Brian Freeman Books In Order – Complete List of Books

Brian Freeman is the New York Times bestselling author of the Jonathan Stride psychological suspense series, the Cab Bolton crime mystery series, the San Francisco homicide inspector Frost Eaton series, the Shelby Lake series, and the Jason Bourne books in the popular spy thriller series.

Here are the Brian Freeman books in order for his crime mystery series, his espionage series, and his standalone novels written under his own name and other pen names.

Latest Brian Freeman Books

The Bourne Defiance
The Bourne Defiance, Jason Bourne #18, 2023

Jonathan Stride Series In Reading Order and Publication Order

The series features Jonathan Stride, a homicide lieutenant, Maggie Bei, his partner working on the coast of Lake Superior in Duluth, Minnesota, and Serena Dial, a fellow detective and love interest of Jonathan.

  1. Immoral (#1), 2005
  2. Stripped (#2), 2006
  3. Stalked (#3), 2007
  4. The Watcher (#4), 2008 (also titled In The Dark)
  5. The Burying Place (#5), 2009
  6. Spitting Devil (#5.5), 2012
  7. Turn to Stone (#5.6), 2014
  8. The Cold Nowhere (#6), 2013
  9. Goodbye to the Dead (#7), 2015
  10. Marathon (#8), 2017
  11. Alter Ego (#9), 2018
  12. Funeral for a Friend ( #10), 2020
  13. The Zero Night (#11), 2022

Cab Bolton Books In Reading Order Publication Order

The series features Cab Bolton, a quirky Florida detective

  1. The Bone House (#1), 2010
  2. Season of Fear (#2), 2014

Frost Easton Books in Reading Order Publication Order

Frost Easton is a homicide detective in San Francisco with very rigid moral codes that, at times, causing him quite a bit of trouble. He is a sympathetic and honorable character.

  1. The Night Bird (#1), 2017
  2. The Voice Inside (#2), 2018
  3. The Crooked Street (#3), 2019

Shelby Lake Books in Reading Order Publication Order

  1. The Deep, Deep Snow (#1), 2020
  2. The Ursulina (#2), 2022 (prequel story)

Jason Bourne Books In Reading Order Publication Order

  1. The Bourne Evolution (#15), 2020
  2. The Bourne Treachery (#16), 2021
  3. The Bourne Sacrifice (#17), 2022
  4. The Bourne Defiance (#18), 2023

Standalone Novels in Order of Publication

Novellas and Short Stories in Order of Publication

  • The Souls of the Ships, 2013 (novella)

Written as B.N. Freeman

Written as Ally O’Brien

Brian Freeman Biography – About the Author

Brian Freeman author
Brian Freeman
Photo: Martin Hofsten

Brian Freeman was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1963 and grew up in the Bay Area of California in San Mateo. He attended Carleton College in Minnesota from where he graduated in English in 1984 with magna cum laude.

Brian started writing from an early age, as he always wanted to write books for a living. Noticing his love of the craft, his middle-school teacher encouraged him to simply sit in a corner and write his story, rather than follow the class curriculum. He finished his first book at the age of 13. He also loved reading. He probably got his love for mystery novels from his grandmother, who loved reading crime mystery novels.

Brian married his wife, Marcia, there and decided to settle down with his family in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Before starting his author career at the age of 41, he worked as a database systems manager, communication strategist and business writer in Minnesota, after which became director of marketing and public relations for the international law firm Faegre & Benson.

Before getting his debut novel, Immoral, a courtroom drama, published, the author wrote five novels now sitting in his drawer as practice books.

So far the Brian Freeman books have been sold in over 50 countries and translated into 20 languages.

Reading the Brian Freeman books in order starts with his debut novel, Immoral, published in 2005, which won the Macavity Award for Best First Novel. It was also a finalist for the popular Edgar Awards, Dagger, Anthony, and Barry Awards. The book is the first in his popular Jonathan Stride mystery series.

The author has three additional series, Cab Bolton, Frost Easton, and Shelby Lake. In addition, there are new books in the Robert Ludlum Jason Bourne series, which Brian Freeman now co-authors after Eric Van Lustbader left the franchise.

The author also wrote a few romantic novels, including West 57 under the pseudonym B.N. Freeman, and The Agency under the pseudonym Ally O’Brien.

The latest Brian Freeman book is The Crooked Street, the 3rd book in the Frost Easton series, a book published early 2019. The latest Jonathan Stride book is Alter Ego, published in 2018.

The Jonathan Stride series features Homicide Lieutenant Jonathan Stride and his partner Maggie Bei, working on the coast of Lake Superior in Duluth, Minnesota. In Marathon, published in 2017, a bomb explodes at the Duluth Marathon, and a Muslim man is invariably found as the criminal. But did he really do it?

When the bomb exploded, Stride, his wife Serena, and his partner, Maggie, were right in the middle of it all, as Serena had just completed the race. As the police are clearing the area and the ambulances and medics are there to try to help the injured, many think this was an act of terror, and  Islamic radicalism is in the minds of many. When American Muslim Khan Rashid is pointed a finger at as being a suspect, things turn dire for the poor man, especially when the entire Duluth is looking for him.

The author brings a complex mix of real-life events and people’s feelings about these events and racial differences that are so prevalent in the minds of so many people today.

In Alter Ego, Jonathan Stride is called to work an accident case that is stranger than fiction. During a car accident on the remote road outside of Dulluth, the driver is killed. When Jonathan investigates, he learns that the person doesn’t exist.

When, the next day, a college girl at Dulluth disappears, Jonathan fears the worst. But he also starts to put the dots together. Could the two cases be somehow related? And what do both cases have to do with the movie that is made based on an older Stride case where several women were kept in cages and then killed?

This book also brings Cab Bolton’s appearance, although not as a main character.

Reading the Jonathan Stride books in order is not necessary, although recommended. The author mentioned in an interview that whenever he starts a new book, he is very careful in introducing the story and new character, so newcomers can dive right in.


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