Lisa Jackson Books In Order

Reading the Lisa Jackson books in order means gosh! you’ll be at it for a long time because the author has written tons of books as part of several romance, historical romance, romantic suspense, mystery and thriller series, including one of my favorite series, To Die/Montana.

Lisa Jackson is a full time writer with over 85 books under the belt including many series and even more standalone novels. She also writes under the pen name Susan Lynn Crose.

Her latest books published in 2017 are Expecting to Die in her To Die series and Ominous in her Wyoming series.

Here are the Lisa Jackson books in order for her romantic suspense and thriller novels in order of publication. If the reading order is different, it will be listed so in brackets.

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San Francisco Series In Order

  1. If She Only Knew (San Francisco #1), 2000
  2. Almost Dead (San Francisco #2), 2007

New Orleans Series In Order

  1. Hot Blooded (New Orleans #1), 2001
  2. Cold Blooded (New Orleans #2), 2002
  3. Shiver (New Orleans #3), 2006
  4. Absolute Fear (New Orleans #4), 2007
  5. Lost Souls (New Orleans #5), 2008
  6. Malice (New Orleans #6), 2009
  7. Devious (New Orleans #7), 2011
  8. Never Die Alone (New Orleans #8), 2015

Savannah Series In Order

  1. The Night Before (Savannah #1), 2003
  2. The Morning After (Savannah #2), 2004
  3. Tell Me (Savannah #3), 2013

Northwest Series In Order

  1. Deep Freeze (Northwest #1), 2005
  2. Fatal Burn (Northwest #2), 2006
  3. After She’s Gone (Northwest #3), 2015

To Die/Montana Series In Order

  1. Left to Die (To Die #1), 2008
  2. Chosen to Die (To Die #2), 2009
  3. Born to Die (To Die #3), 2011
  4. Afraid to Die (To Die #4), 2012
  5. Ready to Die (To Die #5), 2013
  6. Deserves to Die (To Die #6), 2014
  7. Expecting to Die (To Die #7), 2017

Colony Series In Order

  1. Deserves to Die (Colony #1), 2009
  2. Wicked Lies (Colony #2), 2011
  3. Something Wicked (Colony #3), 2013
  4. Wicked Ways (Colony #4), 2014

Wyoming Series

  1. Sinister (Wyoming #1), 2013
  2. Ominous (Wyoming #2), 2017

Standalone Romantic Suspense Novels By Lisa Jackson

  • Treasures, 1994
  • Intimacies, 1995
  • Whispers, 1996
  • Twice Kissed, 1998
  • Unspoken, 1999
  • Wishes, 1999
  • See How She Dies, 2004
  • Deep Freeze, 2005
  • Final Scream, 2005
  • Most Likely To Die, 2007
  • Missing, 2008
  • Without Mercy, 2010
  • Running Scared, 2010
  • You Don’t Want To Know, 2012
  • Tell Me, 2013
  • Close to Home, 2014
  • You Will Pay, 2017
  • One Last Breath, 2018
  • Liar, Liar, 2018

About The Author

Lisa JacksonLisa Jackson (website) was born in 1952 in Molalla, Oregon, sister to the author Nancy Bush with whom she co-authored the Colony romantic suspense series.

In fact, it was her sister who gently nudged her into writing a first novel in 1981 after reading an newspaper article on how stay at home mothers can make money by writing romance novels in their spare time.

Once the decision has been done (afterall a career in baby sitting is not what Lisa Jackson wanted for the rest of her life), the sisters started writing short stories, some which have been rejected, other which have been approved. This got them hooked on writing book after book.

Soon, however, the sisters realized that their styles and strengths differ from another. While Nancy Bush gravitated towards romantic suspense novels, Lisa Jackson had a knack for mysteries and hardcore thrillers involving serial killers and gruesome murders.

The siblings went on their separate ways to make their own mark in the world of writing novels. They do write several series together (including the Colony and Wyoming series), but for the most part, each writes their books on their own.

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    @carla lee There is just a short novella titled The Life and Death of Lauren Conway published in 2011. No more full-length book.

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    Was there a sequel to Without Mercy?

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