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Mark Dawson (website) is a British author, popular for his John Milton thriller series. He was born in 1973 in Lowestoft, UK and spent his youth in Manchester, where he attended Manchester University studying law.

Before training as a lawyer, he held several odd jobs, such as being a DJ, ice cream seller, and club promoter. After getting his law degree, he became a lawyer going after money launderers all over the world, and then as the lawyer of celebrities who were suing newspapers for libel.

He started writing books in the early 1990s, but he didn’t have much success with traditional publishing, so he gave it all up for several years until the self-publishing industry really kicked in with the Kindle type eBooks.

He left his law career in 2011 and for a short time, he also worked as a film censor for the British Board of Film Classification.

Since the income from his books by far surpassed the income from him watching movies all day long, he left that job and devoted his full time to writing thrillers.

2014 was so far the most productive year for the author, with four books written in the John Milton series, one in the Beatrix Rose series and several short stories also completed.

His first self-published novel, The Black Mile, which became the first in the Soho Noir historical thriller series, took him over one year to complete. Once he started working on the John Milton series, with the internet at his fingertips, research became much easier, so John was able to write and publish much faster.

Besides writing his popular thriller series, John Milton has also created a Facebook marketing course for authors.

Mark Dawson lives in Wiltshire with his family and his pets.

After Jack Reacher left its mark on the genre, readers wanted more ruthless assassins, hitmen who went rogue, or finally found a conscience and decided to turn their ways around and help others rather than take them out.

And so thriller authors, happy to ever oblige, started creating their new heroes, all reminiscent in a way or another of Jack Reacher.

Authors like Tom Wood with his Victor the Assassin series, or Mark Greaney with his Court Gentry/ Gray Man series, and of course,  the indie author Mark Dawson with John Milton, a British government sanctioned assassin who went rogue because he’s had enough of killing innocent people.

Once I picked up the series, I couldn’t stop. I bought each book (including the latest #11 book published in 2017, The Alamo) and I have finally managed to read all the series’ books in order. I can highly recommend you start with the first book, 1000 Yards, the prequel novella, then continue with book #1 The Cleaner and work your way up. You will thank me for it because there is a continuity to the timeline of John’s adventures which you don’t want to miss.

For example, the resolution to what happens in Salvation Row is given in Headhunters. If you read the books out of order, you might not understand what is going on and what is the history between the two main antagonists.

So here are the Mark Dawson books in order for his bestselling series John Milton, and his spin-off series Beatrix Rose, following with Isabella Rose (which is a spin-off from Beatrix Rose) and his historical thriller series Soho Noir.

John Milton Series

1. 1000 Yards (John Milton #0.5), 2013

2. Tarantula (John Milton #0.6), 2014

3. The Cleaner (John Milton #1), 2013

4. Saint Death (John Milton #2), 2013

5. The Driver (John Milton #3), 2014

6. Ghosts (John Milton #4), 2014

7. The Sword of God (John Milton #5), 2014

8. Salvation Row (John Milton #6), 2014

9. Headhunters (John Milton #7), 2015

10. The Ninth Step (John Milton #8), 2016

11. The Jungle (John Milton #9), 2016

12. Blackout (John Milton #10), 2017

13. The Alamo (John Milton #11), 2017 (book review)

Beatrix Rose Series

1. White Devil (Beatrix Rose #0.1), 2015

2. Nine Dragons (Beatrix Rose #0.2), 2015

3. Dragon Head (Beatrix Rose #0.3), 2015

4. In Cold Blood (Beatrix Rose #1), 2014

5. Blood Moon Rising (Beatrix Rose #2), 2014

6. Blood and Roses (Beatrix Rose #3), 2014

7. Phoenix (Beatrix Rose #3.5), 2017 – this novella is a prequel to both Beatrix Rose and John Milton series, it might be worth reading it first to get a glimpse of a young Rose and a pre-Group 15 John Milton.

Isabella Rose

1. The Angel (Isabella Rose #1), 2015

2. The Asset (Isabella Rose #2), 2016

3. The Agent (Isabella Rose #3), 2017

Soho Noir Series

1. Gaslight (Soho Noir #0.5). 2014

2. The Black Mile (Soho Noir #1), 2012

3. The Imposter (Soho Noir #2), 2013

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