Walter Sorrells Books in Order – Complete List

Walter Sorrells is an Edgar Award mystery, thriller, and young-adult fantasy author who has written not only under his own name but also under two pen names: Lynn Abercrombie, and Ruth Birmingham.

The author wrote most novels under his own name, while under the pen name Lynn Abercrombie, he wrote the Cold Case series, and under the pen name Ruth Birmingham, he created the Sunny Childs mystery series.

Here are the Walter Sorrells books in order for his numerous award-winning series and novels.

Hunted Books in Publication Order

  1. Fake I.D, 2005
  2. Club Dread, 2006
  3. White Out, 2009

Flight 29 Down Books in Publication Order

with Stan Rogow

  1. Ten Rules (#0.5), 2006
  2. Static (#1), 2006
  3. Scratch (#5), 2006
  4. On Fire (#6), 2007
  5. Survival (#7), 2007

Pendragon: Before the War Books in Publication Order

with D J MacHale

  1. The Travelers: Book 2, 2009
  2. The Travelers: Book 3, 2009

Standalone Novels in Publication Order

Short Story Anthologies

Cold Case Thriller Books in Publication Order

writing as Lynn Abercrombie

  1. The Body Box, 2005
  2. Blind Fear, 2006

Sunny Childs Books in Publication Order

writing as Ruth Birmingham

  1. Atlanta Graves, 1998
  2. Fulton County Blues, 1999
  3. Sweet Georgia, 2000
  4. Blue Plate Special, 2001
  5. Cold Trail, 2002
  6. Feet of Clay, 2006

Walter Sorrells Biography

Walter Sorrells was born in 1962, in Nashville, Tennessee. He currently lives in Atlanta.

Walter Sorrells author and swordsmith

As a child, he grew up with books around him and he loved writing, as his father is a writer as well. In fact, his father’s family is all about writing, with family members being journalists and lawyers for many decades.

On the other hand, his love for crafts (his swordsmithing) got from his mother who was not only a scupltor but also a potter and a quilter over the years.

Walter lived most of his childhood in South Carolina. He attended Haverford College near Philadelphia, from where he graduated in 1985 with a major in history. In his mid 20s he began writing books full time. After college, he never really worked at a full-time job. He got his first novel, Power of Attorney, published in 1992, when the author was 30 years old.

While most of the Walter Sorrells books are adult mysteries, he also wrote several young-adult novels, including his Hunted series, his books in the Pendragon series, as well as the books he has written in the Flight 29 Down series based on the show aired on NBC’s Discovery Kids.

Over the years, Walter Sorrells won several awards, including the Edgar Award for best original paperback for Fulton County Blues, which is the second book in the Sunny Childs series, and additional Edgard Awards for Cry For Justice, Will To Murder, and Power Of Attorney, as well as an award for his The Three Governors documentary he scripted for National Public Radio program. Fulton County Blues was also nominated for the Shamus Award, while Atlanta Graves was nominated for an Edgar award. I 2005, Booklist magazine named Fake I.D. on of the best ten Best Mysteries of the year.

The author is a former president of Sisters In Crime, the Atlanta chapter of the crime-writer’s organization, and a former Board of Directors member of Mystery Writers of America.

In addition to writing crime, mystery, and legal thriller novels for adults and the younger among us, he has also lectured during popular writing fiction course. And while he never held a 9-5 job, Walter Sorrells is also an accomplished journalist, Japanese martial artist, which led him to learn the art of swordsmithing in the Japanese style. As a bladesmith, he is quite popular all over the world.

The latest standalone Walter Sorrells book, Erratum, is directed at young-adults aged 9-11, although it can be read by adults as well (I certainly enjoyed it reading it several years ago).

Overall, the last written books by the author are White Out in the Hunted series (2009), and the Pendragon series novels. Since then, however, his swordsmithing has taken center stage while his books have taken a seat back – hopefully not for long.

Probably my favorite books by Walter Sorrells are his Cold Case thriller series written as Lynn Abercrombie, and Proof of Intent, which is in a series written by William J. Coughlin titled Charley Sloan, to which Walter Sorrells has also contributed one legal mystery story.

Walter Sorrells Awards and Nominations

  • Power of Attorney was nominated for the Edgar Award for Best Paperback Original in 1995
  • Atlanta Graves was nominated for the Edgar Award for Best Paperback Original in 1999
  • Fulton County Blues received the Edgar Award for Best Paperback Original in 2000
  • Fulton County Blues was nominated for the Shamus Award for Best Original PI Paperback in 2000

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