Lisa Jackson Books In Order – Complete List

Reading the Lisa Jackson books in order means you’ll be at it for a long time because the author has written tons of books as part of several contemporary romance, historical romance, romantic suspense, mystery, and thriller series, including one of my favorite series, To Die/Montana. Here are the Lisa Jackson books in order for her novels in order of publication.

Latest Lisa Jackson Books

The Last Sinner
The Last Sinner (New Orleans Books #9), 2023

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Romantic Suspense / Romantic Thriller series

San Francisco Series In Publication Order

featuring the Cahill family

  1. If She Only Knew, 2000
  2. Almost Dead, 2007
  3. You Betrayed Me, 2020

New Orleans Series In Publication Order

featuring RIck Bentz and Reuben Montoya

  1. Hot Blooded, 2001
  2. Cold Blooded, 2002
  3. Shiver, 2006
  4. Absolute Fear, 2007
  5. Lost Souls), 2008
  6. Malice, 2009
  7. Devious, 2011
  8. Never Die Alone, 2015
  9. The Last Sinner, 2023

Savannah Books In Publication Order

featuring Pierce Reed and Nikki Gillette

  1. The Night Before, 2003
  2. The Morning After, 2004
  3. Tell Me, 2013
  4. The Third Grave, 2021

West Coast Series In Publication Order

  1. Deep Freeze, 2005
  2. Fatal Burn), 2006
  3. After She’s Gone, 2015

To Die Books In Publication Order

featuring Regan Pescoli and Selena Alvarez

  1. Left to Die, 2008
  2. Chosen to Die, 2009
  3. Born to Die, 2011
  4. Afraid to Die, 2012
  5. Ready to Die, 2013
  6. Deserves to Die, 2014
  7. Expecting to Die, 2017
  8. Deserves to Be Dead (#7.5), 2019
  9. Willing to Die, 2019

Colony Books In Publication Order

also called the Wicked Series

co-authored with Nancy Bush

  1. Wicked Game, 2009
  2. Wicked Lies, 2011
  3. Something Wicked, 2013
  4. Wicked Ways, 2014
  5. Wicked Dreams, 2022

Wyoming Books In Publication Order

co-authored with Nancy Bush and Rosalind Noonan

  1. Sinister), 2013
  2. Ominous, 2017

Contemporary and Historical Romance series

Abandoned Books in Publication Order

  1. Sail Away, 1991
  2. Million Dollar Baby, 1992

Maverick Books in Publication Order

  1. Dangerous Revelations, 1992
  2. Breathless Innocence, 1993
  3. First Love, 1993
  4. Tender Absolution, 1994 (aka He’s My Soldier Boy)

Love Letters Books in Publication Order

  1. A Is for Always, 1994
  2. B Is for Baby, 1994
  3. C Is for Cowboy, 1994
  4. D Is for Dani’s Baby, 1995

Dark Jewels Trilogy in Publication Order

  1. Dark Ruby, 1998
  2. Dark Emerald, 1999
  3. Dark Sapphire, 2000

Forever Family Books in Publication Order

  1. A Family Kind of Guy, 1998
  2. A Family Kind Of Gal, 1998
  3. A Family Kind of Wedding, 1998

The McCaffertys Books in Publication Order

  1. Thorne, 2000
  2. Matt, 2001
  3. Slade, 2002
  4. Randi, 2004 (aka Best-Kept Lies)

Writing as Susan Lynn Crose

Historical Trilogy Books in Publication Order

  1. Enchantress, 1993
  2. Kiss of the Moon, 1994
  3. Outlaw, 1995

Standalone Novels in Publication Order

Short Story Collections and Anthologies in Publication Order

Series With Other Authors in Publication Order

Dangerous to Love USA Series Books

Western Lovers Series

Born in the USA Series

Babies & Bachelors USA Series

That Special Woman! Series

For Her Eyes Only Series

Holiday Elopements Series

Fortune’s Children Series

Montana Mavericks Series

25. Lone Stallion’s Lady, 2000

MatchUp Collection Series

Thriller 2: Stories You Just Can’t Put Down Series

Lisa Jackson Biography – About the Author

Lisa Jackson

New York Times bestselling author Susan Lisa Jackson was born in 1952 in Molalla, Oregon, sister to the author Nancy Bush with whom she had co-written the Colony series. In college she was an English major, however, she never really dreamed of becoming a writer like most other authors are thinking about from a very early age. She loved reading, especially, mysteries and horror novels, as a child.

It was her sister Nancy Bush, who gently nudged her into writing the first novel in 1981 after reading a newspaper article on how stay at home mothers can make money by writing romance novels in their spare time. She was working at the time as a babysitter, struggling to put food on the table, when Nancy showed her the article on romance writers working from home.

She was getting tired and bored of changing diapers, so once the decision of writing books has been done, the sisters started writing short stories, some which have been rejected, other which have been approved. This got them hooked on writing book after book.

Initially, writing romances were not really her thing since she was not reading a lot of romances at the time. Her reading genre was mysteries. But one day, while the kids she was watching were asleep, she began writing. At the end of the day she realized she had written seven pages of what would become her first book, a romance titled Stormy Surrender.

The book didn’t sell because the story was mostly suspense and not so much romance, which is what the sisters were trying to sell it to publishers as. This was back in 1981 when the two sisters begin writing their romance novels.

Soon, however, the sisters realized that their styles and strengths differ from another. While Nancy Bush gravitated towards romantic suspense novels, Lisa Jackson had a knack for mysteries and hardcore thrillers involving serial killers and gruesome murders. Before moving on to mystery and suspense, she wrote over 50 romance novels. However, her heart was always in suspense.

The Nancy Bush and Lisa Jackson siblings went on their separate ways to make their own mark in the world of writing novels. They do write several series together (including the Colony and Wyoming series), but for the most part, each writes their books on their own. One of the latest Lisa Jackson books was again written with Nancy Bush, titled Last Girl Standing, published early 2020.

Before writing her books, Lisa writes a 50-60 page synopsis for her stories, which takes her about two months to come up with. Next she works on the actual book for three to four months, and over a year she cranks up 2-3 books. Still, she doesn’t really know her characters all that well until she’s over 150 pages in her manuscript. As the characters are popping in and out of her books, she often has to go back to the beginning to adjust the story accordingly. She first finds interesting situations she can put her characters in, and then the characters enter her story.

Lisa is a full-time writer with over 85 books under her belt including many series and even more standalone novels. She also writes under the pen name Susan Lynn Crose.

Lisa often mentioned that she is happy and lucky to write in the very genre she loves reading, which includes, mystery, suspense, romance, and teen books. She has currently over 30 million books in print across the genres, translated into over 20 languages, and has over 40 bestsellers so far. She also writes under the pseudonym Susan Lynn Crose, writing her Medieval Trilogy books.

Besides writing books, she is involved in various charities, some of which help animals.

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  1. It has been awhile since I read the book
    about the detective that was almost killed in his home and rushed to the hospital. I done now how and if he survived. Can you help me with the name of the other. Have enjoyed so many of your book . Thank you.

  2. can you tell me if there is a continuation to the short Thriller Vintage Death

  3. Curious as to why The McCaffertys series is not listed as Lisa Jackson’s books written?

  4. I am a crime mystery addict. I love the James Patterson books even though I know others contribute to his writing, but I also know that he reviews their work and edits when necessary. I don’t care as long as the writing is getting done and he publishes. I am very close to having every James Patterson book in print in hardcover. Jeffrey Deaver is another of my favs. I also read Lisa Jackson, Sandra Brown, and others.

  5. I’ve only read one of her books “see how she dies” (2004), and was super impressed that I didn’t know whodunnit it until the last pages of the book. I see a lot of her other works she has Co authors on them. I used to love James Patterson until he added a whole bunch of people writing with him and in my opinion the quality went downhill dramatically.

    Anyone have any input on whether her quality of writing changes with the additional writers?

    Thank you in advance

  6. Sadly, as far as I know, there will be no sequel to Without Mercy…which is a pity, really.

  7. I have the same question. Will there be a sequel to Without Mercy? It seems it is not finished.

  8. Do we ever find out if Father John was captured? If so, in which book or series. I’ve listened to all the New Orleans series but it ends before he is caught:(
    LOVE your BOOKS!

  9. @carla lee There is just a short novella titled The Life and Death of Lauren Conway published in 2011. No more full-length book.

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