Raymond Khoury

Raymond Khoury (website) is the Lebanese author of the popular Templar historical adventure thriller series. When the civil war broke out, his parents moved the family to New York, where he remained for several years until he graduated from Rye Country Day School.

He then once again moved to Lebanon to study architecture at the American University of Beirut, where he remained until another civil war erupted. After being evacuated from home Raymond Khoury ended up in London, where he started working for an architecture firm, followed by a job at an investment bank firm.

In the early 90s he started his career as a screenwriter and also TV show producer, after which he began focusing on writing books exclusively.

Currently there are 6 novels published by the author, with 4 being part of the Templar series, with a 5th one being published in 2016.

Templar Series In Order Of Publication

1. The Last Templar (Templar #1), 1995 (also the author’s debut novel)

2. The Templar Salvation (Templar #2), 2010

3. The Devil’s Elixir (Templar #3), 2011

4. Rasputin’s Shadow (Templar #4), 2012

5. The End Game (Templar #5), 2016

Other Books By Raymond Khouri

The Sanctuary, 2004

The Sign, 2009

No Rest for the Dead, 2010 – chapter in novel co-authored by 20+ authors

FaceOff, 2014 – short story

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