Shannon Baker Books In Order – Complete List

Shannon Baker is an award-winning bestselling author known for writing mystery novels often set in the American West. She also wrote the Kate Fox Mystery series, which is set in the rural cattle country of Nebraska.

Here are the Shannon Baker books in order for her Nora Abbott series, Kate Fox series, Michaela Sanchez series, and her standalone novels.

Latest Shannon Baker Books

Bull’s Eye (Kate Fox #8), 2024

Nora Abbott Books in Publication Order

  1. Height of Deception, 2013 (aka Tainted Mountain
  2. Skies of Fire, 2014 (aka Broken Trust)
  3. Canyon of Lies, 2015 (aka Tattered Legacy)

Kate Fox Books in Publication Order

  1. Stripped Bare, 2016
  2. Close Enough, 2017 (#1.5)
  3. Dark Signal, 2017
  4. Bitter Rain, 2018
  5. Easy Mark, 2021
  6. Broken Ties, 2022
  7. Exit Wounds, 2022
  8. Double Back, 2023
  9. Bull’s Eye, 2024
  10. Close Range, 2024

Michaela Sanchez Books in Publication Order

  1. Echoes in the Sand, 2019
  2. The Desert’s Share, 2020

Standalone Novels


Who is Kate Fox?

Kate Fox is living a content life with her husband, Sheriff Ted Conner, on their Nebraska Sandhills cattle ranch. Their peaceful existence is shattered when Kate receives a call informing her of her niece Carly’s grandfather’s death and Ted being shot. Determined to find the killer, Kate discovers unsettling secrets, including Ted’s infidelity and Carly’s disappearance.

This is when Kate divorces Ted and goes against him in a bid to become the next Grand County, Nebraska Sherriff. After being sworn in, still recovering from her recent divorce, Sheriff Kate Fox deals with case after case of murders disguised as tragic accidents, missing people and animals, break-ins, corruption, and hidden secrets that threaten the very fabric of the community, and threaten her new election bids.

Shannon Baker Biography – About the Author

Shannon Baker was born in Garden Grove, California into a family with a father working in big retail. In her childhood, she lived in different states like California, Colorado, and Missouri. In college she studied business, however, her English professor encouraged her to start writing.

Even though she earned several awards as a child, Shannon Baker didn’t know from the very beginning that she wanted to write books.

Right out of college, at the age of 21, Shannon Baker moved to and settled in the Nebraska Sandhills for nearly two decades after marrying a rancher. This unique experience of living in a rural setting where cattle outnumber people greatly influenced the rich Western settings found in her novels. It is also the location of the sheriff Kate Fox novels.

As a young mother living in the extremely rural Nebraska Sandhills, Shannon Baker felt isolated on the ranch, so she started writing. Initially, she wrote for fun for herself, then she started writing short stories that she sold, which gave her the confidence to push forward. She even wrote a humor column for a regional newspaper, and featured articles which also included the topic of sports, for another newspaper.

She joined Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers (RMFW) with the initial goal of winning the RMFW amateur award. After winning the award, she finally decided to become a published author.

When her first marriage fell apart after her husband’s cheating, Shannon Baker moved to Boulder, where she met her true love. Later they moved to Flagstaff where she spent her time writing.

She also lived in Flagstaff for several years and worked for the Grand Canyon Trust, a group of relatively harmless environmentalists. 

After leaving, Shannon Baker got her first book, Ashes of the Red Heifer, published in 2010. Tainted Mountain, the first Nora Abbott book, achieved recognition as a finalist in the 2013 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards. Next, Midnight Ink picked up publishing her Nora Abbot series, and then later Shannon Baker sold the Sheriff Kate Fox book series. While she no longer lived in Nebraska, Shannon Baker still placed the setting of her Kate Fox books in Sandhill.

Shannon Baker is involved in various literary organizations. She serves on the board for RMFW, Sisters in Crime, Mystery Writers of America, International Thriller Writers, and Western Writers of America. Additionally, she has been a featured keynote speaker for Friends of CU Libraries, where she demonstrates her passion for storytelling.

Shannon Baker’s latest series, Michaela Sanchez Southwest Crime Thrillers, currently includes two books. However, the series that the author still actively updates is Kate Fox with Bull’s Eye and Close Range published in 2024.

Currently, Shannon Baker lives in Tucson Arizona, but she often travels to Boulder, which she considers a second home. She strives to write at least 2000 words a day when writing books.

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  1. I love your books especially the Kate Fox series. I look forward to the next book. Please keep on writing. I find myself finding reasons to travel so I can listen to them on in my vehicle.
    I feel as if I am right there with Kate everytime.

    Thank you for the adventure.

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