List of Harlan Coben Books In Order

Last Updated on April 12, 2021 Reading the Harlan Coben books in order entails picking up the author’s popular Myron Bolitar starting with Deal Breaker, and the young adult Mickey Bolitar series, followed by Win’s own story in a new series titled Windsor Horne Lockwood III.  The author also has several standalone novels, and those can be read in any order you choose, of course.

New York Times bestselling author Harlan Coben has been one of my favorite writers for a long time. The first book I’ve read by him was a standalone thriller called Play Dead, which was years before he started his popular Myron Bolitar series.

Without further ado here are the Harlan Coben books in order for his popular two series, and his chilling standalone thrillers. The books are listed in publication order and chronological order.

New Harlan Coben Books


Win, 2021











Myron Bolitar Series In Order

  1. Deal Breaker (Myron Bolitar #1), 1995
  2. Drop Shot (Myron Bolitar #2), 1996
  3. Fade Away (Myron Bolitar #3), 1996
  4. Back Spin (Myron Bolitar #4), 1997
  5. One False Move (Myron Bolitar #5), 1998
  6. The Final Detail (Myron Bolitar #6), 1999
  7. Darkest Fear (Myron Bolitar #7), 2000
  8. Promise Me (Myron Bolitar #8), 2006
  9. Long Lost (Myron Bolitar #9), 2009
  10. Live Wire (Myron Bolitar #10), 2011
  11. Home (Myron Bolitar #11), 2016

Mickey Bolitar Series In Order

  1. Shelter (Mickey Bolitar #1), 2011
  2. Seconds Away (Mickey Bolitar #2), 2012
  3. Found (Mickey Bolitar #3), 2014

Windsor Horne Lockwood III Series

  1. Win, 2021

Standalone Harlan Coben Books

Harlan Coben author

Harlan Coben Biography

Harlan Coben was born in 1962 in Newark, New Jersey to a Jewish family. He still lives in New Jersey (Ridgewood) with his wife, a pediatrician, along with their 4 children.

He attended and graduated from Livingston High School. Later on, he went to Amherst College where he studied political science. During this time he belonged to the same fraternity (Psi Upsilon) with the author Dan Brown, also was a member. Dan Brown is well known for his Da Vinci Code thriller, belonging to the Robert Langdon thriller series.

After graduating from college, Harlan Coben took the first job within the family, working for his grandfather who owned a company in the travel industry as a travel agency. His passion for writing came about when he was in college in his senior year. He got his first book published at the age of 26, in 1990 with the title Play Dead, a romantic suspense novel.

After the publication of his second standalone novel, Miracle Cure, a medical thriller, in 1991, he started his by now very popular series Myron Bolitar, featuring a basketball coach who turns to solving crimes.

Knowing that Harlan Coben played basketball in college (his impressing height also shows it –  6ft 4ins), his choice for the main character of the series doesn’t seem all that random.

2016 is the year which makes an interesting career change – a shift in Harlan Coben. He has written a drama for British TV  (Sky One) called The Five. It is a unique story not drawn from any of his books.

Tell No OneThe first standalone novel after writing the books in his Bolitar series is Tell No One, and I think it’s pretty much my most favorite book by him (and I love all the Harlan Coben books). It is also the novel which was turned into a French film in 2006.

Tell No One, published in 2001, features Dr. David Beck, whose wife died during one of their trips to the lake to celebrate their anniversary. When he is attacked and he hears his wife’s screams, once he wakes up he is told that his wife died in the ambush.

After eight sorrowful years where he can’t get his wife out of his head, he receives a strange email which makes his doubtful that his wife is, indeed, dead. This starts his chase after the ghost of his wife and his investigation of what actually happened those eight years ago.

Harlan Coben’s books have earned him numerous awards, including the Edgar Award, the Shamus Award, and the Anthony Award. He is, in fact, the first author to receive all prestigious awards for his novels. Several of his novels have been on the #1 position of the New York Times bestselling list.

The Myron Bolitar series includes currently 10 books, with the latest one published in 2016 with the title Home. The Mickey Bolitar series has 3 books, with the latest one published in 2014, and I’m happy to see that Harlan Coben still continues to write his suspenseful standalone thrillers.

The Harlan Coben Myron Bolitar series starting with Deal Breaker focuses on Myron, a hothead sports agent who once upon a time was an FBI agent, and now has several clients, which who has issues that Myron has to solve. The Myron Bolitar books are highly entertaining and more often than not humorous, making them very different from the Harlan Coben standalone thrillers. The next books, Fade Away, Drop Shot, Back Spin, One False Move, The Final Detail, Darkest Fear, and the rest of the publications have been equally well received both by the readers, critics and reviewers alike. The publication order is the same with the reading order for these novels.

The Mickey Bolitar young adult spin-off series has as main protagonist Micky, sports agent Myron’s fifteen-year-old nephew who went to live with his uncle after his dad was murdered and he got to witness the deed. His mom is in rehab, so Micky is alone, thus the need to move to Myron’s house.

Mickey was first introduced to the series readers in Live Wire, book #10 in the Myron Bolitar series. Mickey is just as clever and quick-witted as Myron, and he likes to solve puzzles and interesting cases just like his uncle.

The latest novel by Harlan Coben is Run Away, a standalone thriller published early 2019. Of course, reading the Harlan Coben books in order only involves his Myron and Micky Bolitar series, since the standalone novels can be read in any order you choose as they all feature different main (and secondary) protagonists. Well, except for Don’t Let Go, where Myron makes a cameo appearance, a wonderful treat to the Myron Bolitar series fans, but he is no way has an important (or even partial) role in the case at hand.

Some of his other popular standalone novels I most enjoyed are No Second ChanceFool Me Once, The StrangerMissing You, Six Year, and Run Away.  I might be in the minority here, but maybe because I started reading first his standalone excellent psychological thrillers, I prefer them to his series. They are much more suspenseful, much darker and much more “edge of your seat” type of books.

The latest Harlan Coben book is titled The Boy From the Woods, and is a standalone psychological thriller novel, published April 2020. 2021 will see the release of Win, the latest Harlan Coben novel, which this time focuses on one of my favorite characters in the Myron Bolitar series: Windsor Horne Lockwood III, aka Win.

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  1. Confused says:

    Is there a book between Live Wire and Home that I missed? Myron’s brother is thought dead in one but then referred to as alive in the next…. what happened?

  2. Barb says:

    Reading Win now. Feels like I’m sitting down with old friends! Can someone help me remember which book introduces Win’s biological daughter? I must have missed that one. Thought I’d read them all! Loved every one I’ve read.

  3. Darien Sebastian-Hamlin says:

    I read 8 books thus far and I am at the end of “The boy from the woods.” Compelling, insightful and full of suspense! Keep them coming Harlan Coben

  4. Jarrad says:

    I started late on Harlan’s books. I am a huge John Grisham, Lee Child, James Patterson and Vince Flynn fan, and thoroughly enjoy suspenseful, thriller type novels. I happened to stumble across “The Stranger” on Netflix and ended up purchasing the book (which I like much more than the series), and instantly became hooked. I’ve managed to acquire “Run Away” and “Promise Me” since then and am sure he is my new favorite author. I can’t wait t0 buy more and add to my collection. This guy is single handedly getting me through the pandemic by keeping me enthralled while we’re stuck in the house.

  5. Norma Theron says:

    Like so many others, I am totally hooked on Harlan Coben’s novels. But it seems that he has a split personality as it’s hard to believe the same person has written both the stand alone books and the Myron Bolitaire series. What I enjoy most in the former is the emotional and psycological depth portrayed in the characters rather than the off-beat humour shown in Myron and his co-workers. But am thrilled that he’s still busy writing – can’t wait to get my hands on some of the books listed on your website that are still waiting for me!

  6. Jeff says:

    Have read everyone of his books. Always looked forward to his next one and he never disappointa. “Win” is next on my list for 2021.

  7. Anne Martin says:

    I’m hooked! Here’s how it started. I am a David Baldacci and John Grisham fan. Stumbled upon The Five and Safe on Netflix and just had to know about this Harlan Coben. Then I found Don’t Let Go at a Costco and picked it up! Hooked for sure. Decided to start at the beginning with his standalones. Just now starting No Second Chance. Really appreciate his work!

  8. Beth Byrnes says:

    By coincidence, I read Tell No One and Caught back to back…. And found several crossovers! In Tell No One, Beck meets a homeless man who shouts Himmler likes tuna steaks! Turns out to be Kelvin Tilfer from Caught. Win does research for Wendy Tynes. Ed Grayson from Caught has a friend who helps Dan Mercer … Terese Collins of the Bolitar series. And indomitable attorney Hester Crimsten is in both as well! I love when characters appear in shared stories.


    How did Brad Boiltar return from the dead? I just finished Home and Brad was killed in a car crash in live wire.

    • Laynette Kanipe says:

      Just want to say that I have read 25 Harlan Coben novels and have enjoyed every one!

  10. Barbara Garner says:

    Harlan Coben is getting me through these trying times with his stories on Netflix …Thank you so much

  11. Myanna says:

    I just finished Found from the Mickey Bolitar series, I loved the series. However, I kind of With there was more. Like maybe a second series. I want to see what Happens to spoon, and More adventures. I want to see in Ema and Mickey get together, if the move, how it’s goes for Mickey when he tells coach about Troy, and even who Ema’s Dad is (personally think it’s Brad Bolitar). I want to see Kitty’s reaction to her husband being alive. I want to see if she gets better, if the family moves or if they stay. I want to see Luther come to justice, and Lizzie’s reaction to him being alive. Or if we ever see Ashley again! If Mickey gets married, and too who? Yet at the same time I’m so satisfied with the ending of the series, and I don’t want to see Mickey in more pain. Yeah that was just a little rant. I loved the series. It ended greatly loved it.

  12. Connie Ellis says:

    THANK YOU for writing such wonderful novels. Have not read all but am working on it. Have not read one I did not like and that is rare these days for an author. They are very exciting and thrilling. Just finished Fool Me Once was not expecting the ending but it was great and made me cry. When you can laugh and cry in the same book it is a keeper. Thanks again.

  13. Sylvester Vanessa says:

    Harlan Coben is always the way to go when it comes to thrillers…

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