Jon Talton Books In Order – Complete List of Novels

Jon Talton is an American crime mystery author best known for his David Mapstone (an ex-cop in Phoenix, Arizona) series.

The Jon Talton books include his popular David Mapstone mystery series, the Cincinnati Casebook novels, the Gene Hammons series, standalone novels, non-fiction books, as well as anthologies. Here are the Jon Talton books in order for his works.

Latest Jon Talton Books

The Nurse Murders
The Nurse Murders (Gene Hammons #2), 2023

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David Mapstone Books in Publication Order

Cactus Heart is a prequel to the series.

  1. Concrete Desert, 2001
  2. Camelback Falls, 2003
  3. Dry Heat, 2004
  4. Arizona Dreams, 2006
  5. Cactus Heart, 2007
  6. South Phoenix Rules, 2010
  7. The Night Detectives, 2013
  8. High Country Nocturne, 2015
  9. The Bomb Shelter, 2018

Cincinnati Casebook Books in Publication Order

  1. The Pain Nurse, 2009
  2. Powers of Arrest, 2012

Gene Hammons Books in Publication Order

  1. City of Dark Corners, 2021
  2. The Nurse Murders, 2023

Standalone Novels in Order of Publication

Anthologies in Order of Publication

Non-Fiction Books in Publication Order

Jon Talton Biography – About the Author

Jon Talton books in order

Jon Talton was born in 1953, and he grew up in rural Arizona. He went to the Kenilworth School, then the Coronado High School, after which he attended and finally graduated from Arizona State University and Miami University with a degree in journalism. He later received a master’s degree in economics from Stanford University.

Jon Talton began his writing career as a business reporter for the Arizona Republic. Next, he moved to the Seattle Times, where he wrote about the tech industry during the dot-com boom of the 1990s.

As an economics writer, he became a Pulitzer Prize finalist for his popular article about the housing crisis and the Great Recession. He worked as a journalist for over 25 years, during which time he wrote about various business and financial issues.

Jon Talton also wrote about the history and culture of the American West, which was based on his personal experience growing up in a small town. In addition, he was the editor and publisher of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer’s online business section and was a commentator for the public radio’s Marketplace program.

Jon Talton is the author of several novels, including the David Mapstone books, a set of crime novels set in Phoenix, Arizona. The Washington Post named the books, which feature a former history professor turned amateur detective, as one of the most rewarding and intelligent of contemporary mysteries.

Other Jon Talton books include the Cincinnati Casebook Files, the Gene Hammons series, the thriller Deadline Man, and the non-fiction book The American West at Risk: Science, Myths, and Politics of Land Abuse and Recovery. He also wrote a standalone novel titled Deadline Man.

Jon Talton received several awards, including The Society of American Business Editors and Writers’ Award for commentary, as well as the Gerald Loeb Award for Distinguished Business and Financial Journalism.

He is a member of the Arizona Newspaper Association’s Hall of Fame, and the Journalist and Financial Reporting Group named him one of the Top 100 Business Journalists in the US.

Jon Talton is currently living in Seattle, writing his next book and being the economics columnist for the Seattle Times.


  1. Are you going to write anymore David Mapstone series? Thank you Don Stiver

  2. I grew up in Cincinnati and very much enjoy the Will Bordes books. There is much to be developed with these stories in this midwestern setting. Please continue the series.

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