Jon Talton Books In Order

Jon Talton (website) is an American crime mystery author best known for his David Mapstone (an ex-cop in Phoenix, Arizona) series. He has also written another series (which includes at the moment two books only) called Will Borders (ex-homicide detective in Cincinnati, Ohio). With currently 10 books under his belt, the author has a great following from the readers who enjoy his writing.

He went to the Kenilworth School, then the Coronado High School, after which he attended and graduated from Arizona State University and Miami University.

His earlier jobs included being an ambulance medic in Phoenix, Arizona, as well as a theater instructor at Southeastern Oklahoma State University.

Jon Talton is also an accomplished journalist having worked at the Arizona Republic, Charlotte Observer, Rocky Mountain News, who for over 25 years has reported extensively on business and financial topics focusing on urban economies, energy, real estate and public policy.

He is currently living in Seattle, writing his next book and being the economics columnist for the Seattle Times.

High Country Nocturne, part of the David Mapstone series, was published in 2015. In addition to his two series, the author has also written a standalone novel, called Deadline Man.

The latest David Mapstone novel, The Bomb Shelter, David, this time working a case that happened several decades ago. When the newly re-elected Sheriff Mike Peralta and David’s boss wants to reopen that old case where an American journalist was killed on the US soil by a car bomb, David finds it strange. However, he goes with the flu and starts working the case.

But when new murders are happening that are triggered by the old one, David knows he needs some extra help in finding out just how strongly connected the past is with the present.

Here are the Jon Talton books in order for this two popular series. The books are listed in publication order, with the reading order in brackets.

David Mapstone Series In Order

  1. Concrete Desert (David Mapstone #1), 2001
  2. Camelback Falls (David Mapstone #3), 2003
  3. Dry Heat (David Mapstone #4), 2004
  4. Arizona Dreams (David Mapstone #5), 2006
  5. Cactus Heart (David Mapstone #2), 2007
  6. South Phoenix Rules (David Mapstone #6), 2010
  7. The Night Detectives (David Mapstone #7), 2013
  8. High Country Nocturne (David Mapstone #8), 2015
  9. The Bomb Shelter (David Mapstone #9), 2018

Will Border Series In Order

  1. The Pain Nurse (Will Borders #1), 2009
  2. Powers of Arrest (Will Borders #2), 2012

Jon Talton Standalone Novels

  • Deadline Man, 2010
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  1. Don Stiver says:

    Are you going to write anymore David Mapstone series? Thank you Don Stiver

  2. Margaret Sutphin says:

    I grew up in Cincinnati and very much enjoy the Will Bordes books. There is much to be developed with these stories in this midwestern setting. Please continue the series.

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