Michael Marshall Smith

Michael Marshall Smith (website) is a British author born in 1965, best known for his thriller novel The Straw Men. His books touch on thriller, horror and even sci-fi. Over the years he has traveled around many countries, including the US, South Africa and Australia, before finally settling in Santa Cruz, California.

He writers under the name Michael Marshall Smith and also the pseudonym Michael Marshall.

Book written As Michael Marshall Smith

1. Only Forward, 1994

2. Spares, 1996

3. One Of Us, 1998

4. The Vaccinator, 1999 (short story)

5. Cat Stories, 2001 (short stories)

6. More Tomorrow & Other Stories, 2003 (short stories)

7. This Is Now, 2007 (short story)

8. What You Make It, 2007 (short story)

9. The Servants, 2008

Book Written As Michael Marshall

1. The Straw Men, 2002 (book #1 in The Straw Men trilogy)

2. The Lonely Dead (under the title The Upright Man in the US), 2004 (book #2 in The Straw Men trilogy)

3. Blood of Angels, 2005 (book #3 in The Straw Men trilogy)

4. The Intruders, 2007 (book review)

5. Bad Things, 2009

6. Killer Move, 2011

7. We Are Here, 2013


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