Carla Neggers Books In Order

Carla Neggers is an American romantic suspense author known for over 60 novels written over the last 30 years.

So far she has sold over a million books in some 30 countries, translated in numerous languages. While many of us know her for the romantic suspense novels, the author has also written several contemporary romance books which are also infused with a lot of suspense and emotion.

Her latest novels are The River House (published in 2018) and Impostor’s Lure (published in 2018) are part of the Swift River Valley and Sharpe & Donovan series.

Here are the Carla Neggers books in order for her romantic suspense series and her several standalone novels.

Carriage House Series

  1. The Carriage House (Carriage House #1), 2001
  2. The Cabin (Carriage House #2), 2002
  3. Stonebrook Cottage (Carriage House #3), 2002
  4. The Harbor (Carriage House #4), 2002

Cold Ridge / U. S. Marshals Series

  1. Cold Ridge (Cold Ridge #1), 2003
  2. Shelter Island (Cold Ridge #1.5), 2003
  3. Night’s Landing (Cold Ridge #2), 2004
  4. The Rapids (Cold Ridge #3), 2004
  5. Dark Sky (Cold Ridge #4), 2005
  6. Breakwater (Cold Ridge #5), 2006
  7. Abandon (Cold Ridge #6), 2007

BPD/FBI Series

  1. The Widow (FBI Series #1), 2006
  2. The Angel (FBI Series #2), 2008
  3. The Mist (FBI Series #3), 2009
  4. The Whisper (FBI Series #4), 2010

Black Falls Series

  1. Cold Pursuit (Black Falls #1), 2008
  2. Cold River (Black Falls #2), 2009
  3. Cold Dawn (Black Falls #3), 2010

Swift River Valley Series

  1. Secrets of the Lost Summer (Swift River Valley #1), 2012
  2. That Night on Thistle Lane (Swift River Valley #2), 2013
  3. Cider Brook (Swift River Valley #3), 2013
  4. Christmas at Carriage Hill (Swift River Valley #3.5), 2014
  5. Echo Lake (Swift River Valley #4), 2015
  6. A Knights Bridge Christmas (Swift River Valley #5), 2015
  7. The Spring at Moss Hill (Swift River Valley #6), 2016
  8. Red Clover Inn (Swift River Valley #7), 2017
  9. The River House (Swift River Valley #8), 2018

Sharpe & Donovan Series

  1. Rock Point (Sharpe & Donovan 0.5), 2013 (prequel novella)
  2. Saint’s Gate (Sharpe & Donovan 1), 2011
  3. Heron’s Cove (Sharpe & Donovan 2), 2012
  4. Declan’s Cross (Sharpe & Donovan 3), 2013
  5. Harbor Island (Sharpe & Donovan 4), 2014
  6. Keeper’s Reach (Sharpe & Donovan 3), 2015
  7. Liar’s Key (Sharpe & Donovan 6), 2016
  8. Impostor’s Lure (Sharpe & Donovan #8), 2018

Stand-alone Carla Neggers Books

  • Claim the Crown, 1982
  • Betrayals, 1991 (published under pen name Anne Harrell)
  • Tempting Fate, 1993
  • Finding You, 1996
  • A Rare Chance, 1996
  • Just Before Sunrise, 1997
  • Night Scents, 1997
  • Kiss the Moon, 1999
  • On Fire, 1999
  • The Waterfall, 2000
  • Cut and Run, 2006

About The Author

Carla Neggers romantic suspense mystery authorCarla Neggers (website) was born in 1955 in rural Massachusetts on the edge of the Quabbin Reservoir, where she also grew up.

She started to write stories at an early age, and you could often find her with a pen and paper up in a tree, imagining stories of people living in the small towns nearby.

A magna cum laude honor of Boston University, she graduated in journalism. Before starting to write fiction, Carla Neggers worked for a short period of time as an arts and entertainment writer.

She sold her first novel soon after graduating from university.

While the places she writes about are fictional (such as Knights Bridge), they do resemble a lot the places she grew up at, and the descriptions of places are all too real.

Her local library was also the inspiration of the Knights Bridge library (which seems to be haunted). As a teenager she also used to volunteer at the local library. During college, the Boston public library was a welcome refuge from the everyday stress.

Carla Neggers is not only an accomplished writer working full time, but she is also a wife and mother to three kids and a dog, living in Boston. With her husband she often travels to Ireland. In addition to reading, some of her hobbies are traveling, hiking, kayaking and gardening.

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  1. Pam says:

    Was there a book with Grit Taylor & Marissa Neal? Seem to remember it after Black Falls series.

    • Judith Braun says:

      Yes it was a very short story (20 pages or so) in an omnibus Love is Murder (2012) called Cold Moonlight. There are 29 other short short stories.

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