At Any Cost

At Any Cost

by Jeffrey Siger

Book 13 in the Andreas Kaldis series
published 2024

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Greece is burning . . . and Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis is determined to save his country from disaster in the new novel in Jeffrey Siger’s critically acclaimed, internationally bestselling mystery series

“Thoughtful police procedurals set in picturesque but not untroubled Greek locales” The New York Times
“A new Kaldis case is always a treat, and this one is no exception” Booklist Starred Review
“Terrific novels which take place on the Greek islands” Readers Digest

Chief Inspector Kaldis is initially dismayed to be asked to investigate a series of suspicious forest fires that took place last summer. In Greece, forest fires are an inevitability, and he fears he and his team are being set up to take the political blame for this year’s blazes.

He quickly becomes suspicious, though, that the forests were torched for profit – and for a project on a far grander scale than the usual low-level business corruption. There are whispers on the wind that shadowy foreign powers intend to establish a surreptitious mega-internet presence on the island of Syros, with the intent to weaponize the digital world to their own dark ends.

Can Kaldis and his team stop the hostile foreign takeover of the idyllic island – or will the rise of the metaverse set not just Greece, but the whole world, on fire?

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