Bull’s Eye

Bull's Eye

by Shannon Baker

Book 8 in the Kate Fox series
published 2024

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Was his death a tragic accident—or a murder in cold blood?

Caught between juggling her dysfunctional family and a looming recall election, Sheriff Kate Fox feels like she’s on a bucking bronc with one hand stuck in the air. When a top bull breeder is mauled to death at a rodeo, Kate quickly realizes that this so-called accident hides a much darker truth.

Dropped from the case to protect her upcoming election bid, Kate is forced to cowboy off on her own when she fears the victim’s wife is being targeted unfairly. After her snooping reveals a list of shady suspects, each with their own reason to want the victim dead, Kate finds herself caught up in a deadly web of lies and fraud at the heart of the competitive world of rodeo.

But when her investigation takes a terrifying turn, Kate starts to question everything. How deep does the corruption go? And who will be left standing when the dust finally settles?

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