Medical Thriller Authors

Here is a list of medical thriller authors who have written suspenseful, chilling and engrossing novels that keep at the edge of your seat all the time.

This genre is very popular with book readers, and with good reason. There is not one person who didn’t have to visit the hospital at least once in their lives. And hospitals, doctors, needles, pills and dire diagnosis are a regular – albeit an uncomfortable and painful – part of everyone’s life. We all associate fear, dread and other negative emotions with lack of health, which let’s face it, make for a great attraction when it comes to reading about them in book, unlike when these happen to us.

It’s similar to everyone dreading to have a car accident happen to them, but almost everyone lingering around when witnessing one on the road.

I love medical thrillers and thankfully the genre is full of talented mystery authors who know how to hook us on their stories, book after book.

The medical thriller authors listed here will also include books featuring medical examiners and forensic pathologists (e.g. books by Kathy Reichs and Patricia Cornwell). Some authors have written books and series in several genres over the years. In such cases I will add the authors to each of the genre listed on Mystery Sequels.

The authors whose names are not yet linked to their respective pages will be added as soon as the author pages have been created.

Authors are added in alphabetical order based on their last name. If you have read books by a medical thriller author not listed here, let us know in the comments section to add them here.

Richard Van Anderson

  • David McBride trilogy

Glen Apseloff

  • standalone medical thrillers

John Case

  • standalone medical thrillers

Peter Clement

  • Dr. Earl Garnet series
  • Dr. Richard Steele series

Tom Combs

  • standalone medical thriller

Robin Cook

  • Jack Stapleton and Laurie Montgomery series
  • standalone medical thrillers

Patricia Cornwell

  • Kay Scarpetta series
  • Andy Brazil series
  • Win Garano series

Michael Crichton

  • standalone medical thrillers

Scott Britz-Cunningham

standalone medical thriller

Tess Gerritsen

  • Rizzoli & Isles series

Lawrence W. Gold

  • Brier Hospital series
  • standalone medical thrillers

Leonard Goldberg

  • Joanna Blalock series
  • Dr. David Ballineau and Carolyn Ross series

Thomas Hoover

  • standalone medical thrillers

Gwen Hunter

  • Dr. Rhea Lynch series

Daniel Kalla

  • Dr. Noah Haldane series

Bette Golden Lamb

  • Gina Mazzio RN series

Judith Lucci

  • Alexandra Destephano series

CJ Lyons

  • Hart and Drake series
  • Angels of Mercy series

Richard L. Mabry

  • Prescription for Trouble series

Stephen Martino

  • standalone medical thriller

Ken McClure

  • Dr Steven Dunbar series

Victor Methos

  • The Plague trilogy

Pierre Ouellette

standalone medical thriller

Michael Palmer

  • Dr. Lou Welcome series
  • standalone medical thrillers

Richard Preston

  • standalone medical thrillers
  • non-fiction medical thrillers

Roger Radford

  • standalone medical thrillers

Kathy Reichs

  • Temperance Brennan series
  • Virals – Tory Brennan series

Joshua Spanogle

  • Nathaniel McCormick series

Steven Spruill

  • Rulers Of Darkness series
  • standalone medical thrillers

Christopher Stookey

  • standalone medical thrillers

Michael Weisberg

  • standalone medical thriller

F. Paul Wilson

  • Adversary Cycle series
  • Repairman Jack series
  • standalone medical thrillers


  1. Some years ago, I read a book whose title and author I do not recall. The plot had to do with a microbiologist(?) whose family was murdered in front of him while traveling in Ireland. He planned revenge and achieved it my creating some kind of genetic bioweapon which targeted its victims by ethnicity and gender. His target was, if memory serves, Irish females. The method of spreading his bioweapon was by impregnating paper money and letting the bioweapon be absorbed through the skin. I don’t recall much else about it except that, in the novel, he was successful in obtaining his revenge. I thought it was a Stephen King novel because my recollection is that the title had “Tower” in the name; but King’s “Dark Tower” series is totally different. I also thought it could be a Robin Cook novel or even Michael Crichton, but I cannot find it among their titles. Would you have come across such a plot and recall the author and title? It was a pretty good read, I thought. Thank you.

  2. Hi, thanks so very much for including me on this page. What do you mean, when the author page is creased?
    My best wishes,
    Judith Lucci

    1. Thanks for noticing the spelling error – I meant ‘created’ 🙂

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