Carolyn Baugh Books in Order

If you want to read the Carolyn Baugh books in order, you should start with Quicksand, the first in the author’s Nora Khalil crime mystery series.

Carolyn Baugh (website) is an American author who wrote her relatively new Nora Khalil series. It focusing on Nora, an Egyptian-American police officer who has to balance her Muslim upbringing with her Western work.

The author has a vast knowledge regarding Muslims and minorities overall due to her studies and works in the field. Both her masters and doctorates (2008 and 2011) are in Arabic and Islamic Studies, where she focused her graduate research on minor marriage in early Islamic law.

She teaches courses in the Middle East and world history at Gannon Univesity in Erie, Pennsylvania as an Assistant Professor of History. She also directs the Women’s Study program.

In addition, Carolyn Baugh also co-directs the Erie Voices refuge oral history project. Her entire life and career have been dedicated to helping spread understanding of various cultures while building a tolerance towards minorities.

Here are the Carolyn Baugh books in order (currently two books, with one included in the Nora Khalil series).

Nora Khalil Series

Nora Khalil is an Egyptian-American police officer who has been assigned to the FBI’s Safe Streets Violent Gang Task Force, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to clean the streets from illegal gang activity.

1. Quicksand (Nora Khalil #1), 2015

2. Shoreline (Nora Khalil #2), 2017

Other Books By Carolyn Baugh

The View from Garden City, 2008

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