Shannon Baker Books In Order

Shannon Baker (website) has written several short stories which were included in other books, however in 2013 she has started a new mystery series called A Nora Abbott Mystery, set in Arizona. The series features Nora who inherits a ski resort from her uncle, resort that she needs to somehow manage now.

She didn’t really want it in the first place, but now that she is stuck with the property, with her husband also encouraging her, she really starts to warm up to the idea…until all sorts of things start to happen. A fun new mystery series that I will keep an eye on.

She has also started a second set of books in the new Kate Fox Mystery series with a first book called Stripped Bare being published in September 2016. It is a fast-paced action-packed suspense series featuring Kate, a savvy detective, who starts the first book by trying to solve a murder that involves her own husband.

Nora Abbott Mystery Series In Order

1. Tainted Mountain, 2013

2. Broken Trust, 2014

3. Tattered Legacy, 2015

Kate Fox Series In Order

1. Stripped Bare, 2016

2. Dark Signal, 2017

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