Victoria Houston Books In Order

Victoria Houston (website) is the author of the popular Loon Lake Fishing cozy mystery series, which currently includes 16 books, with the latest, Dead Loudmouth, published in 2016.

The author also wrote six non-fiction self-help books.

Here are the Victoria Houston books in order for her Loon Lake Fishing cozy mystery series, a series with main characters who are fly fisherman, which slightly draws from the author’s experience in fishing.

Loon Lake Fishing Cozy Mystery Series In Order

1. Dead Angler (Loon Lake Fishing #1), 2000

2. Dead Creek (Loon Lake Fishing #2), 2000

3. Dead Water (Loon Lake Fishing #3), 2001

4. Dead Frenzy (Loon Lake Fishing #4), 2003

5. Dead Hot Mama (Loon Lake Fishing #5), 2004

6. Dead Jitterbug (Loon Lake Fishing #6), 2005

7. Dead Boogie (Loon Lake Fishing #7), 2006

8. Dead Madonna (Loon Lake Fishing #8), 2007

9. Dead Hot Shot (Loon Lake Fishing #9), 2008

10. Dead Renegade (Loon Lake Fishing #10), 2009

11. Dead Deceiver (Loon Lake Fishing #11), 2010

12. Dead Tease (Loon Lake Fishing #12), 2012

13. Dead Insider (Loon Lake Fishing #13), 2013

14. Dead Lil’ Hustler (Loon Lake Fishing #14), 2014

15. Dead Rapunzel (Loon Lake Fishing #15), 2015

16. Dead Loudmouth (Loon Lake Fishing #16), 2016

About the Author

Victoria Houston authorVictoria Houston was born in 1945 and raised in Rhinelander, WI, among the the fishermen catching walleye and bluegills and muskie.

While she always had a knack for writing, was writing short prose from the second grade. She won a scholarship to Bennington College in Vermont. She never finished college, however.

She was married twice and has three children. Her second husband was 9 years old, and many readers know in fact the author from her non-fiction book focusing on this age gap between couples called Loving A Younger Man.

For a decade she worked as a freelancer writing feature pieces for magazines and various newspapers, after which she became an art critic for The Kansas City Star. Then she started working for Andrews & McMeel/Universal Press Syndicate, where she did promotion and publicity. Upon leaving from there, Victoria Houston joined the Jane Mobley Associates  PR firm in Kansas City.

In 1966 she moved back home to Rhinelander, where she currently still lives. She is now a full time writer, while in her spare time she hunts, fly fishes, watches movies and listens to music.

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