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Reading the Lisa Scottoline Rosato & Associates series in order is pure joy. I have been reading it right from the start when I first got from a used bookstore Everywhere That Mary Went in the early 90s. I was at the time on a legal mystery/thriller kick, reading tons of Stuart Woods, Michael Connelly, and John Grisham books, so Lisa Scottoline fits right in with my favorite authors.

Here are the Lisa Scottoline books in order for her Rosato & Associates & DiNunzio series, as well as her standalone works.

New Lisa Scottoline Books

What Happened to the Bennetts
What Happened to the Bennetts, 2022

Rosato & Associates Series

  1. Everywhere That Mary Went (Rosato & Associates #1), 1993
  2. Legal Tender (Rosato & Associates #2), 1996
  3. Rough Justice (Rosato & Associates #3), 1997
  4. Mistaken Identity (Rosato & Associates #4), 1998
  5. Moment of Truth (Rosato & Associates #5), 2000
  6. The Vendetta Defense (Rosato & Associates #6), 2001
  7. Courting Trouble (Rosato & Associates #7), 2003
  8. Dead Ringer (Rosato & Associates #8), 2003
  9. Killer Smile (Rosato & Associates #9), 2004
  10. Lady Killer (Rosato & Associates #10), 2008
  11. Think Twice (Rosato & Associates #11), 2010

Rosato & DiNunzio Series

  1. Accused (Rosato & DiNunzio #1), 2013
  2. Betrayed (Rosato & DiNunzio #2), 2014
  3. Corrupted (Rosato & DiNunzio #3), 2015
  4. Damaged (Rosato & DiNunzio #4), 2016
  5. Exposed (Rosato & DiNunzio #5), 2017
  6. Feared (Rosato & DiNunzio #6), 2018

Standalone Novels By Lisa Scottoline

Lisa Scottoline Biography

Lisa ScottolineLisa Scottoline was born in 1955 in Philadelphia. She attended the University of Pennsylvania where she got her undergraduate and graduate degree in law.

After leaving the university she got a job as a litigator with a law firm in Philadelphia, where she worked right until her daughter was born, after which she switched careers and became a stay at home mom who decided to start writing books in order to earn money as a way of working from home.

As a single mom, it was not an easy feat, but she did the job brilliantly. Her daughter, Francesca Serritella is also a bestselling author and columnist, just like her proud mom.

The first Lisa Scottoline standalone novel, Final Appeal, won the Edgar award in 1994 for Best Paperback Original Mystery. Some other awards Lisa got for her novels include the Mystery Writer’s of America most prestigious honor, the Fun, Fearless, Fiction Award by Cosmopolitan Magazine, and she was named a PW Innovator by Publisher’s Weekly.

In addition to writing books, Lisa Scottoline is also an accomplished public speaker, she loves her many dogs (she has had various dogs over the years), loves golf, gardening and she also has a chicken coop that she takes care of on her farm.

Her latest novel is called What Happened to the Bennetts, a standalone crime thriller novel, available from March 2021.

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  1. Because I really like her books, I made the mistake of reading the Spanx chapter just before going to sleep. Because Lisa’s humor always takes me by surprise, this chapter was way over the top: bursting out loud, laughing hysterically with tears running down my face, I had a difficult time going to sleep with those words running through my head. This was several years ago and wish I knew which book of hers it was in. Her fiction books always have wonderful twists. Linda Walk

  2. I just discovered Lisa’s books during the COVID-19 pandemic. I am so glad I found her. I have read/listened to 4 in a row and love them. Can’t wait to read/listen to more of her books.

  3. I have read 28 of her books already with 2 more to go before I run out of reading her books. These books have kept me involved with her characters at every turn and I have really enjoyed reading them. When I’m done reading the last 2 that I have, I am going to look forward to what she brings for 2020. Hopefully something very soon. Thanks for always giving us a good storyline and most often a heartfelt story.

  4. I have a question and cannot find the answer. I read the first two Rosato & Associates
    1. Everywhere That Mary Went (1993) good 5/19
    2. Legal Tender (1996) 5/19. And would like especially to
    follow Mary. So do I continue with reading by copywrite dates or switch down to the Rosato & DiNunzio Novels. Thanks for any input.

  5. I just discovered your books thro’ an old Readers’ Digest in the library of our Retirement Community in Texas. I plan to go back and read every one I can find. I love your sense of humour and your surprise endings. The only downside is that Hollywood may not come calling – or may be they have, and I’m just out of the loop – I don’t can’t handle all the gratuitous sex and violence any more. Anyway, best wishes for your continued success. Thanks for the hours of excellent reading I’m anticipating!

  6. I love reading your books. The mystery in them is worth it.You never know who did it even though I try my best.So far I read 16 books and still going . Thank you so much.Peggy

  7. I loved your last book One Perfect Lie. I went to my public Library and put it in spot light for every to read. Also, I posted it on my Facebook page for everyone to read I put it under the Title Best Read for the Summer. Can’t wait for your next Book. Thanks again for an Awesome Book.

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