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Last Updated on February 15, 2022 JA Jance / Judith Ann Jance is an American author who wrote various mystery and thriller series, including the J.P. Beaumont series, the Joanna Brady series, the Ali Reynolds series, and the Walker Family series.

Here is the list of the JA Jance books in order for each of the series the author has written.

New J.A. Jance Books

Nothing to Lose

Nothing to Lose (J.P. Beaumont #25), 2022

J.P. Beaumont Series

J.P. Beaumont is a homicide detective in Seattle

  1. Until Proven Guilty (J.P. Beaumont #1), 1985
  2. Injustice for All (J.P. Beaumont #2), 1986
  3. Trial by Fury (J.P. Beaumont #3), 1986
  4. Taking the Fifth (J.P. Beaumont #4), 1988
  5. Improbable Cause (J.P. Beaumont #5), 1987
  6. A More Perfect Union (J.P. Beaumont #6), 1988
  7. Dismissed with Prejudice (J.P. Beaumont #7), 1989
  8. Minor in Possession (J.P. Beaumont #8), 1990
  9. Payment in Kind (J.P. Beaumont #9), 1991
  10. Without Due Process (J.P. Beaumont #10), 1992
  11. Failure to Appear (J.P. Beaumont #11), 1993
  12. Lying in Wait (J.P. Beaumont #12), 1994
  13. Name Withheld (J.P. Beaumont #13), 1996
  14. Breach of Duty (J.P. Beaumont #14), 1999
  15. Birds of Prey (J.P. Beaumont #15), 2001
  16. Partner in Crime (J.P. Beaumont #16, Joanna Brady #10), 2002
  17. Long Time Gone (J.P. Beaumont #17), 2005
  18. Justice Denied  (J.P. Beaumont #18), 2007
  19. Fire and Ice (J.P. Beaumont #19, Joanna Brady #14), 2009
  20. Betrayal of Trust (J.P. Beaumont #20), 2011
  21. Ring in the Dead (J.P. Beaumont #20.5), 2013
  22. Second Watch (J.P. Beaumont #21), 2013
  23. Stand Down (J.P. Beaumont #21.5), 2015
  24. Dance of the Bones (J.P. Beaumont #22, Walker Family #5), 2015
  25. Still Dead (J.P. Beaumont #22.5), 2017
  26. Proof of Life (J.P. Beaumont #23), 2017
  27. Sins of the Fathers (J.P. Beaumont #24), 2019
  28. Nothing to Lose (J.P. Beaumond #25), 2022

Joanna Brady Series

Joanna Brady is a sheriff in Cochise County in Arizona

  1. Desert Heat, Paper (Joanna Brady #1), 1993
  2. Tombstone Courage, Paper (Joanna Brady #2), 1994
  3. Shoot Don’t Shoot (Joanna Brady #3), 1995
  4. Dead to Rights (Joanna Brady #4), 1996
  5. Skeleton Canyon (Joanna Brady #5), 1997
  6. Rattlesnake Crossing (Joanna Brady #6), 1998
  7. Outlaw Mountain (Joanna Brady #7), 1999
  8. Devil’s Claw (Joanna Brady #8), 2001
  9. Paradise Lost (Joanna Brady #9), 2001
  10. Partner in Crime (Joanna Brady #10, J.P. Beaumont #16), 2002
  11. Exit Wounds (Joanna Brady #11), 2003
  12. Dead Wrong (Joanna Brady #12), 2006
  13. Damage Control (Joanna Brady #13), 2008
  14. Fire and Ice (Joanna Brady #14, J.P. Beaumont #19), 2009
  15. Judgment Call (Joanna Brady #15), 2012
  16. The Old Blue Line (Joanna Brady #15.5), 2014 – short novella
  17. Remains of Innocence (Joanna Brady #16), 2014
  18. No Honor Among Thieves (Joanna Brady #16.5, Ali Reynolds #10.5), 2015
  19. Random Acts (Joanna Brady #16.6, Ali Reynolds #11.5), 2016
  20. Downfall (Joanna Brady #17), 2016
  21. Field of Bones (Joanna Brady #18), 2018
  22. Missing and Endangered (Joanna Brady #19), 2021

Ali (Alison) Reynolds Series

Ali Reynolds is an ex-newscaster in her 40s, living in Sedona, in Arizona

  1. Edge of Evil (Ali Reynolds #1), 2005
  2. Web of Evil (Ali Reynolds #2), 2007
  3. Hand of Evil (Ali Reynolds #3), 2007
  4. Cruel Intent (Ali Reynolds #4), 2009
  5. Trial By Fire (Ali Reynolds #5), 2009
  6. Fatal Error (Ali Reynolds #6), 2011
  7. Left for Dead (Ali Reynolds #7), 2012
  8. Deadly Stakes (Ali Reynolds #8), 2013
  9. Moving Target (Ali Reynolds #9), 2014
  10. A Last Goodbye (Ali Reynolds #9.5), 2014
  11. Cold Betrayal (Ali Reynolds #10), 2015
  12. No Honor Among Thieves (Ali Reynolds #10.5), 2015
  13. Clawback (Ali Reynolds #11), 2016
  14. Random Acts (Joanna Brady #16.6, Ali Reynolds #11.5), 2016
  15. Man Overboard (Ali Reynolds #12), 2017
  16. Duel To Death (Ali Reynolds #13), 2018
  17. The A List (Ali Reynolds #14), 2019
  18. Credible Threat (Ali Reynolds #15), 2020
  19. Unfinished Business (Ali Reynolds #16), 2021

Walker Family Series

Brandon Walker is an ex-sheriff in Tucson, in Arizona

  1. Hour of the Hunter (Walker Family #1), 1991
  2. Kiss of the Bees (Walker Family #2), 1993
  3. Day of the Dead (Walker Family #3), 2005
  4. Queen of the Night (Walker Family #4), 2010
  5. Dance of the Bones (Walker Family #5, J.P. Beaumont #22), 2015

J.A. Jance Biography

JA Jance was born in Watertown, South Dakota. As a child, she moved with her family to Bisbee, Arizona, where she was raised.

In 1962 she graduated from Bisbee High School, from where she received a scholarship allowing her to attend the University of Arizona. She graduated from here in 1966 with a degree in English and Secondary Education.

JA Jance authorBefore starting her writing career, JA Jance had several jobs, including that of being school librarian on a Native American reservation, a teacher, and an insurance salesperson.

It was during her time of selling insurance that she started to write, in the middle of the night, as her day job and her kids wouldn’t give her much time to write during the day. Talk about ambition – which thankfully helped her push on so that she could finally realize her dream of a full-time writer – of successful books, nonetheless.

An interesting fact is that the JA Jance Joanna Brady series is taking place in Arizona, the very place where the author grew up.

I totally admire this author. Over the years she realized that everything that happened to her, the good and the bad, could be used in her writing. Having lived with an alcoholic first husband shaped part of who she is now. The author’s words on this:

The eighteen years I spent while married to an alcoholic have helped shape the experience and character of Detective J. P. Beaumont. My experiences as a single parent have gone into the background for Joanna Brady

show just how much she has learned over the years – and learned to put that experience to good use. I would dare to think that writing these books was also a cleansing experience for the author. Kudos to her.

The JA Jance books list currently includes 25 novels in the J.P. Beaumont series, 19 novels in the Joanna Brady series, 164 in the Ali Reynolds series, 5 in the Walker Family series, not to mention all the novellas the author wrote in each of these series. Then JA Jance also wrote a book on poetry and several short stories.

While the order of the books by JA Jance is pretty clear, you do need to pay attention to the fact that some of the books intersect between the various series (e.g. Partner in Crime is book #16 in the J.P. Beaumont series and #10 in the Joanna Brady series). Whenever such a crossover happens, I will mention it in brackets next to the relevant book.

To read the JA Jance books, I suggest you read them in order. As I mentioned above, the various series will cross at some point, and it’s interesting to follow the main characters interacting with each other to solve various crimes.

Edge of Evil

The first JA Jance series was J.P. Beaumont, which was started in 1985.

My favorite series, however, is the JA Jance Ali Reynolds series. I can somehow much more related to Ali’s female character than with, say Beaumont or Walker. The series started in 2006 with Edge of Evil, which was also the first book I’ve picked up in the series to read.

Ali is a 40+ former TV journalist who is currently living in Sedona, Arizona. Her age greatly contributed to her being kicked out of her job since broadcasting executives wanted someone younger in her place, wanted a younger face on the TV to say the news.

So Ali goes home to her husband, a famous media mogul, only to realize that he also has replaced her in his life with a much younger female version. So finally she packs her bags and goes home to Sedona to pick up the broken pieces of her life once again, not to mention to help her friend’s family after learning that one of her best friends died.

I found it interesting to read about her starting her own blog. I don’t exactly remember whether in 2006 blogging was as big as it is now.

Man Overboard

In Man Overboard, the JA Jance Ali Reynolds book #12, published in 2017, Ali is now more of an amateur private detective. She gets involved in a case where cybersecurity expert Roger McGeary falls down the balcony of a cruising yacht. The police don’t give much thought of his death, so Roger’s aunt, Julia, asks Ali, and Stuart Ramey, who is Roger’s childhood pal, to help find out what exactly happened with Roger.

The serial killer who targeted Roger is after other people as well, who have lost their parents to suicide. In this book, an AI (artificial intelligence) is used, sadly, for evil. When the killer targets Stuart as well, Ali, with the help of her company, High Noon Enterprises, has to stop the killer before it is too late for Stuart.

In The A List, we meet once again Ali, this time investigating a rather common theme in our modern times: the fraudulent activities of a doctor’s use of his own sperm for artificial insemination. This is a theme that has been touched upon several times ever since DNA has been used to research a person’s ancestry. Dr. Edward Gilchris used to be a rather popular doc who helped people with artificial insemination back when DNA procedures were not as known as now. It turns out that he actually used his own sperm as a donor for people without kids.

What nobody knew, however, was that he has a genetic kidney defect which has been passed down to some of the children he created using his own sperm. The story is really contemporary in theme, especially since these days practically everyone can find about their own ancestry from various online places with with a small cost and effort.

Looking back to the first Ali Reynolds books, it was interesting to see the author’s development of technology in her books. She initially started with Ali writing her first blog post. Now, we’re at cyberbullying, and even at sophisticated AIs and genetic manipulation.

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  1. rosemary robie says:

    I’m new to your books but can’t get enough of j p Beaumont or Joann Brady. Most I can read in about two days each. I really like the stories based in Bisbee since I live and went to high school in Tuson go Catalina crusaders.

  2. Mel Kelly says:

    i just read Desert Heat and it was as good as Patterson,or Sandford book. being a retired Police officer i’m going to stay with that series for now.

  3. Lyn Baggett says:

    I don’t remember when I started reading Joanna Brady books but the so enthralled me with Arizona, especially Cochise County that when the opportunity to travel to Bisbee came for Halloween 2019 I came down here for a visit and impulsively rented an apartment in Tombstone beginning just before Thanksgiving 2019. I have read most of the JP Beaumont books because I lived in Seattle prior to Tombstone.

    I have read the first couple of Walker books and some of the Ali Reynolds books.

    I thank Judith A. Jance for my new life in Cochise County Arizona. I am moving from Tombstone to Bisbee in the near future.

    Thank you again for the many hours of distraction and pleasure.

  4. Lisa Lavagetto says:

    During Covid, I have read all of her books! I am just finishing the last Ali Reynold’s book and I am so depressed!! What next?? Any suggestions! I have loved each of her series and characters. Hard for me to pick a favorite as they all have lots to relate to! J A, please keep writing!!

  5. Joe Kavanagh says:

    I have read all the biggies, Balducci, Grisham. both Conelly’s and many others. I was looking for a new author and picked up Moving Target. I always read the book before learning about the author. I knew right away that I had found an author that I not only loved but had a huge body of work. It was an additional bonus that Arizona was so much a part of your books. I am a life long resident. I live in the valley of the sun (you do know that valley is just a nice name for a hole) but I have traveled my state extensively and am familiar with every venue you describe. I now have material to keep me entertained and intrigued about for quite a while.

  6. Steve Young says:

    Been a fan since the early 90’s.
    J.A. and the late Sue Griffin are the only woman on my read ‘everything list.’

  7. Ruth B says:

    I am not a reader but you have got me hooked from the first paragraph.l have read all sheriff Brady all Ali Reynolds and walker novels.Thank you so much l have enjoyed all

  8. Kristin Irwin says:

    I absolutely love the J.A. Jance Brady series, they kept my mind Off my illness when I got Covid19 and was deathly ill!
    I felt like I was never alone because Joanna,Jennifer and Butch kept me company! I read 19 books in my quarantine period
    And loved every book! Thank you for sharing your gift with me!!
    Sincerely Kristin Irwin

  9. Venita Iverson says:

    JA Jance is my favorite author. I have read all of he JP Beaumont series and quite a few of Jonna Brady. I would like to be able to get more of her works . Is there a subscription?

  10. Barbara Forsyth says:

    I just finished the A List with Ali Reynolds. I love Ali Reynolds books and Joanna Brady series, they are the best. I saw on the back of the A List book, you mentioned the Walker family books. So I will be looking for those to read. Thank you so much for your books.

  11. Evelyn Thomas says:

    Maybe it’s because I live in Cochise county, Arizona, but the Joanne Brady series is my favorite! I enjoy J. P. Beaumont as well, he is just too funny! The Walker family is very good, and I’ve enjoyed reading that series as well. Ali Reynolds, not so much. I love Ms. Jance writing, but for some inexplicable reason I DO NOT like the character, Ali Reynolds…. so I’ve only read 2-3 of those books. I know I’m probably missing out, but when you cant identify with the main character, what’s the point in reading about them?

  12. Peggie says:

    where can I get a paperback copy of No Honor Among Thieves (Joanna Brady #16.5, Ali Reynolds #10.5), 2015

  13. Pat Hope says:

    I love your books and have read most of them( also kept them to read again). I really like the Joanna Brady series, but also like all the rest. Please do not stop writing!

  14. Teresa Snyder says:

    Dear Ms Jance,
    I’ve read all of your books. My favorite is the Joanna Brady series. I also love the Walker series as it includes some Native American history and practices. I also love J. P.

    I like Ali; but not as much as your other characters, I realize that you may be exhausted of them and Ali deals with the current cyber age, etc.

    I truly hope you will continue some books on your most famous characters as I, for one, find myself missing them.

    I have never been to Arizona, but have always wanted to visit, I have you to thank for taking me there, if only in my imagination.

    Thank you so much, for all your brilliant work.


    Teresa Snyder
    West Palm Beach, Florida

  15. Deana Atchison says:

    This is so helpful to list all of. The books in order, by chacter, I am a new Reeder and love your books. I plan to read them ALL I have only read 7 so far & a long way to go. Tks. DA

    • Mary R McDonald says:

      great idea but i lost my first list and now cant remember which ones i have read. Guess I will start over! lol
      Mary in Alabama

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