 2013 – The Fallen Angel won the Barry Award for Best Thriller
  • 2016 – The English Spy won the Audie Award for Best Male Narrator


  • 2004 – The Confessor: Crime Writer’s Association Award for Ian Fleming Steel Dagger Award
  • 2005 – A Death in Vienna: Barry Award for Best Thriller, Crime Writer’s Association Award for Ian Fleming Steel Dagger Award
  • 2006 – The Messenger: Crime Writer’s Association Award for Ian Fleming Steel Dagger Award, International Thriller Writers Award for Best Novel
  • 2007 – Moscow Rules: Crime Writer’s Association Award for Ian Fleming Steel Dagger Award
  • 2011 – The Rembrandt Affair: Barry Award for Best Thriller
  • 2012 – The Fallen Angel: Goodreads Awards for Best Mystery and Thriller, Portrait of a Spy: Audie Award for Best Fiction
  • 2015 – The English Spy: Goodreads Awards for Best Mystery and Thriller
  • 2016 – The Black Widow: Goodreads Awards for Best Mystery and Thriller, Crime Writer’s Association Award for Ian Fleming Steel Dagger Award

How Many Books Does Daniel Silva Have Currently?

Currently, there are 26 Daniel Silva books, with 23 novels in the Gabriel Allon spy series, 2 in the Daniel Osbourne CIA series, and one standalone novel.

What Was the First Daniel Silva Novel?

The Unlikely Spy was published in 1995, and it was the first novel the author released.

What Is The Latest Daniel Silva Book?

The latest novel is the 23rd in the Gabriel Allon series, titled The Collector, released on July 18th, 2023.

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  1. I enjoy the fact that Gabriel Allon is a well-rounded, erudite, character who is a talented art-restorer. His relationships are so interesting: his wife Chiara, the head of the “Office” -Shamron ( who seems to be a take on the real-life Ariel Sharon, and a colleague who knows how to stay ‘invisible’ when following their adversaries. Daniel Silva is one of my very favorite authors. We also get descriptions of many European settings in these books as well.

  2. Just finished “New Girl.” A great story, all of Gabriel Allon’s stories are.

  3. My husband Billy W. Smith is reading a Death In Vienna, but there are 2 books prior to this one. Please let me know the names of the 2 books that were written prior to this one that set the story for this 3rd book.
    We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
    Denise M. Smith, 17811 Seminole Way, Yorba Linda, Ca. 92886

    1. The book list is accurate with the latest book added. I am updating the author’s bio (actually all the authors’ bios, however, it takes time as I am a one person team), but the list of books is up to date.

  4. My new novel, Eternal Sonata, is out October 4. Ray Kurzweil calls it “a brilliant exploration of the many challenges and opportunities our species will face as the exponential growth of real-world technology moves us toward immortality.” Hope you’ll reference or review it.

    1. Okay. Now would you please explain what the heck that means for us Ludites . Doesn’te sound like Daniel Silva kind of stuff to me . Sorry .

  5. What is the Title Of Mr. Silva’s 17th book and when will it be released?

    1. I am a retired psychologist and have spent many wonderful hours with Mr. Allon, thank you. Doc Nobles.

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