8 Mysteries Worth Reading In January 2017

January 2017 is experiencing a lot of released books in the form of mystery series or standalone novels from various publishing houses. It is quite a busy month and the crime/mystery/thriller genre is quite popular this time of the year.

Here are 10 books published in January 2017 that I can’t wait to read. I hope you will check them out as well because they seem quite promising in offering several hours of exciting and enjoyable reading.

The Prisoner by Alex Berenson (John Wells #11)

The Prisoner by Alex BerensonThe latest book in the John Wells spy thriller series by Alex Berenson, The Prisoner is released on January 31.

John Wells is a CIA agent who is working undercover after having penetrated the al Qaeda successfully. He remains there for almost 10 years during which time he even coverts to Islam and remains as such even after he goes back to America.

Now in The Prisoner John Wells must resume his undercover identity in order to unmask a mole hidden deep in the bowels of the CIA.

The mole is passing information about planned operations to ISIS and John has to stop him before it’s too late. But this latest assignment might just cost John his life.

Unpunished by Lisa Black (Gardiner and Renner #2)

Unpunished by Lisa BlackThe second book in the Gardiner and Renner crime mystery series, Unpunished brings together the unlikely partners once again. Maggie Gardiner is a forensic scientist and Jack Renner is a homicide cop who also moonlights as a vigilante killer.

When a copyeditor at the Cleveland Herald is found dead, hanging in the building, Maggie is called to the newspaper to check the apparent suicide.

Once it becomes clear to her that the suicide is in fact a murder, she has no choice but to partner up again with the one person she doesn’t trust at all: Jack Renner.

I enjoyed the first book in the series quite a lot and I can’t wait to pick up this book as well on January 31 when it’s released.

The Sleepwalker by Chris Bohjalian

The Sleepwalker by Chris BohjalianThe latest book by Chris Bohjalian is a standalone thriller, which tackles the popular topic of vanishing in quite the creative way: through introducing us to the world of sleepwalking and the dangers it possesses over those affected and their famlies.

Now, I have to admit that I hardly know anything about sleepwalking, and the little I know comes probably from some movies I watched over the years.

So reading about Annalee Ahlberg’s sleepwalking adventures should be quite entertaining, while also chilling to the core, especially when she suddenly goes missing from her home and fails to return.

Could she be dead? And if yes, where is the body?

The Trapped Girl by Robert Dugoni (Tracy Crosswhite #4)

The Trapped Girl by Robert DugoniIn The Trapped Girl, Robert Dugoni brings detective Tracy Crosswhite to the side of a river where an illegal crab fisherman found more than he could handle when instead of a crab he pulled out of the water the body of a young woman.

Sometimes illicit crabbing really doesn’t pay off.

Tracy Crosswhite and her team, the Seattle Police Department’s Violent Crimes Section got the case, and as the story unfolds, things get really complicated, with a lot of twists and turns in the plot.

I have only read the first two in the series, so before The Trapped Girl comes out January 24, I have a bit of time to catch up to In The Clearing, the third Tracy Crosswhite story.

Trojan by Alan McDermot (Andrew Harvey #1)

Trojan by Alan McDermottIn Trojan, the British author Alan McDermot introduces us to his latest thriller series featuring Andrew Harvey, an agent with the MI5.

When some chemical weapons in the form of vials are stolen by terrorists and brought to England, Andrew and his MI5 team have to recover the vials before armageddon is unleashed all over the country.

Terrorism thrillers are quite popular these days given the world’s current situation, and Trojan is a new worthy entry in an otherwise already crowded genre.

Having loved the author’s Tom Gray series, I can’t wait to bite my teeth into his latest offering.

The Ripper’s Shadow by Laura Joh Rowland (Victorian Mystery #1)

The Ripper's ShadowWait, what? Another Jack The Ripper mystery? Bring it on! One cannot have too many Jack The Ripper novels.

The Ripper’s Shadow is the first book in a new historical mystery series by Laura John Rowland.

Miss Sarah Bain is a photographer in 1888 London who supplements her income with illegal nude (soft-porn) photographs taken of prostitutes. When two of her models end up dead within a short time of each other. Sarah knows that it can’t be a coincidence.

She decides to take the matters in her own hand, however she is not alone. A whole group of people join forces together to bring down the to-be notorious serial killer. I hope these main characters will feature in further stories as well.

The Lost City of the Monkey God: A True Story by Douglas Preston

The Lost City of the Monkey GodThe author’s latest book is not a Special Agent Pendergast story. It’s not even one of his Wyman Ford novels.

The Lost City Of The Monkey God is a non-fiction books about an ancient legend, the myth of the Lost City of the Monkey God, and the status of archaeology in the 21st Century.

Douglas Preston is a well established and popular fiction writer, but in this book he brings his personal account of being on the expedition in the  jungles of Honduras in search of the lost city.

I am usually not so fond of non-fiction life adventures, but this book reads just like one of the author’s science thrillers. It’s riveting and it keeps you glued non-stop to the pages.


The Nowhere Man by Gregg Hurwitz (Evan Smoak #2)

The Nowhere Man by Gregg HurwitzThe Nowhere Man is the second in the Evan Smoak thriller series. I have read both and I found them well worth checking out, especially if you enjoy reading books about highly skilled operatives (or former ones) such as Jason Bourne, Victor the Asassin, Court Gentry or even Jack Reacher.

As a child, Evan Smoak was taken from home and brought to an underground government organization called the Orphan program, where children were trained as highly skilled assassins. He was given the name Orphan X.

After he left the program, armed with a set of deadly skills and a ton of money put aside, he decided to put all his training to good use: not to kill targets, but to protect the innocent. He became the Nowhere Man.

Unfortunately, this puts a target on his back, which meant that any and every hired assassin was now hot on his heels.

When during one of his solo operations Evan was kidnapped and brought to a secret location to be the object of an expensive bidding war in which all his enemies participated, Evan knew that the only way to save his skin was to become once again the deadly Orphan X.

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  1. Rushnia says:

    Thanks for doing this every month I want more mystery books

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    Thanks for doing this every month.

    Does anyone know where can I find a most comprehensive list of new mystery books for every month?

    • Mystery Sequels says:

      You can find a comprehensive list right here on Mystery Sequels. From February onwards we are going back to the old format listing tons of new books published per month, so keep on reading.

      The books might not be listed in cover format, but the list is quite comprehensive.

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    I miss the old format. I could quickly look for new books from favorite authors, but would also find new writers I had not heard of. I found many new favorites this way.

    Please consider including the old style list in addition to your new format.

  4. Izabela says:

    I love reading mysteries. I am looking for books to add to my reading list for this year. I am definitely going to check these out.

  5. Ashlee says:

    Oh sounds interesting!! I’ve been looking for some mystery books to add to my reading list, thanks for sharing!! 🙂


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