List of Heather Graham Books In Order

Last Updated on May 2, 2022  Reading the Heather Graham books in order is quite the treat to any romantic suspense lover, or to any reader who can’t get enough of paranormal romances or historical romances. While the author has written numerous books so far, her probably most popular series to date is Krewe of Hunters.

Below is the list of the Heather Graham books in order of reading for all her romantic suspense and mystery novels written over the years so far.

New Heather Graham Books

Sound of Darkness

Sound of Darkness, Krewe of Hunters #36, 2022

Krewe of Hunters Series

Adam Harrison is an ex-paranormal investigator who creates a team / secret government unit whose sole purpose is to solve unusual cases. Each member of the team has some psychic powers that they can tap into to solve the crimes and investigate the paranormal.

  1. Phantom Evil (Krewe of Hunters #1), 2011
  2. Heart of Evil (Krewe of Hunters #2), 2011
  3. Sacred Evil (Krewe of Hunters #3), 2011
  4. The Evil Inside (Krewe of Hunters #4), 2011
  5. The Unseen (Krewe of Hunters #5), 2012
  6. The Unholy (Krewe of Hunters #6), 2012
  7. The Unspoken (Krewe of Hunters #7), 2012
  8. The Uninvited (Krewe of Hunters #8), 2012
  9. The Night is Watching (Krewe of Hunters #9), 2013
  10. The Night is Alive (Krewe of Hunters #10), 2013
  11. The Night is Forever (Krewe of Hunters #11), 2013
  12. Crimson Twilight (Krewe of Hunters #11.5), 2014
  13. The Cursed (Krewe of Hunters #12), 2014
  14. The Hexed (Krewe of Hunters #13), 2014
  15. The Betrayed (Krewe of Hunters #14), 2014
  16. When Irish Eyes are Haunting (Krewe of Hunters #14.5), 2015
  17. The Silenced (Krewe of Hunters #15), 2015
  18. The Forgotten (Krewe of Hunters #16), 2015
  19. The Hidden (Krewe of Hunters #17), 2015
  20. All Hallows Eve (Krewe of Hunters #17.5), 2015
  21. Haunted Destiny (Krewe of Hunters #18), 2016
  22. Deadly Fate (Krewe of Hunters #19), 2016
  23. Darkest Journey (Krewe of Hunters #20), 2016
  24. Dying Breath (Krewe of Hunters #21), 2017
  25. Dark Rites (Krewe of Hunters #22), 2017
  26. Hallow Be the Haunt (Krewe of Hunters #22.5), 2017
  27. Wicked Deeds (Krewe of Hunters #23), 2017
  28. Fade to Black (Krewe of Hunters #24), 2018
  29. Pale as Death (Krewe of Hunters #25), 2018
  30. Echoes of Evil (Krewe of Hunters #26), 2018
  31. Haunted by the Holidays (Krewe of Hunters #26.5), 2018
  32. Christmas, The Krewe and a Large White Rabbit (Krewe of Hunters #26.6), 2018
  33. The Summoning (Krewe of Hunters #27), 2019
  34. The Seeker (Krewe of Hunters #28), 2019
  35. The Stalking (Krewe of Hunters #29), 2019
  36. Blood Night (Krewe of Hunters #29.5), 2019
  37. Horror-Ween (Krewe of Hunters #29.75), 2019
  38. Seeing Darkness (Krewe of Hunters #30), 2020
  39. Deadly Touch (Krewe of Hunters #31), 2020
  40. Dreaming Death (Krewe of Hunters #32), 2020
  41. The Dead Heat of Summer (Krewe of Hunters #32.5), 2020
  42. The Unforgiven (Krewe of Hunters #33), 2021
  43. The Forbidden (Krewe of Hunters #34), 2021
  44. The Unknown (Krewe of Hunters #35), 2021
  45. Haunted House (Krewe of Hunters #35.5), 2021
  46. Sound of Darkness (Krewe of Hunters, #36), 2022
  47. Aura of Night (Krewe of Hunters #37), 2022
  48. Voice of Fear (Krewe of Hunters #38), 2022
  49. Descend to Darkness (Krewe of Hunters #38.5), 2022

New York Confidential

  1. Flawless (NY Confidential #1), 2016
  2. A Perfect Obsession (NY Confidential #2), 2017
  3. A Dangerous Game (NY Confidential #3), 2018
  4. A Lethal Legacy (NY Confidential #4), 2019
  5. The Final Deception (NY Confidential #5), 2020

Finnegan Connection

  1. Law and Disorder (The Finnegan Connection #1), 2017
  2. Shadows in the Night (The Finnegan Connection #2), 2017
  3. Out of the Darkness (The Finnegan Connection #3), 2018

 Cafferty and Quinn Series

The Cafferty and Quinn series focuses on Danielle Cafferty – and antique shop dealer and Michael Quinn, a private investigator who team up to solve unusual crimes that police either wouldn’t touch or wouldn’t even know where to start looking for answers on. They become partners in life as well.

  1. Let the Dead Sleep (Cafferty and Quinn #1), 2013
  2. Waking the Dead (Cafferty and Quinn #2), 2014
  3. Infernal Night (Cafferty and Quinn #2.5), 2014
  4. The Dead Play On (Cafferty and Quinn #3), 2015
  5. Toys in the Attic (Cafferty and Quinn #3.5), 2015
  6. Blood on the Bayou (Cafferty and Quinn #3.6), 2016
  7. Big Easy Evil (Cafferty and Quinn #3.7), 2017
  8. Bitter Reckoning (Cafferty and Quinn #4), 2018

Harrison Investigation Series

Each novel in this series focuses on paranormal investigations involving other pairs of people. You can read the series starting with any book you choose, but as I am a stickler for reading them in order, I can’t help but read them that way.

  1. Haunted (Harrison Investigation #1), 2003
  2. The Presence (Harrison Investigation #2), 2004
  3. Ghost Walk (Harrison  #3), 2005
  4. The Vision (Harrison Investigation #4), 2006
  5. The Dead Room (Harrison Investigation #5), 2007
  6. The Seance (Harrison Investigation #6), 2007
  7. The Death Dealer (Harrison Investigation #7), 2008
  8. Unhallowed Ground (Harrison Investigation #8), 2009
  9. Nightwalker (Harrison Investigation #9), 2009
  10. The Killing Edge (Harrison Investigation #10), 2010

Bone Island Trilogy

  1. Ghost Memories (Bone Island #0.5), 2010
  2. Ghost Shadow (Bone Island #1), 2010
  3. Ghost Night (Bone Island #2), 2010
  4. Ghost Moon (Bone Island #3), 2010

The Flynn Brothers Trilogy

  1. Deadly Night (Flynn Brothers #1), 2008
  2. Deadly Harvest (Flynn Brothers #2), 2008
  3. Deadly Gift (Flynn Brothers #3), 2008

Prophecy Series

  1. Dust to Dust (Prophecy #1), 2009

Soap Series

  1. Long, Lean and Lethal (Soap #1), 2000
  2. Dying to Have Her (Soap #2), 2001
  3. Killing Kelly (Soap #3), 2005

Standalone Heather Graham Books

Heather Graham

Heather Graham Biography

Heather Graham was born in 1953 in Florida, where she also grew up.

After graduating from high school she married, however that didn’t stop her from pursuing a further degree. She attended the University of South Florida at Tampa from where she graduated with a degree in theater arts.

After finishing school, she started working different jobs, ranging from dinner theater, singing backup vocals, to bar-tending.

When her third child was born, however, she decided it’s time to work from home so she can be close to her children and to follow her dream: that of writing. So her writing career started.

She sold her first book in 1982 under the title When Next We Love. What followed next was an avalanche of romances, romantic suspense novels, vampire novels, time travel novels, historical romances and much more in between.

So far the author has written some 150 novels under various pseudonyms, including Heather Graham (her maiden name, under which she writes most of the romantic suspense novels), Heather Graham Pozzessere (her married name) and Shannon Drake (under which she writes mostly historical romances). The Heather Graham books have been translated into over 20 languages.

For her books, Heather Graham won several awards so far, including the  RWA’s Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Thriller Writers’ Silver Bullet.

One of my favorite Heather Graham books in her Krewe of Hunters paranormal mystery series is called Wicked Deeds, the 23rd book in the series. Her latest standalone novel is the thriller American Drifter, published end of 2017.

Wicked DeedsWicked Deeds is book #23 in the Krewe of Hunters paranormal romantic suspense series. When the historian Vickie Preston and her new husband, FBI Special Agent Griffin Pryce, visit Baltimore for a romantic weekend before going home, they come across a murder in the basement of a well-known restaurant.

A popular horror author, Franklin Verne, has been killed and things are strange around this murder. As both belong to the FBI’s Krewe of Hunters paranormal investigation team, they are asked to interrupt their honeymoon weekend and assist in the investigation because things are everything but normal surrounding this murder.

So they begin to assist the local PD, which prompts a very dead author Edgar Allan Poe to reveal himself to them (in the form of a ghost, of course), saying that he wants to help solve the murder case. Since the Krewe team is all about paranormal, with every member having some sort of extrasensory ability, Vickie and Griffin are not overly surprised when Poe shows himself to them. Afterall, one of their talents is to see and speak with the dead.

I loved this story, especially since one of my favorite classic authors, Edgar Allan Poe, was also involved. The book had a historical aura around it that I found charming. The characters were, as usual, engaging, and I loved learning more about the newlywed Krewe couple.

The short story, Hallow Be the Haunt, is about another couple, Jake Mallory and Ashley Donegal, who are planning their wedding. Jake is a Krewe member, and he can’t wait till he weds the love of his life. But when they are at the bride’s plantation, around Halloween, of course, a ghost makes its appearance, warning Ashley about a serial killer who will start killing once again in New Orleans, the two know now that their wedding plans have to be put aside until the serial killer is caught.

The book is relatively short, but if you love the Krewe of Hunters series, you will delight in reading it just as you enjoy all the full-length books as well.

Three new Krewe of Hunters books are published in 2019 along with a short novella. Lots of Krewe of Hunters stories to read.

Should we read the Heather Graham books in order?

I have read most the Heather Graham books so far, including the series and almost all the standalone novels, and this is what I suggest. You should read the Krewe of Hunters series in chronological order because you will get a much better sense of the various recurring characters.

As for the Harrison Investigations, I honestly don’t think you will lose too much if you read them out of order as standalone novels. Each book is separate and they really connect through Adam Harrison (hence the name of the series). But all books feature different characters (unlike the Krewe of Hunters series where most characters feature in all books).

The Flynn Brothers series is also worth reading in order, and the author’s newer series, The Finnegan Connection also, but really the series that should mostly be read in proper reading order is Krewe of Hunters. The rest, probably not so much.

The Heather Graham book list is long so there are lots of novels to read. The one series that I truly couldn’t be without is, once again, Krewe of Hunters.

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  1. Laura says:

    I throughly enjoy all of Heather’s books. The Krewe of Hunters are my favorite but the others are not far behind. She is definitely one of my favorite authors. I’m a big Stephen King fan also. I couldn’t do without either of these authors.

  2. Crystal Jung says:

    Will Danger in Numbers have a sequel. It kind of ends with a setup i feel like.

  3. Dianna says:

    Is Adam Harrison a main character in any of her books? Like, one of the series is named after him but I can’t find a book that deals with his backstory other than brief mentions like in the first Krewe book.

  4. Paula Krasnevich says:

    Hello, I am trying to collect all of the Heather Graham Books written. I just started two years ago. Any advice on to get copies of her first books? I am addicticted to the Krewe of hunters series, but I read anything of hers I can get.

    She is an amazing writer.

  5. Martha Kay Cheek says:

    I’m disappointed that the Krewe of Hunters series does not have more audiobooks.

  6. JOANN CARUSO says:

    I love her Krewe series and must admit to reading some of my favorites twice. I was disappointed to see Amazon is not offering paperbacks. I’m not a Kindel person and only have room for paperbacks…sad.

  7. Mystery Sequels says:

    The Trance is added but I have no idea of The Apparition. Did you see that on the site you mentioned?

  8. Janet Cuzzort says:

    I try to read books in the order they are written. I look for the new ones as listed in Fantastic Fiction. The Trance 2020 and The Apparition 2020 were listed; then disappeared from the list. Were the names changed?

  9. Veronica says:

    since I started reading Heather’s books I just love them and I cannot stop reading the Krewe stories. unfortunately we do not get them all over here (Switzerland) as e-books which is most convenient as you dont have to carry so many books with you.I

    I love Heathers’s books.

  10. Debbie Dermody says:

    I started reading Heather ‘s books about 5 years ago.
    I thoroughly enjoy her writing, she knows how to get your attention form the beginning of the story and keep you interested the entire read.
    I have read many of her books and on this website some found some that I would like to read.
    I do also really enjoy all the Krewe stories

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