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Scott Turow is the American author of the Kindle County legal thriller series and several standalone novels, short stories, and non fiction books.

Here are the Scott Turow books in order for his popular legal thriller series, Kindle County.

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Kindle County Legal Thriller Books in Publication Order

  1. Presumed Innocent, 1987
  2. The Burden of Proof, 1990
  3. Pleading Guilty, 1993
  4. The Laws of our Fathers, 1996
  5. Personal Injuries, 1999
  6. Reversible Errors, 2002
  7. Limitations, 2006
  8. Innocent, 2010
  9. Identical, 2013
  10. Testimony, 2017
  11. The Last Trial, 2020
  12. Suspect, 2022

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Kindle County Books Overview

In the gripping legal thriller, Presumed Innocent, author Scott Turow plunges readers into the tumultuous world of Kindle County, where protagonist Rusty Sabich, a respected prosecutor, finds himself entangled in a nightmarish ordeal.

Rusty’s life takes a dark turn when his infatuation with Carolyn, a fellow prosecuting attorney, spirals out of control. Despite being happily married, Rusty is unable to shake his fatal attraction to Carolyn, leading to a short-lived affair that haunts him. But when Carolyn is discovered brutally raped and murdered, Rusty’s world crumbles beneath him.

Suddenly, Rusty finds himself in the defendant’s seat, accused of the heinous crime he once secretly loved Carolyn. As he fights to prove his innocence, Rusty uncovers a tangled web of deceit and corruption that permeates the very heart of the legal system he has dedicated his life to serving. In his quest for exoneration, he faces the daunting task of unraveling the truth and exposing those who will stop at nothing to maintain their sinister secrets.

Presumed Innocent is hailed as one of the most suspenseful and captivating novels in decades. Scott Turow skillfully brings to life the terrifying nightmare of an ordinary citizen facing conviction for the most horrific of crimes. The story delves into the depths of Rusty’s all-consuming obsession with a passionate woman who is not his wife, exploring its profound impact on everything he holds dear—his career, his relationships, and even his own life.

Burden of Proof takes readers on a harrowing journey through the shattered life of defense lawyer Alejandro ‘Sandy’ Stern in Kindle County, three years after his high-profile defense of Rusty Sabich.

On a chilling March evening, Sandy returns home to a devastating scene. His wife of over three decades, Clara, lies lifeless in her car within the confines of their garage. As Sandy grapples with the shock of his wife’s apparent suicide, he discovers a haunting note beside her body, posing a single, haunting question: “Can you forgive me?”

Determined to understand what led his seemingly content wife to such a desperate act, Sandy delves into the depths of Clara’s final days. His investigation uncovers a startling revelation—just days prior to her death, Clara withdrew a substantial sum of money from her trust fund. This perplexing detail raises a host of troubling questions. What could have driven a woman on the precipice of ending her life to acquire such a significant amount of cash?

As Sandy relentlessly pursues the truth, his world crumbles beneath the weight of shocking secrets, hidden crimes, and conflicting passions. With each new revelation, the Stern family becomes ensnared in a maelstrom of betrayal and turmoil, exposing the dark underbelly of their seemingly idyllic lives.

In Pleading Guilty, Mack Malloy, an ex-police officer turned attorney in a Kindle county law firm, faces a downward spiral in his personal and professional life.

When Mack first joined the firm, he had dreams of a bright future. However, his escalating battle with alcoholism and less-than-stellar legal skills have left him fearing for his position at the firm.

Suddenly, Mack’s colleague, the brilliant yet unpredictable lawyer Bert Kamin, mysteriously vanishes, taking with him a staggering sum of over five million dollars belonging to a client. Faced with the prospect of losing their valuable client and wanting to avoid involving the authorities, the firm’s committee turns to Mack for a covert investigation into Bert’s whereabouts.

Reluctantly, Mack embarks on a perilous journey into a shadowy underworld of crime and corruption, determined to save his firm’s reputation and salvage his own career. As he delves deeper, Mack confronts a web of treachery that risks everything he holds dear.

The Laws of Our Fathers immerses readers in Kindle County’s infamous neighborhood, where a drive-by shooting sends shockwaves through the community. But this is no ordinary crime—a prominent politician’s ex-wife becomes the victim, and her connection to Judge Sonia Klonsky adds an intensely personal element to the case.

Judge Klonsky presides over a trial that tests her judicial abilities and forces her to confront a long-forgotten past in Kindle County. As the courtroom drama unfolds, it becomes clear that all parties involved harbor deep, dark secrets they are willing to go to extreme lengths to protect.

In a battle where the stakes are high and the consequences far-reaching, Judge Klonsky must summon every ounce of strength, courage, and wisdom at her disposal to navigate the treacherous terrain of justice. As the truth is unraveled and hidden agendas come to light, she finds herself torn between pursuing justice and preserving personal relationships.

Personal Injuries introduces readers to Robbie Feaver in Kindle County, a charismatic personal injury lawyer whose career and personal life are on the line due to his unethical practices.

Robbie’s once thriving life takes a dramatic turn when his secret bank account, used to bribe judges overseeing his cases, is exposed. Faced with the possibility of imprisonment, Robbie finds himself at a crossroads.

In a desperate bid to avoid jail time, he strikes a deal with the authorities. Agreeing to cooperate, Robbie becomes a confidential informant, wearing a wire to gather evidence against the corrupt judiciary network he was once a part of.

Assigned to supervise Robbie’s undercover operation is FBI agent Evon Miller. Though initially dazzled by Robbie’s charm, Evon is an introverted and complex individual harboring her own hidden secrets.

As the lines between loyalty and betrayal blur, Robbie and Evon navigate a treacherous world where trust is scarce and danger lurks at every turn. With their intertwined fates hanging in the balance, they must rely on their wits, instincts, and the fragile bond forming between them to expose the truth and find redemption.

In Reversible Errors, corporate lawyer Arthur Raven faces a race against time to save death row inmate Rommy Gandolph aka “Squirrel” from execution in Kindle County. Accused of a triple murder nearly a decade ago, Rommy’s fate seems sealed, but Arthur stumbles upon new evidence that could prove his client’s innocence.

With the execution date looming, Arthur is determined to uncover the truth and exonerate Rommy. However, he faces formidable opposition in the form of chief deputy prosecuting attorney Muriel Wynn, who is driven by her own ambitions and determined to uphold the original conviction. Standing by her side is Larry Starczek, the detective responsible for Rommy’s arrest, unwilling to admit any possibility of error.

As the battle between guilt and innocence intensifies, Arthur finds himself locked in a high-stakes struggle against adversaries determined to see Rommy put to death. With the weight of justice and a man’s life hanging in the balance, Arthur must navigate a treacherous legal landscape and use every resource at his disposal to unravel the truth and prevent a grave injustice.

In Limitations, George Mason, a seasoned criminal defense lawyer turned respected judge of Kindle County, finds himself grappling with a crisis of conscience. As a significant rape case comes before him, he confronts the fundamental flaws within the justice system he has dedicated his life to upholding.

For the first time in his illustrious career, George is forced to confront the limitations of his role, both as a judge and as a fallible human being. With the weight of the evidence unfolding in the courtroom, he is compelled to confront uncomfortable truths and question the very foundations of justice.

In Innocent, the haunting past resurfaces for Rusty Sabich, a former chief judge who had once stood trial for the rape and murder of his former lover. Twenty years after being exonerated, Rusty’s life takes a tragic turn when his loyal wife, Barbara, is found dead, and he becomes the prime suspect of the murder in Kindle County.

As the courtroom drama unfolds, Rusty finds himself reunited with his former colleague and adversary, Tommy Molto, who once charged him with the heinous crimes that stained his reputation. Now, facing accusations of a different nature, Rusty must navigate the treacherous waters of a new trial and fight to prove his innocence.

The Kindle County legal thriller Innocent delves into the depths of truth, justice, and the intricate complexities of the legal system as Rusty Sabich confronts his past while fighting for his future. Scott Turow’s masterful storytelling keeps readers on the edge of their seats as they witness the ultimate battle for redemption and the quest to uncover the real perpetrator behind Barbara’s death.

Identical delves into the shadows of a decades-old murder case of Kindle County that continues to haunt the lives of those involved. Twenty-five years ago, Zeus Kronon’s daughter, Dita, was brutally killed, and her boyfriend, Cass Giannis, confessed to the crime, leading to his imprisonment.

As Cass is released from jail after serving his sentence, doubts and unanswered questions surrounding Dita’s death resurface. Ex-FBI agent Evon Miller and former homicide detective Tim Brodie embark on a mission to uncover the truth, spurred by new evidence that emerges.

The investigation turns startlingly when focus shifts to Cass’s identical twin brother, Paul. Could Paul be the true culprit behind Dita’s murder? As the layers of deception and secrets unravel, Scott Turow weaves a web of suspense, leaving readers on the edge of their seats as they navigate this enthralling mystery’s intricate twists and turns.

Identical is a thrilling exploration of the complexities of identity, family bonds, and the relentless pursuit of justice in Kindle County.

Testimony takes readers on a gripping journey through the halls of justice in Kindle County and the depths of war-torn secrets. When prosecutor Bill ten Boom accepts a position at the International Criminal Court in The Hague, he anticipates a fresh start and the opportunity to pursue justice on an international scale.

Tasked with re-opening an unsolved war crime case over a decade ago, Boom delves into a haunting mystery. The incident claimed the lives of over four hundred Roma refugees, yet no concrete evidence exists to identify the perpetrators. As he navigates a complex web of suspects, including American armed forces and Serbian paramilitaries, Boom realizes that the key to solving the case lies in uncovering those involved’s hidden truths and dark secrets.

In his relentless pursuit of justice, Boom must question the integrity of barristers, judges, high-ranking officers, and major generals as he unearths a labyrinth of deceit and personal agendas. As the stakes rise and the pressure intensifies, Boom discovers that everyone connected to the case has something to hide.

In The Last Trial, the final act of a distinguished legal career becomes a gripping battle for truth and redemption. Alejandro “Sandy” Stern, a seasoned defense lawyer on the cusp of retirement at eighty-five, faces his most challenging case yet in Kindle County.

His close friend, Dr. Kiril Pafko, a former Nobel laureate in medicine, is accused of fraud and murder. As Stern steps into the courtroom to defend Pafko, he is confronted with a profound dilemma: Can he believe in his friend’s innocence despite mounting evidence?

As the trial unfolds, Stern delves deep into the shadows of Pafko’s life, uncovering unsettling truths that shake his belief in the man he once knew. With each revelation, doubt gnaws at Stern’s conviction, blurring the line between loyalty and justice.

In Suspect, the tides of justice turn against Highland Isle’s esteemed police chief, Lucia Gomez, threatening to shatter her hard-earned reputation. Accused of solicitation to advance her career, Lucia finds herself in a perilous situation where her only hope lies in the hands of her old friend, Rik Dudek.

A steadfast believer in Lucia’s innocence, Rik steps up as her defense attorney in the federal case of Kindle County that could make or break her future. Aware of the enemies lurking within and beyond the police force, Rik enlists the help of the tenacious private investigator Clarice ‘Pinky’ Granum.

Rik and Pinky embark on a relentless quest to unearth the evidence necessary to exonerate Lucia. As they delve deeper into a web of intrigue and betrayal, they uncover dark secrets that threaten to unravel not only Lucia’s case but also the very fabric of their community.

In this gripping legal thriller, Scott Turow weaves a tale of suspense and redemption, exploring themes of loyalty, gender bias, and the pursuit of justice. Suspect forces its characters to confront their own vulnerabilities and tests the boundaries of trust in a world where reputations hang by a thread.

Scott Turow Biography – About the Author

Scott Turow, born in Chicago in 1949, is a renowned author and lawyer known for his captivating legal thrillers. His passion for reading and writing emerged during his childhood and continued to shape his life. After graduating from New Trier High School, Scott Turow attended Amherst College, where his literary talents earned him recognition as an Alpha Delta Phi Literary Society Brother. His exceptional skills led to an Edith Mirrielees Fellowship at Stanford University’s esteemed Creative Writing Center, where he further honed his craft as a Jones Lecturer in creative writing.

Although Scott Turow initially pursued a career in literature, his path took a turn when he decided to enroll at Harvard Law School in 1975 for a law degree. Over the next three years, he immersed himself in legal studies while simultaneously authoring his debut work, One L. This book chronicled Turow’s intense and challenging experiences during his first year at Harvard Law School and gave readers a glimpse into the demanding world of legal education.

In 1978, Scott Turow earned his Juris Doctor degree, and his career in law began as an assistant United States Attorney in Chicago. During his eight-year tenure, he handled significant corruption cases, including the high-profile prosecution of state Attorney General William Scott for tax fraud. Scott Turow’s experience as a prosecutor equipped him with a deep understanding of the criminal justice system and provided him with invaluable insights into the legal world.

In pursuit of a new chapter in his life, Scott Turow transitioned from the courtroom to the realm of fiction writing. Drawing upon his legal expertise and his fascination with legal complexities, he penned his debut novel, Presumed Innocent, in 1987. The book, which revolved around a prosecutor accused of murdering his colleague, marked the inception of Turow’s widely acclaimed Kindle County legal thriller series.

With each subsequent release, including The Burden of Proof, Pleading Guilty, and The Law of Our Fathers, Turow’s novels achieved remarkable success, repeatedly securing spots on the New York Times Bestseller list. Several of Scott Turow’s books, such as Presumed Innocent, The Burden of Proof, Reversible Errors,and Innocent,” were adapted into major motion pictures, further solidifying his status as a literary heavyweight.

In 2017, Scott Turow published Testimony, which explores the investigation of a vanished Roma village during the Bosnian war. This work marked the 40th anniversary of Scott Turow’s debut as a novelist, showcasing his enduring creativity and storytelling prowess.

Despite his flourishing writing career, Turow has never strayed far from the legal profession. He has been a partner at prominent law firms, including Dentons, where he continues to practice law, often taking on pro bono cases. Throughout his career, he has been a staunch advocate for criminal justice reform and has actively worked to ensure fair representation and sentencing. Scott Turow served on the U.S. Senate Nominations Commission for Illinois, contributing his expertise to federal judicial appointments. Furthermore, he participated in a death penalty reform commission in Illinois, ultimately playing a significant role in the state’s decision to abolish the capital punishment of death penalty, where he also saved Alejandro Hernandez from death row.

Scott Turow’s multifaceted career as a lawyer and author has garnered him widespread acclaim and recognition. His novels captivate readers with their intricately woven plots and authentic legal backdrop and shed light on important social and ethical issues. Scott Turow’s passion for justice and storytelling has solidified his place as one of the most prominent and influential figures in the literary and legal worlds.

Scott Turow’s books have been published in over forty languages and sold over thirty million copies.

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  1. Happy to have found this author. Picked up ‘burden of proof’ from the bookcase at our beach rental. By the time I finished it, I’d ordered 4 more, and have read ‘testimony’, and just finished ‘the last trial’. I’ve become fussy about what I enjoy reading, and even when I like a book will seldom read the same author consecutively. But I say Bring on the next one. Loving that I have lots more to read.

  2. I’m 2/3 through presumed innocent. Quite good, but that’s already well known. I look forward to reading more of his novels. I’m impressed with his education at Amherst and Stanford being a graduate of Swarthmore and the Pennsylvania College of optometry.

    All the best,

    Peter Dodge

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