Judith Lucci Books In Order

Judith Lucci is the author of the Alex Destephano medical thriller series. She has also recently started a new series titled Michaela McPherson, focusing on a PI who retired from homicide but can’t let the job go all the way.

The Alex Destephano series includes currently four books with the latest, Toxic New Year, released in 2015.

I haven’t yet started on the PI series, but I have all the books in the author’s medical thriller series and I hope she will continue to write more books with Alex.

Here are the Judith Lucci books in order for her two series in order of publication and reading.

Alex Destephano Series In Order

1. Chaos at Crescent City Medical Center (Alex Destephano #1), 2013

2. The Imposter (Alex Destephano #2), 2013

3. Viral Intent (Alex Destephano #3), 2014

4. Toxic New Year (Alex Destephano #4), 2015

Michaela McPherson Series In Order

1. The Case of Dr Dude (Michaela McPherson #1), 2016

2. The Case of the Dead Dowager (Michaela McPherson #2), 2016

About The Author

Judith LucciJudith Lucci (website) is not only an accomplished mystery and thriller author but also a nurse who has first-hand knowledge about the art of healing.

Born in Richmond, Virginia, Judith Lucci is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of Virginia and she holds both a graduate and doctoral degree.

She has worked as a practicing clinical nurse for more than 25 years.

Being also a researcher and college professor of Nursing at James Madison University, Judith had written several academic research papers, books and articles related to the health field.

This is why she found it initially so difficult to switch from non-fiction to writing mysteries and thrillers. However, for us readers this is not evident at all. What we see is someone who really walks the talk, who know the world of hospitals and doctors inside out and can craft a truly suspenseful story based on the realities of that very world.

While writing the first book in the Alex Destephano series, Chaos at Crescent City, she was working in New Orleans, the city where the story takes place. For the most part, research was never a problem for her and her knowledge of the medical field is evident in her fiction writing.

Her books are all self-published through Createspace. As she mentioned in an interview, Judith prefers having full control over her work rather being constantly told what to do by publishers.

Currently the author lives in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and when not working or writing books she engages in hobbies such as silk painting and multimedia arts.

She is also a member of the Virginia Writers Club, The Shenandoah Valley Writers and Sisters in Crime.

Fun fact: at some point Judith Lucci was on the FBI’s Watch List due to her extensive research on political topics for her thriller Viral Intent. When landing at New Orleans for a book signing, she got detained by air marshals and interrogated for an hour on her knowledge of jihad. Now that is true dedication to her craft!

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  1. I LOVE your Alex Destephano series. I’ve been able to download the 1st 3 books to my Smart Phone and are listening to them for the third time! I love Alex, Robert , Jack, & Monich. I’ve desperately tried to get, Toxic New Year & Evil but Amazon doesn’t have them in Audio Books, only Kindle which I don’t have.
    I’ve searched several Sites and can’t find them. Do you have any suggestion?
    I really want to follow these characters stories. Thanks so much! ~Carolyn

  2. I recently had the opportunity of a life time to meet Judith Lucci. She is warm and captivating lady, and her books leave you breathless and wanting more!!

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