Gretchen Archer Books In Order

Gretchen Archer is an American author known for her Davis Way cozy mystery series. Reading her books in order involves picking up all her so-far six books published in the series.

The author (website) is a housewife in Tennessee who started writing books when her daughters went for further studies away from home. She has currently 5 books published in the Davis Way series.

Before writing her cozy mystery series, the author wrote 4 manuscripts over 4 years, which she never got to publish due to rejection after rejection.

Eventually, she realized that crime fiction is what she wants to do, so she started reading crime fiction for one year until the genre really got drilled into her head.

Here are the Davis Way mystery books in order for any fan of the cozy, whimsy, classy and at times hilarious writing.

Davis Way Mystery Series in Order

1. Double Whammy (Davis Way #1), 2013

2. Double Dip (Davis Way #2), 2013

3. Double Strike (Davis Way #3), 2014

4. Double Mint (Davis Way #4), 2015

5. Double Knot (Davis Way #5), 2016

6. Double Jinx (Davis Way #5.5), 2016

7. Double Up (Davis Way #6), 2017

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  1. Is Meredith the younger or older sister. I thought she was Davis’s younger sister. Double Up, chapter 4 (Davis checking emails) says older sister.

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