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Jon Land is a prolific American bestselling author who has written so far over forty books. The Jon Land books include the author’s popular Texas Ranger  Caitlin Strong series and his Ben Kamal and Danielle Barnea books. In addition, he has written several other series, including the Blaine McCracken series, the Jared Kimberlain, and The Tyrant, not to mention his standalone novels and his non-fiction books.

Here are the Jon Land books in order for his work written and published so far. The list will be updated with any new books the author will continue to write.

Caitlin Strong Series

Caitlin Strong is a Texas Ranger, who is coming from a long family line of rangers, living and working in  San Antonio, Texas. She sometimes works as a psychological therapist.

  1. Strong Enough to Die (Caitlin Strong #1), 2009
  2. Strong Justice (Caitlin Strong #2), 2010
  3. Strong at the Break (Caitlin Strong #3), 2011
  4. Strong Vengeance (Caitlin Strong #4), 2012
  5. Strong Rain Falling (Caitlin Strong #5), 2013
  6. Strong Darkness (Caitlin Strong #6), 2014
  7. Strong Light of Day (Caitlin Strong #7), 2015
  8. Strong Cold Dead (Caitlin Strong #8), 2016
  9. Strong to the Bone (Caitlin Strong #9), 2017
  10. Strong as Steel (Caitlin Strong #10), 2018

The Tyrant Series

The Tyrant is Michael Tiranno, owner of the Seven Sins, a Las Vegas casino, who is connected to the mob.

  1. The Seven Sins: The Tyrant Ascending (The Tyrant #1), 2007
  2. Black Scorpion: The Tyrant Reborn (The Tyrant #2), 2015

Ben Kamal and Danielle Barnea Series

Ben Kamal is a Palestinian policeman and Danielle Barnea is an Israeli police detective with the Shin Bet. The two have to put their political differences aside to work together in stopping killers.

  1. The Walls of Jericho (Ben Kamal and Danielle Barnea #1), 1997
  2. The Pillars of Solomon (Ben Kamal and Danielle Barnea #2), 1999
  3. A Walk in the Darkness (Ben Kamal and Danielle Barnea #3), 2000
  4. Keepers of the Gate (Ben Kamal and Danielle Barnea #4), 2001
  5. Blood Diamonds (Ben Kamal and Danielle Barnea #5), 2002
  6. The Blue Widows (Ben Kamal and Danielle Barnea #6), 2003
  7. The Last Prophecy (Ben Kamal and Danielle Barnea #7), 2004

Blaine McCracken Series

Blaine McCracken is a disgraced and deactivated CIA agent who is asked to return to work as a deep-cover operative to stop ongoing terrorist attacks on the US soil and save the world.

  1. The Omega Command (Blaine McCracken #1), 1986
  2. The Alpha Deception (Blaine McCracken #2), 1987
  3. The Gamma Option (Blaine McCracken #3), 1989
  4. The Omicron Legion (Blaine McCracken #4), 1991
  5. The Vengeance of the Tau (Blaine McCracken #5), 1993
  6. Day of the Delphi (Blaine McCracken #6), 1993
  7. Kingdom of the Seven (Blaine McCracken #7), 1994
  8. The Fires of Midnight (Blaine McCracken #8), 1995
  9. Dead Simple (Blaine McCracken #9), 1998
  10. Pandora’s Temple (Blaine McCracken #10), 2012
  11. The Tenth Circle (Blaine McCracken #11), 2013

Jared Kimberlain Series

Jared Kimberlain is a rogue agent who is called to stop ruthless criminals from murdering again.

  1. The Eighth Trumpet (Jared Kimberlain #1), 1989
  2. The Ninth Dominion (Jared Kimberlain #2), 1991

Murder She Wrote Series

Jon Land is taking over the Murder She Wrote Jessica Fletcher series after the author who used to write it, Donald Bain, passed away in 2017.

  1. A Date with Murder, 2018

Standalone Jon Land Books

Jon Land was born in 1957. He attended the Brown University from where he graduated in 1979. During his time at the university, he wrote a thriller as part of his Senior Honors Thesis. That book was never published, but his next book was. It was the novel Doomsday Spiral, published four years after he graduated from the uni as a standalone novel.

Jon LandJon Land’s first series featuring Blaine McCracken was started during the last stage of the Cold War, which influenced his choice of character, setting, and plot. The various threats to the US soil, undercover agents who would give their lives for the country, and chilling stories of terror are all part of the author’s first successful series.

A second series in the same veins by the author Jon Land is Jared Kimberlain, a rogue agent who teams up with some strange characters (including a serial killer) to save the world from an unbelievable threat. Sadly, the series includes only two books.

Next came Jon Land’s Ben Kamal & Danielle Barnea series, still tangentially related to politics, spies, and war. This time, the setting is the Middle East where a Palestinian has to work together with an Israeli to investigate murders. This series switches gears, however, to crime mystery, one that the author would embrace fully with his next major series, Caitlin Strong, a Texas Ranger takes on all sorts of criminals, including neo-Nazis, drug traffickers, cult leaders, serial killers, and even ISIS.

This is the one series that is still going strong, with books that are written even today. Currently, the latest Caitlin Strong book was published in 2007 with the title Strong to the Bone.

Another series by Jon Land includes again two books, with the title The Tyrant. While the first book was published in 2007, the second one came several years later, in 2015, so hopefully, we will soon see a third one our favorite Michael Tiranno, mafia Casino owner. The two books have been optioned for movies, and they will be turned into a movie to be released in 2019 with the title The Seven Sins.

Besides the series, there are several Jon Land books written as standalone novels, with two new ones published in 2017.

Jon Land bases most of his books on research during his extensive travel, along with his twenty-five-year career in martial arts. Besides writing books, he is also a screenwriter. He wrote the script for the 2005 film Dirty Deeds. In addition, he is also a member and marketing chair of the International Thriller Writers Organization, where he often speaks on writing and research topics. He did mention that he doesn’t like to do much research ahead of time, so he researches the stories as he writes the manuscripts.

He is also taking over the Murder She Wrote series featuring Jessica Fletcher, after Donald Bain’s passing. Jon Land already wrote his first contribution to the series with A Date With Murder, to be published in 2018. Donald Bain passed away due to congestive heart failure on October 24, 2017, at the age of 82. Jon Land agreed to take over the most popular series which was started by Donald Bain in 1989 with the title Gin & Daggers based on the famous Jessica Fletcher TV series.

Many of the Jon Land books won awards, such as the 2014 International Book Award and 2013 USA Best Book Award for Mystery-Suspense for Strong Rain Falling, and the 2014 USA Books Best Book Award and 2015 International Book Award for Thriller for Strong Darkness.

The action scenes in the Jon Land books are visual. In an interview, the author mentioned that he feels that he novelizes non-existing movies.

Jon Land currently lives in Providence, Rhode Island, where he works on his next book.

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