Karen Robards Books in Order

Karen Robards is a popular author of romantic suspense mystery series, historical romances, as well as several standalone novels. She is well-known for her Dr. Charlotte Stone series and her Jessica Ford series, along with her new series starting in 2017, The Guardian.

Charlotte Stone, “Charlie” is a prolific criminal psychologist helping the FBI catch truly sick people. She is most suited for this job as she was once the victim and survivor of a serial killer’s evil doings. Ever since then she’s been wanting to learn what makes these people tick and do anything humanly possible to put them all behind bars.

The Charlie Stone series includes currently four books, with the latest one published in 2015.

Jessica Ford, the main protagonist of the author’s other series is a young criminal attorney in Washington, DC, who has witnessed the First Lady’s murder and was subsequently put in the witness protection program. She changed her name, but went back to practicing law.

Karen Robards’ latest series called The Guardian starts with The Ultimatum, a book published in 2017.

Here are the Karen Robards books in order for her romantic suspense series and standalone novels.

The Guardian Series

1. The Ultimatum (The Guardian #1), 2017

Dr. Charlotte Stone Series

1. The Last Victim (Dr. Charlotte Stone #1), 2012

2. The Last Kiss Goodbye (Dr. Charlotte Stone #2), 2013

3. Her Last Whisper (Dr. Charlotte Stone #3), 2014

4. The Last Time I Saw Her (Dr. Charlotte Stone #4), 2015

Jessica Ford Series

1. Pursuit (Jessica Ford #1), 2005

2. Justice (Jessica Ford #2), 2011

Standalone Romantic Suspense Novels

To Love a Man, 1985

Wild Orchids, 1986

Night Magic, 1987

One Summer, 1993

Maggy’s Child, 1994

Walking After Midnight, 1995

Hunter’s Moon, 1996

Heartbreaker, 1997

The Senator’s Wife, 1998

The Midnight Hour, 1999

Ghost Moon, 2000

Paradise County, 2000

To Trust a Stranger, 2001

Mana From Heaven, 2001 (novella)

Whispers at Midnight, 2002

Beachcombers, 2003

Bait, 2004

Superstition, 2005

Vanished, 2006

Obsession, 2007

Guilty, 2008

Shattered, 2010

Sleepwalker, 2011

Shiver, 2012

Hunted, 2013

Hush, 2015

Darkness, 2016

About Karen Robards

Karen Robards (website) was born in 1954 in Louisville, KY. She wrote her first short story at a very early age, while in her teens. She submitted her two paragraphs story to the Reader’s Digest and it was published in December 1973.

During her time as a student at the University of Kentucky where she took graduate-level creative writing class, Karen submitted her first manuscript to the professor who challenged the students to submit 50 pages in any genre they liked. Karen chose historical romances based on the fact that they were selling well at the time.

Those first 50 pages became part of Karen’s debut novel, Island Flame, which was published in 1981 at the age of 24.

Back then she was in law school, but she dropped out to pursue writing as a career.

She did have to pay the bills, so she started working at an orthodontic clinic, while writing her next novel in her breaks in the bathroom. The second book was finished in 3 months and it was published in 1985 under the title To Love a Man.

Over the years Karen Robards has written over 50 books, including two romantic suspense series (romantic thriller series as the author calls them), and numerous standalone novels. She is also the author of a historical romance series and several standalone historical romance novels.

The author’s latest book is a standalone thriller titled The Ultimatum, part of a new thriller series called The Guardian.

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