Jeffrey Siger Books In Order – Complete List

Jeffrey Siger is an American author known for his Andreas Kaldis mystery series set on various islands in Greece, with a focus on Mykonos.

Jeffrey Siger has written so far 13 books in the series, with the latest one, At Any Cost released in 2024. The author also published stories in two anthologies: The Missing and Plotting From Epiphanies.

Here are the Jeffrey Siger books in order of publication for his currently published works.

Latest Jeffrey Siger Book

At Any Cost
At Any Cost (Andreas Kaldis #13), 2024

Andreas Kaldis Books in Publication Order

  1. Murder in Mykonos, 2008
  2. Assassins of Athens, 2009
  3. Prey on Patmos, 2010 (also as An Aegean Prophecy)
  4. Target: Tinos, 2012
  5. Mykonos After Midnight, 2013
  6. Sons of Sparta, 2014
  7. Devil of Delphi, 2015
  8. Santorini Caesars, 2016
  9. An Aegean April, 2018
  10. The Mykonos Mob, 2019 (also as Island of Secrets)
  11. A Deadly Twist, 2020 (also as The Naxos Network)
  12. One Last Chance, 2022
  13. At Any Cost, 2024

Collections and Anthologies in Order of Publication

Jeffrey Siger Biography – About the Author

Jeffrey Siger author

Jeffrey Siger is an American author living on the Mykonos island in Greece. He was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  He received degrees in political science and biology from Washington and Jefferson College, and in law from Boston College Law School. He started working as a Wall Street lawyer. During his work there, he became Special Counsel to the citizen’s group responsible for covering the city’s prison conditions.

After a while, he left his New York law practice to work for his own firm in Manhattan, focusing on working on high-profile societal scandals and international and domestic disputes.

After several years, however, he gave up his lucrative legal career – at the height of his practice – to focus on writing crime mystery thrillers set in Greece. Right now, Jeffrey Siger is a full-time crime mystery novelist living a half year in Greece and the other half in the US, back at home.

He first visited Greece in the early 1980s, and he fell in love with the islands, especially with Mykonos. When Jeffrey Siger moved to Greece over 20 years later, that’s the very island he moved to. That is also the island that features in his debut novel, the first Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis story. He has been living in Mykonos (on and off) for over 35 years now.

As I spend almost every summer on one or the other Greek island, this series is really close to my heart. For example, there are stories set on the beautiful Mykonos island, in Athens, the small islands of Tinos and Patmos,  as well as in Sparta in Pelloponisos. While going down to Pelloponisos, we drove several times through Parta, the iconic historical city.

In fact, one of the last holidays I had in Greece was in Pelloponisos, and we visited historical Sparta as well. Discovering this author gave me a renewed interest in Greek culture, society, and history. With over 6000 islands in Greece, I am sure the author will not run out of island material for his novels anytime soon.

Murder in Mykonos after its publication became the #1 best-selling English-language book in Greece, which is a first for this country. In the book, we are introduced to Andreas Kaldis, former Athens homicide detective.

He is new at the police, recently appointed chief of police and a bit unorthodox in his manner and way in which he solves cases. He is far from being politically correct in his investigations, and he is a very honest and observant person.

Before moving to Mykonos, an Aegean Greek island, Kaldis was working as a homicide detective in Athens. He is a second-generation Athens cop. Now, with his feet still wet, he is asked to a remote church to investigate the murder of a young woman whose body has been found in a nearby crypt.

Through the books (and the subsequent novels in the series), the author brings the readers a few glimpses into modern day Greece, its political and societal situation, lifestyle, culture, and economy. There is a lot of corruption in Greece and the author has a knack of revealing quite a lot of it in the series.

With its immense success right from the start, it is not surprising that the series is both published in English and in Greek as well. In addition, the Jeffrey Siger books have been published in several other countries such as Germany, South Africa, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

The New York Times selected Target: Tinos, the fourth in the Andreas Kaldis series, as one of its five “picks for the beach.” It also called the entire series, “thoughtful police procedurals set in picturesque but not untroubled Greek locales.”

In addition to his writing carrer, Jeffrey Siger has served as Chair of the National Board of Bouchercon (NBB), which is basically the world’s largest mystery convention. Furthermore, he also serves as Adjunct Professor of English at Jefferson and Washington College where he teaches mystery writing.


  1. Found Jeffrey Siger books by lucky accident at my local public library. Love these stories, including Greek culture, traditions and recently current political events. Have read 5 books so far and on my way today to pick up #6.

  2. “An Aegean April” came out January 2, 2018, and I expect #10 to be out by Spring 2019.

    1. Thank you so much for letting us know about book #10. I love your series and looking forward to it.

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