Steven F. Havill Books In Order – Complete List

Steven F. Havill is an American author who has written 3 mystery series and several western standalone novels. Reading the Steven Havill books in order includes his popular series Posadas County mystery series, set in New Mexico. It currently has 16 books, with the latest novel, Perfect Opportunity, published in 2024.

His related series, the Bill Gastner Mystery, is a prequel to Posadas County, and the author’s third series features Dr. Thomas Park, and it includes only two books. We also list Steven F. Havill’s standalone novels.

Latest Steven F. Havill Books

Perfect Opportunity (Posadas County Mysteries #16), 2024

Bill Gastner Mystery Books in Publication Order

  1. Heartshot, 1991
  2. Bitter Recoil, 1992
  3. Twice Buried, 1994
  4. Before She Dies, 1996
  5. Privileged to Kill, 1997
  6. Prolonged Exposure, 1998
  7. Out of Season, 1999
  8. Dead Weight, 2000
  9. Bag Limit, 2001
  10. One Perfect Shot, 2012
  11. Easy Errors, 2017

One Perfect Shot is the prequel to the Bill Gastner Mystery series. It introduces Estelle Reyes, so for newcomers to the series, this is the perfect book to sink your teeth into, before starting with Easy Errors, followed by Heartshot.

Easy Errors, the last book in the Bill Gastner series, is also part of the Posadas County series. It is a prequel following Robert Torrez and Bill Gastner working on a case.

Posadas County Mystery Books in Publication Order

  1. Scavengers, 2002
  2. A Discount for Death, 2003
  3. Convenient Disposal, 2004
  4. Statute of Limitations, 2006
  5. Final Payment, 2007
  6. The Fourth Time is Murder, 2008
  7. Red, Green, or Murder), 2009
  8. Double Prey, 2010
  9. NightZone, 2013
  10. Blood Sweep, 2015
  11. Come Dark, 2016
  12. Easy Errors, 2017
  13. Lies Come Easy, 2018
  14. Less Than a Moment, 2020
  15. No Accident, 2022
  16. Perfect Opportunity, 2024

Dr. Thomas Parks Books in Publication Order

This historical mystery series set in a logging town in coastal Washington State in 1891 is about a young man, Dr.Parks, who, after finishing medical school in Pennsylvania, goes to Port McKinney to join his dad’s friend’s medical practice, to practice trauma medicine. Among the Thomas Parks books Race for the Dying is the introduction to the series.

  1. Race for the Dying, 2009
  2. Comes a Time for Burning, 2010

Standalone Steven H. Havill Books (Westerns)

Steven F. Havill Biography – About the Author

Steven F Havill

Steven F. Havil was born in 1945 in New York.

The author Steven F. Havill was also a teacher, and through his work, he studied medicine for over 30 years, knowledge which he transferred in many of his books.

The first Steven F. Havill book, Heartshot, which is also the first in the Bill Gastner series, was published in 1991. The story is set in Ruidoso, New Mexico, in southwestern New Mexico. Posados country is an imaginary border country.

When the series started with the first book, Bill Gastner was already fast approaching retirement, as he was 60 at the time. That’s why the original series is relatively short, with only nine main books, which is then followed by the Posadas Country series that goes on even until today.

Easy Errors, published in 2017, is a prequel of the series that takes us back to 1986 when Bill Gastner was an undersheriff. The story focuses mostly on Deputy Robert Torrez’s first big case from back then. It should be read after One Perfect Shot.

The Steven F. Havill books in order are listed based on their publication date, and the list is updated with new books as soon as the author releases them.

One might argue that the two series, the Posadas County Mysteries series and Bill Gastner series are two separate mystery series. After Bill Gastner retired from his job as a sheriff, Estella Reyes-Guzman, the new Undersheriff took over the job. I have listed them separately as well, because the later books are not quite about the retired Bill anymore, even though they are both set in the same Posada Country universe.

Still, I recommend reading the Bill Gastner series before starting Posadas County Mystery series, as the two interrelated series by Steven F. Havill follow a chronological timeline.

Steven F. Havill Havill lives in Datil, New Mexico, with his wife Kathleen, who is both a writer and an artist.


  1. I’ve recently discovered the Havill books and found three in my local library. Are any available in paperbacks? They are enjoyable and well written.

  2. We only recently discovered Steven Havill’s novels and have thoroughly enjoyed them. It’s nice to read books that take place in areas we know. We live in Las Cruces. I’ve lost a lot of sleep reading “just one or two more pages” on these books. They keep your attention and I think they are well written.

  3. I only wish I had tuned in to Mr. Havill’s fine series earlier! However, now, I get to binge read! The subtle description of the people and culture is right-on-target, as is the less subtle picture of the landscape. The character development is endearing. How in the world did he build little Francisco?

  4. Love this series – have both on my Kindle and read over and over. I am moving and have packed all my other books And guess who I am reading. Please write more please please!!!!

  5. I know there are lots of readers like me who would like to see more sequel/prequels in print to share more of Under sheriff Bill with us. You had good success with the story about deputy Robert Torrez when he started , , and I know there are a lot of us who would like to read more about Sheriff Bill’s early days on the force. There could be another 10 or 12 books that would cover that time span. I bet you didn’t think that Sheriff Bill would be so popular or you would have started him out a lot younger. PLEASE, PLEASE, GIVE US MORE UNDER SHERIFF BILL !!!

  6. I loved this series so much I read all the books this past summer. I keep checking to see if there is a new one after “Lies Come Easy”. I wasn’t happy there was a 4 year gap in the lives of Estelle’s children. A lot of good stories could have been written during those years.

  7. Hope there will be sequel to ‘Lies Come Easy”… not ready for the series to end.

  8. I am enjoying this series very much. I live in Las Cruces
    NM. And would like to tell the author that in this state the green
    Hot pepper is spelled CHILE. Not chili.

  9. I hope there will be more Gastner books! I want to see what develops with his new career!!!

  10. I have the last two Steven Havill books left to read. I have enjoyed them all although I will miss Bill Gastner.


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