Sydney Bauer Books In Order – Complete List

Sydney Bauer, the author alias of Kimberly Scott is an Australian writer who is known for her David Cavanaugh legal crime series. Below are listed the Sydney Bauer books in order of publication. The reading order is the same.

David Cavanaugh Books in Publication Order

  1. Undertow (#1), 2007
  2. Gospel (#2), 2007
  3. Alibi (#3), 2008
  4. Move to Strike (#4), 2009
  5. Matter of Trust (#5), 2010
  6. The 3rd Victim (#6), 2011

Sydney Bauer Biography – About the Author

Sydney Bauer books in order

Kimberly Scott, also known as Sydney Bauer, grew up in an entertainment family. With her parents as a theater manager and film promoter (father) and a fashion model (mother), she grew up with an interest in media, film, and books.

As such, by her late teens, she was spending long nights studying for her communications degree, while during the day, she was working as a busy copygirl at a major Sydney metropolitan newspaper.

She soon graduated to become a full correspondent traveling across the country covering crime and topics in the judicial system. Over the years she worked as a features editor at a major Australian magazine for young women, and in the early 90s started working in the TV commercials arena.

At first, Sydney Bauer worked at Network Ten as a junior publicist, and then got the job of National Network Director of Publicity after four years, until she transferred in the late 1990s to Seven Network where she became Sydney Director of Programming. She had her daughter in 1999 while working part-time for Channel 7.

While she loved her job in the TV branch, she still longed to start writing books, which she finally did, with her first novel Undertow being published in 2007. She started writing her first book in London after moving with her husband who transferred for work. It was the first David Cavanaugh novel, which was soon followed by 5 other books in the same series.

She initially contacted a historian in Boston to gather information about the city, which she then visited for research purposes. The author created the main characters and developed their lives and identities while living in London.

During a family vacation on the Gold Coast, they found a book by another author who also wrote stories set in different countries. Sydney Bauer was curious to learn that the author lived in Brisbane, Australia. Inspired by this connection, she contacted a publisher named Kate Patterson, who was acknowledged in the author’s book. Kate Patterson agreed to publish Undertow shortly after Sydney reached out to her.

In an interview, she mentioned that her pseudonym Syndey Bauer was inspired by the TV shows Alias and 24. Fans of these shows will surely remember both Sydney and Bauer. Additionally, the name Sydney also holds significance to her hometown. Another interesting detail I discovered is that her third book is titled Alibi…

Undertow, Sydney Bauer’s debut novel won the Sisters in Crime Davitt Award for the best crime novel by an Australian Woman in 2007. Sydney’s books are also published in the US.


  1. I am just about to read the last of your David Cavanaugh books and I am keen to continue the series. Have you written any other books in the series since 2011?

  2. Hi Sydney – Have read all of your books and was wondering when the next one will come out since noticing that the last one was published in 2011?

  3. I just finished the first book of yours that I had been given with a high recommendation. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next. Undertow was the one I finished and I am glad once I can read them in the order you wrote them. That never happens to me! I live in the U.S. but have been to Australia 4 times and really have a feel for most of the different areas. Keep up the good work and I will be recommending you to others.

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