Sheila Quigley

Sheila Quigley (website) is a British author who has written two crime mystery series: Lorraine Hunt and Mike Yorke/Holy Island trilogy.

Born in Sunderland she had various jobs throughout her life, including picking potatoes, making door to door sales of frozen food, pressing at a tailor factory, until she started to follow her true calling of a writer in 2004.

Married at 18 she now has a huge family which includes 3 daughters and 1 son, 8 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. She is now divorced and enjoys her life of grandmother in Sunderland, while writing books in her spare time.

Here are all the Sheila Quigley books in order for her two series. Both Lorraine Hunt and Mike Yorke are detective inspectors in North-East England.

Lorraine Hunt/The Seahills Series In Order Of Publication

1. Run For Home (Lorraine Hunt #1), 2004

2. Bad Moon Rising (Lorraine Hunt #2), 2005

3. Living On A Prayer (Lorraine Hunt #3), 2006

4. Every Breath You Take (Lorraine Hunt #4), 2007

5. The Road To Hell (Lorraine Hunt #5), 2009

6. Lady In Red (Lorraine Hunt $6), 2014

Mike Yorke/Holy Island Trilogy In Order Of Publication

1. Thorn In My Side (Mike Yorke #1), 2010

2. Nowhere Man (Mike Yorke #2), 2011

3. The Final Countdown (Mike Yorke #3), 2012

Other Works By Sheila Quigley

Short story in the anthology Radgepacket 2, 2009

Black Betty – short story in the anthology True Brit Grit, 2012

You can find here all the Sheila Quigley books on Amazon

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