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Last Updated on April 25, 2023

New York Times bestselling author Linda Castillo is best known for her popular Kate Burkholder crime thriller series set in Amish County.

Reading the author’s books in order means picking up the book series, which currently includes over ten books and several short novellas. Of course, you also have the author’s second series, Operation: Midnight, and High Country Heroes, which are also worth reading in order. The author has several standalone novels as well.

New Linda Castillo Books

An Evil Heart
An Evil Heart (Kate Burkholder #15), 2023

Kate Burkholder Series in Publication Order

  1. Sworn to Silence (#1), 2009
  2. Pray for Silence (#2), 2010
  3. Breaking Silence (#3), 2011
  4. Gone Missing (#4), 2011
  5. Long Lost (#4.5), 2013
  6. Her Last Breath (#5), 2013
  7. The Dead Will Tell (6), 2014
  8. A Hidden Secret (#6.5), 2015
  9. After the Storm (#7), 2015
  10. Seeds of Deception (#7.5), 2016
  11. Among the Wicked (#8), 2016
  12. Only the Lucky (#8.5), 2017
  13. Down a Dark Road (#9), 2017
  14. In Dark Company (#7.5), 2018
  15. A Gathering of Secrets (#10), 2018
  16. In Plain Sight (#10.5), 2019
  17. Shamed (#11), 2019
  18. The Pact (#11.5), 2020
  19. Outsider (#12), 2020
  20. Fallen (#13), 2021
  21. Blood Moon (#13.5), 2022
  22. The Hidden One (#14), 2022
  23. Hallowed Ground #14.5), 2023
  24. An Evil Heart (#15), 2023

Kate Burkholder Short Stories and Short Story Collections

Operation: Midnight Series in Publication Order

  1. Operation: Midnight Tango (#1), 2005
  2. Operation: Midnight Escape (#2), 2005
  3. Operation: Midnight Guardian (#3), 2006
  4. Operation: Midnight Rendezvous (#4), 2006
  5. Operation: Midnight Cowboy (#5), 2007

High Country Heroes Series in Publication Order

Other Series in Publication Order

Other Linda Castillo Books in Publication Order

(some romance, some romantic suspense)

Kate Burkholder Books Overview

The series follows the life and work of Chief of Police Kate Burkholder, the chief of police in the fictional town of Painters Mill, Ohio. The series is known for its well-crafted plots, compelling characters, and fast-paced action, which has made it a favorite of mystery and thriller fans around the world.

The main thread that runs through the Kate Burkholder book series is the ongoing investigation of crimes in the small town of Painters Mill. Each book in the series features a new crime, and Kate Burkholder and her team work tirelessly to solve the case and bring the perpetrator to justice. The series also explores the personal life of Kate Burkholder, including her difficult past, her relationships with family and friends, and her struggles to balance her professional and personal life.

The main character in the series is Chief of Police Kate Burkholder working in Painters Mill. Kate is a complex character haunted by her past, including growing up as a young Amish girl and leaving the community after a traumatic event. She is a skilled investigator and a dedicated police officer with a major law enforcement background who is highly respected by her colleagues and the community. Throughout the series, Kate faces many professional and personal challenges, but she always perseveres and remains committed to justice and serving her community.

Other main characters in the series include John Tomasetti, a special agent with the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation who becomes Kate’s love interest, and various members of the Painters Mill police department, including Mona, Skidmore, and Glock. The series also features many recurring characters, including members of Kate’s family, such as her brother Jacob and her aunt Gina, and various members of the Amish community in and around Painters Mill.

The Kate Burkholder books are set in a small town in Ohio and explore the complexities of life in a rural community. The series delves into the lives of the Amish and non-Amish residents of Painters Mill Ohio, and the challenges that arise when these two worlds collide. The series explores issues such as religious and cultural differences, the challenges of law enforcement in a small town, and the complexities of relationships in a close-knit community.

Each book in the series features a new crime, and the plots are often complex and full of twists and turns. The crimes range from murders and kidnappings to arson and drug trafficking, and Kate and her team must use their skills and expertise to solve each case. The series also delves into the characters’ personal lives and explores their relationships with one another and the challenges they face both on and off the job.

In addition to its well-crafted plots and compelling characters, the series is known for its vivid descriptions of the Ohio landscape and its exploration of the Amish way of life. The series offers a unique glimpse into a world that is often shrouded in mystery and provides an in-depth look at the customs and traditions of the Amish community.

Who is Kate Burkholder?

Kate Burkholder grew up among the Amish, however, at the age of 14, she was sexually molested and survived the brutal attack of the Slaughterhouse Killer, following which she left the Amish community at the age of 18 when she no longer believed in her folks. This caused a rift between her and her folks who didn’t see kindly to her leaving them.

Now, at the age of 30, Kate returned home to Painter’s Mill, her Ohio town. Over the years she has become a respected, strong person who believed in herself. She is now also a respected police officer. Due to her ties to the Amish in the area, she has now been promoted to Chief of Police Kate Burkholder for the town. Since she is now near the Amish and some of her investigations take her to her folks, her job takes her to increased interactions with them.

She is pretty sure that she has come to terms with her horrible experience in the past right until her first case in town when a body is found in a snowy field and she has to investigate. With each further case, Kate has to somehow break the silence that is so characteristic of the Amish people to try to find the killers she is after.

Why Should We Read the Kate Burkholder Books in Order

Reading the Linda Castillo books in order for her Chief of Police Kate Burkholder series is highly recommended as it allows readers to fully appreciate the development of the characters and the ongoing storylines that run throughout the series. Here are a few compelling reasons why reading the series in order is the best way to go:

  1. Character development: One of the strengths of the series is its strong character development. Each book in the series builds upon the previous one, and reading them in order allows readers to fully appreciate the growth and evolution of the characters. By starting with the first book and following the characters through the series, readers can see how they develop and change over time, which can add depth and richness to the reading experience.
  2. Ongoing storylines: While each book features a new crime to solve, ongoing storylines run throughout the series. These storylines include Kate’s personal life and relationships and the challenges and changes within the Painters Mill community. Reading the Linda Castillo books in order allows readers to fully appreciate these ongoing storylines and see how they develop and intertwine over time.
  3. Plot twists and surprises: Linda Castillo’s Kate Burkholder novels are known for their complex plots and unexpected twists and turns. Reading the books in order allows readers to fully appreciate the intricacies of the plot and the surprises that are revealed along the way. By reading the books in order, readers can see how the plot unfolds and build anticipation for what might happen next.
  4. Context and world-building: The series is set in a small town in Ohio and explores the complexities of life in a rural community. Reading the books in order allows readers to fully appreciate the world-building and context that is established in the early books, which can add depth and richness to the reading experience. By starting with the first book and following the characters through the series, readers can see how the world of Painters Mill evolves and changes over time.

Overall, reading Linda Castillo’s Kate Burkholder series in order is the best way to fully appreciate the development of the characters, the ongoing storylines, the plot twists and surprises, and the world-building and context. While each book in the series can be enjoyed on its own, reading them in order allows readers to fully immerse themselves in the world of Painters Mill and experience the series to its fullest potential.

Operation Midnight Books Overview

The Operation: Midnight series is a romantic suspense series written by New York Times bestselling author Linda Castillo. It consists of five books, which were published between 2005 and 2007. The series features strong female protagonists determined to uncover the truth behind dangerous and high-stakes situations while navigating complex romantic relationships.

In Operation Midnight Tango, Emily Monroe is a corrections officer taken hostage by Zack Devlin, an undercover CIA agent trying to escape with his life. As they flee, their mutual attraction becomes increasingly difficult to resist, and they seek solace in each other’s arms. However, their search for evidence of a murderous plot involving experimental drugs leads them into even greater danger, and they must confront their own personal demons as they fight for survival.

With adrenaline driving their passion, Emily and Zack must race against time to find the proof they need before it’s too late, and they must face the possibility that they may never get the chance to confess their love. Set against the backdrop of a vile prison, Hostage Heart is a thrilling romantic suspense novel full of twists and turns, with two strong characters fighting against all odds to save themselves and each other.

In Operation Midnight Escape, Leigh Michaels is on the run from her past after the arms dealer she testified against, Ian Rasmussen, escapes from prison seeking revenge. After being exposed and with her identity compromised, Leigh finds herself in need of protection.

Enter Special Agent Jake Vanderpol, the man she once loved and then betrayed. Despite the hurt and the mistrust, Leigh knows that Jake is the only one who can save her from the killer on her trail. As they escape through a treacherous winter landscape, with killers hot on their heels, Leigh and Jake must confront their past and their feelings. But will they be able to shield their hearts from the danger that threatens to consume them?

Operation Midnight Guardian is a gripping thriller that follows the story of Mattie Logan, a former Department of Defense scientist who is on the run from a dangerous terrorist known as the Jaguar. When a federal transport carrying Mattie is ambushed in Montana, Special Agent Sean Cutter is tasked with finding her within 48 hours.

But Mattie, who has been falsely accused, is hesitant to trust anyone, even the charming and attractive Sean. As they navigate the treacherous terrain of the Montana wilderness, Mattie and Sean must rely on each other to stay alive and clear Mattie’s name. But as they get closer to the truth, they realize that trust may be their only chance at survival.

In Operation Midnight Rendezvous, Special Agent Mike Madrid finds himself protecting Jessica Atwood, a woman he believes to be innocent despite her being on the run with an orphan. As they flee from a desperate community and try to uncover the truth about a murdered mother and missing child, Mike and Jessica’s growing attraction adds another layer of complexity to their dangerous situation. With evil getting closer, they must work together to reveal the truth and stay alive.

In Operation Midnight Cowboy, another popular romantic suspense novel in the seires, Bo Ruskin, a cowboy living a quiet life in Montana, has been struggling to forget his tragic past. However, he is given orders to protect Special Agent Rachael Armitage, which he reluctantly agrees to. On the other hand, Rachael is furious and frustrated with the situation, as she would rather die than abandon her dangerous mission. Despite being in the safety of Bo’s ranch, an international crime lord is out to get her, making their situation all the more dangerous.

As Rachael is drawn to this mysterious and hardened cowboy from her past, she becomes certain that Bo is hiding something from her. She knows that in order to survive and learn the truth, she needs to learn the lay of the land. Bo and Rachael find themselves riding horseback through the wilderness, unsure if they will go down in a blaze of glory or passion.

High Country Heroes Books Overview

In A Hero to Hold, a woman with no memory and no name is found in the snowy Rocky Mountains. All she knows is that she is pregnant and someone is trying to kill her. John Maitland, a rescue medic, saves her life and vows to protect her. But personal involvement is something he avoids, until he rescues “Hannah.”

As he tries to keep her safe and help her regain her memory, he realizes he’s falling for her. But with danger closing in, John must decide whether to risk his heart to save Hannah’s life. As Hannah tries to piece together her past and stay alive, John’s resolve to protect her grows stronger. Together, they must uncover the truth before it’s too late. A heart-pounding tale of suspense and romance, A Hero To Hold will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

In Just a Little Bit Dangerous, Deputy Sheriff Jake Madigan never expected his search-and-rescue mission to turn into a dangerous game of cat and mouse when he apprehends Abby Nichols, a beautiful fugitive. Despite her violet eyes and seductive charms, he’s determined to turn her over to the authorities and do his duty. But as a treacherous blizzard hits, Jake finds himself doing more than just protecting Abby from the storm.

He’s dodging bullets and risking everything to keep her safe from those who want her dead. Abby claims she’s innocent, and Jake is willing to believe her. As they seek shelter together in the Rocky Mountains, Jake can’t help but fall for this captivating woman. But can he really trust her? And will their passion lead to his downfall?

Linda Castillo Biography – About the Author

Linda Castillo books in order

Born in 1960 in a small farming community in Western Ohio (which is also the setting for her Kate Burkholder series), Linda Castillo knew from an early age that she was meant to write novels. She wrote her first story at the age of 13.

She met her husband in 1985. She lives in the Texas Panhandle on a small ranch with her husband, working on her next novels. In her spare time, she loves riding horses on her property.

Sworn to Silence, her debut thriller, is also the first in her popular Kate Burkholder series, which was well-received by readers and critics alike. Linda Castillo’s insights into the Amish community is highly regarded. Her books give an interesting glimpse into the people’s lives, particularly that the Amish are rather closed to the outsides and often their lives are a mystery.

Linda Castillo did extensive research, read a few scholarly books on the topic, and lived with several Amish families during her trips to Ohio for research. Linda Castillo’s books won so far several nominations and industry awards.

I have read several novels from the Linda Castillo book list, including some of her romantic suspense stories, and if I have to choose, I’d definitely go with her Kate Burkholder series. I love that book series. Kate is a young Amish girl living in a quiet, peaceful rural town called Painters Mill in Ohio. After a series of tragic events that left Kate scarred emotionally and psychologically, she left the place, seemingly for good.

Years later, she is asked to return to the town, and now she has a new capacity: Chief of Police Kate Burkholder. In each of the books, Kate is called to solve various crimes of murder and bring the killers to justice.

Linda Castillo’s books for her Kate Burkholder stories should be read in chronological and publication order, since each novel builds up (in terms of character progression) from the previous to the next.

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  1. Enjoying the
    Kate Burkholter series. By chance I bought Shamed not realizing it was a part of a series. Therefore, I have not read the books in chronological order. Enjoyed each one except the one where underground tunnels were involved.
    I am now aware Of more Linda Castillo question is does Linda do all of the writing herself? It seems like an impossible task. Excellent writer.

  2. Totally addicted to Castillo’s riveting Katie Burkholder
    Series and my partner and I can hardly wait for the next !!
    Beautifully written, each work is unique. We read them until the wee hours of the morning . Hard to read anything else once you are hooked!!!

  3. This is written to Rose Marie’s question. You mentioned you don’t have a kindle and would like to hear A Hidden Secret. I don’t have a kindle but I have the kindle app on my iPhone. I am able to get the books on my kindle app without having a kindle maybe you could use that. The novellas are a fun addition to her series.

  4. @Carol, yes, it’s better to read the Kate Burkholder series in order. The Linda Castillo books are better enjoyed this way.

  5. Should I read the Kate Burkholder books in order? I’ve already read #6 before I found out it’s part of a series.

  6. I’ve listened to as audio books through my local library. So well narrated you fall right into the stories, which of course are are amazing

  7. I have read every one of Linda’s Kate series. I need to read one more, which is only ebook. I look forward to her next Kate series. I just can’t put the book down once I start reading. Excellent. She is the best author ever. I have read many books in my life but nobody as great as Linda Castillo.

  8. So far I have read 6 of the Kate Burkholder series. Love them all! Please write more of them. I am running out.

  9. More, More More Kate Burkholder series, I am enthralled by Linda’s books, I have everyone and can’t wait for the next one to come out. Thank you

    1. Unfortunately no, because it is a short eBook, not a full novel. These short stories are always only published in eBook format, unless the author decides to bundle one together with the next book as part of a bonus.

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