Tom Clancy Books In Order

Last Updated on November 9, 2021 If you’re looking to start reading some of the Tom Clancy books, you might be wondering what is the right list of the Tom Clancy books in order for his Jack Ryan series and his other related series in the Jack Ryan universe. How should you read them starting from the beginning to the end?

Or if you’ve already read a few, you might be wondering what you’ve been missing out on that you should catch up on before his latest book in the Jack Ryan universe is published.

The books in each series are listed in chronological order with the publication order listed at the end of each book. If you prefer the order in which the author published them, then start with The Hunt For Red October for the Jack Ryan books and series.

So here is the chronological list of Tom Clancy books in reading order, including the Tom Clancy Jack Ryan series, and the new Campus series starring the new operative Dominic Caruso, nephew of President Jack Ryan, along with Jack Ryan Jr.

Do note though that after the author’s death, several series are being continued by other authors. I will list here all the book in the series, with the co-author named next to each book that was not explicitly written by Tom Clancy.

New Tom Clancy Books

Target Acquired

Target Acquired (Tom Clancy Universe #31), 2021

Chain of Command

Chain of Command (Tom Clancy Universe #32), 2021










Jack Ryan Universe Reading Order

While each series is relatively separate from each other, there are enough overlaps between characters and events that a Jack Ryan Universe has been created, with its distinct chronological reading order, especially after Tom Clancy’s death. Sometimes a book falls under several series, and it is rather difficult to set them apart. The entire list of reading for the Jack Ryan Universe is below.

  1. Without Remorse, 1993
  2. Patriot Games, 1987
  3. Red Rabbit, 2002
  4. The Hunt for Red October, 1984
  5. The Cardinal of the Kremlin, 1988
  6. Clear and Present Danger, 1989
  7. The Sum of All Fears, 1991
  8. Debt of Honor, 1994
  9. Executive Orders, 1996
  10. Rainbow Six, 1998
  11. The Bear and the Dragon, 2000
  12. The Teeth Of The Tiger, 2003
  13. Dead or Alive, 2010
  14. Locked On, 2011
  15. Threat Vector, 2012
  16. Command Authority, 2013
  17. Support and Defend, 2014
  18. Full Force and Effect, 2014
  19. Under Fire, 2015
  20. Commander-in-Chief, 2015
  21. Duty and Honor, 2016
  22. True Faith and Allegiance, 2016
  23. Point of Contact, 2017
  24. Power and Empire, 2017
  25. Line of Sight, 2018
  26. Oath of Office, 2018
  27. Enemy Contact, 2019
  28. Code of Honor, 2019
  29. Firing Point, 2020
  30. Shadow of the Dragon, 2020
  31. Target Acquired, 2021
  32. Chain of Command, 2021

Jack Ryan Series

this is the original series that started the Jack Ryan Universe

  1. Patriot Games, 1987 (Jack Ryan #1 – story takes place in 1981)
  2. Red Rabbit, 2002 (Jack Ryan #2 – story takes place in 1982)
  3. The Hunt for Red October, 1984 (Jack Ryan #3 – story takes place in 1984)
  4. The Cardinal of the Kremlin, 1988 (Jack Ryan #4 – story takes place in 1986)
  5. Clear and Present Danger, 1989 (Jack Ryan #5 – story takes place in 1988)
  6. The Sum of All Fears, 1991 (Jack Ryan #6 – story takes place in 1990-1991)
  7. Debt of Honor, 1994 (Jack Ryan #7 – story takes place between 1995-1996)
  8. Executive Orders, 1996 (Jack Ryan #8 – story takes place in 1996)
  9. Command Authority, 2013 (Jack Ryan #9 – story takes place in the present day)

John Clark Series

  1. Without Remorse, 1993 (John Clark #1 – Jack Ryan is only briefly mentioned in this book – 1970-1973)
  2. Rainbow Six, 1998 (John Clark #2 – story takes place between 1999-2000)
  3. The Bear and the Dragon, 2000 (John Clark #3 – story takes place in 2002. Jack Ryan is president, but he’s not the main character in the book)

The Campus/Jack Ryan Jr. Series

the original series involving Jack Ryan’s son

  1. The Teeth Of The Tiger, 2003 (The Campus #1 – story takes place in 2006)
  2. Dead or Alive, 2010 (The Campus #2 – story takes place in 2007) – written by Grant Blackwood
  3. Locked On, 2011 (The Campus #3 – story takes place in 2008) – written by Mark Greaney
  4. Threat Vector, 2012 (The Campus #4 – story takes place in 2009)

Tom Clancy’s Op-Center Series

co-authored with Steve Pieczenik, Jeff Rovin, George Galdorisi

  1. Op-Center, 1994
  2. Mirror Image, 1995
  3. Games of State, 1996
  4. Acts of War, 1996
  5. Balance of Power, 1998
  6. State of Siege, 1999
  7. Divide and Conquer, 2000
  8. Line of Control, 2001
  9. Mission of Honor, 2002
  10. Sea of Fire, 2003
  11. Call to Treason, 2004
  12. War of Eagles, 2005
  13. Out of the Ashes, 2014
  14. Into the Fire, 2015
  15. Scorched Earth, 2016
  16. Dark Zone, 2017
  17. For Honor, 2018
  18. Sting of the Wasp, 2019

Tom Clancy’s Net Force Series

co-authored with Steve Pietzenik, Steve Perry, Larry Segriff, Jerome Preisler

  1. Net Force, 1998
  2. Hidden Agendas, 1999
  3. Night Moves, 1999
  4. Breaking Point, 2000
  5. Point of Impact, 2001
  6. Cybernation, 2001
  7. State of War, 2003
  8. Changing of the Guard, 2003
  9. Springboard, 2005,
  10. The Archimedes Effect, 2006
  11. Dark Web, 2019
  12. Eye of the Drone, 2020

Other Tom Clancy Books

Tom Clancy Biography

Tom Clancy

RIP Tom Clancy

I’ve decided to write this post because even after the author’s death, several other authors continued to write the Tom Clancy books, so, thankfully, the series is not dead! Also, there are several series that are interconnect and part of the same Jack Ryan Universe, and often keeping the series separate is not so easy unless you have actually read all books (which I have).

The truth is, Tom Clancy is the author that really brought the military thriller genre to my house. It was The Hunt for Red October which was later turned into a movie (that I still adore as well) the first book that I read by this author.

And incidentally, it is the first Tom Clancy book written as well. I still consider this book one of his best overall, despite the many novels he has put out so far. This book is included in the Jack Ryan series that is really his most popular work (at least in my opinion) of all fiction writings. Once reading The Hunt for Red October (and watching the movie as well), I went on searching to read all the rest of the Tom Clancy books in order.

The Tom Clancy books have been called military thrillers, spy novels, techno-thrillers, political thrillers, simply thrillers, and so many more. This just shows how many genres his books can encompass, how many people it has touched, and how many worlds it has reached.

Command AuthorityTom Clancy has written 18 fictional books with the last one, Command Authority, released 2013. Sadly this will be his last novel ever written by him directly.Even this book was, however, co-authored with Mark Greaney.

There are, additionally, further books written in his name, with the latest, Tom Clancy’s Power and Empire authored by Mark Cameron.

Most of the Tom Clancy books are in the Jack Ryan series, with only 2, Red Storm Rising and Against All Enemies being standalone novels.The second book would have become the first in a new series featuring Max Moore, however, the second book Search and Destroy was canceled, which makes Against All Enemies a standalone novel.

If you haven’t picked them up yet, they are well worth reading. Beware though, they are huge books, and I mean that literally. Each book has several hundred pages, and some are really really long. So you will be a truly happy camper if you enjoy reading long novels that you don’t want them ever to end.

I thoroughly enjoy the military thrillers / political thrillers with a heavy military detail and Tom Clancy is right up there with the best.

The Jack Ryan universe is huge and there are a few Tom Clancy books that are separate from this universe like his Net Force series (11 books so far with a 12th coming out next year), Netforce Explorers Universe (18 books), the Power Play series (8 books), the Ghost Reckon Universe series (3 books), EndWar series (4 books), and the one book in the H.A.W.X Universe. If you have read any of these novels, let me know if they are good and I’ll pick them up as well.

So to answer the so-often asked question: will there be more Jack Ryan books? Thankfully, yes, Tom Clancy’s legacy continues with authors like Mark Greaney, Grant Blackwood, Mark Cameron, and Mike Maden.

In other news, in 2018 Jack Ryan, Tom Clancy’s main character comes to the big screen. John Krasinski will be playing Jack Ryan in the new Amazon TV series, which airs its pilot episode end of August. So far Amazon has ordered 10 initial episodes for the first season and depending on how it goes, it might become a bigger TV series.

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  1. VietnamVet says:

    My apologies, any knowledge of the Campus Series written in any European language?
    Thank you.

  2. VietnamVet says:

    I have not been able to find, “The Campus,” by Tom Clancy in English. I do have the German Copy, “Der Campus.”
    Was this book written only in German? Please, all constructive comments are cordially invited. VietnamVet

  3. Wynne says:

    I’m confused now about the “Jack Ryan Universe Chron Reading Order which says it’s the reading order for overlaps btw characters and events. However, Teeth of the Dragon is definitely listed as coming after Bear and Dragon, and yet there are comments on here about the time lines being too far apart.
    Can anyone advise as I’m making a reading list? Thanks.

  4. Mystery Sequels says:

    @Bill Farrar – Red Storm Rising is on the list above as a standalone novel along with Against All Enemies.

  5. Bill Farrar says:

    What happened to “Red Storm Rising” on the above list?

  6. Mike L says:

    No, the Op-Center series is completely separate from the Ryan Sr/Jr universe.

  7. Mike L says:

    If I’m not entirely mistaken, the – Tom Clancy’s Endwar series are three books, not four…
    – Tom Clancy’s Endwar
    – Tom Clancy’s Endwar: The Hunted
    – Tom Clancy’s Endwar: The Missing

    There is also a – Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands novel called Dark Waters, written by Richard Dansky. I can definitely recommend it!

    BTW, does anyone know why the second Max Moore universe book Search and Destroy (Tom Clancy/Peter Telep) was cancelled and if it will ever be released?

  8. Logan says:

    Is the Op-Center in the same universe as Jack Ryan? I’m reading Out of the Ashes and they mention a guy named Wyatt Midkiff is the president

  9. David S. Truman says:

    Dear Mysterysequals and other readers,
    I have read all the JR/JC/JRjr in publication order. Now I have had to retire I intend to read them in chronological order. However my memory is failing somewhat. Can anyone remind me which one features John and Ding handing out some rough justice to some crazies out side a 9/11 on behalf of Jack Ryan who is looking out for a crew member’s family the guy got killed coming out of Columbia in the book but was missed out of the film Clear and Present Danger?
    Also I was lent many years ago one of Tom’s other series of books. It involved a covert monitoring station overlooking Iran or Iraq.
    Sorry it’s all questions.
    Thanks for your time and trouble,
    Be lucky

    • David S. Truman says:

      Dear Mysterysequals and other readers,
      I have read all the JR/JC/JRjr in publication order. Now I have had to retire I intend to read them in chronological order. However my memory is failing somewhat. Can anyone remind me which one features John and Ding handing out some rough justice to some crazies out side a 9/11 on behalf of Jack Ryan who is looking out for a crew member’s family the guy got killed coming out of Columbia in the book but was missed out of the film Clear and Present Danger?
      Also I was lent many years ago one of Tom’s other series of books. It involved a covert monitoring station overlooking Iran or Iraq.
      Sorry it’s all questions.
      Thanks for your time and trouble,
      Be lucky

  10. monica says:

    So happy to find someone is continuing this legacy. Also just realized there’s a few books I’ve missed. Thank you Mr. Greaney for continuing my absolute favorite of all time stories. Your books are just as reviting as Mr. Clancey’s are. Please please continue. Also now I have another author to read, even if it’s not a Jack Ryan or Jack Jr story. I do read others! Again, thank you so very much.

  11. ave says:

    enjoyed all – read all jack ryan, all of mr clark and 4 or 5 of the campus books, also the 2 stand-alone book – enjoyed all
    rip Mr Tom Clancy
    ps – another good Tom to read is Tom Harris

  12. Max says:

    So I just read Without Remorse and loved it! So should I finish off the Kelly aka John Clark books then start in on the Jack Ryan books? I know some of where big hits in the movies. Looking to read them in chronological order, as the main characters lives go. Thanks.

  13. John says:

    Ok so I”ve been a huge fan of JR series and Tom Clancy for years now. In past few years I started the JR series over and read them in chronological order and have really enjoyed it. While reading the JR series I went ahead and mixed in the John Clark books to match near the Ryanverse timeline. I recently finished The Bear and the Dragon, and I”m stuck trying to figure out chronologically which book is really next. I’ve started reading The Teeth of the Tiger but it seems to jump way to far ahead and it also made mention of someone being killed that was very close to Jack. Now I know I didnt miss that!!! Or at least I don’t think I did!!! Can anyone steer me in the right direction?

    • Thomas Andersson says:

      Yeah, following the order I also found the jump between the Bear and the Dragon to Teeth of the Tiger way to big. Jack retired, the murder of his friend (not to spoil too much), kids adult age etc… Just way too much time passed and unexplained.

  14. David Jones says:

    Just read Dead or Alive,time to retire Tom,did you have a bet on how many “initialisms “you coul get into each chapter”
    Did someone else write it for you?
    Was it Donald Trump?
    In the early days you asked your readers to apply some though to the plot,this is just megalomaniac hokum.

  15. Brian says:

    Grant Balackwood’s “Duty of Honor” (2016) should be added to The Campus series. (I assume that’s where it belongs – I haven’t read it yet.)

  16. Brian says:

    Just a clarification: The Jack Ryan / The Campus series intertwine with Blackwood’s “Under Fire” and Greaney’s “Commander in Chief”. Both published in 2015, but readers should know that Under Fire comes first. Ysabel Kashani is introduced in “Under Fire” and is an important character in “Commander in Chief” as well.

    The relationship between Jack Ryan Jr and Ysabel Kashani is established in “Under Fire” while their very trusting relationship is just assumed in “Commander in Chief”.

    I guessed wrong and read “Commander in Chief” first. It confused me a bit because Jack Jr puts a lot of trust in Ysabel, which doesn’t make sense considering Jack Jr’s previous relationships. “Under Fire” explains a lot about why they trust each other.

  17. Michael Veto says:

    Thank you for the list im new to reading Tom Clancy and i needed to know what book to start with in the Jack Ryan series

    • Brian says:

      If you enjoy technically detailed writing and crafty plots, start with Hunt for Red October. It was unique when it was released, especially how technology, command-and-control systems, and political decisions intertwine.

      If you would rather learn more about Jack Ryan the character, you might want to start with Patriot Games, which really establishes Jack Ryan’s personlaity and motives in a compelling story.

      Good luck!

  18. JeepBud says:

    Why isn’t “Shadow Recruit” in the list? … it is how Jack Ryan was recruited into the CIA and got started operationally, not only as an analyst. (I did not read all 87 posted comments, perhaps this was covered).

    • Mystery Sequels says:

      Because Shadow Recruit is a movie, not a book, and not a direct adaptation of any Tom Clancy novel, but an original story.

  19. Chris Meen says:

    I have been listening to all of the Jack Ryan and Campus books on Audio as I do not have the time to read them so I listen while driving my Truck. Do you know the reason that the latest one Under Fire is not available on Audible?

  20. Frank Shackelford says:

    Bear and The Dragon IS a Jack Ryan book. Odd that you misplaced it. John Clark (Kelley) has a bit part.
    It’s a shame that big budgets prohibit filming the novel.

    • Mystery Sequels says:

      The reason I didn’t place him in the main series is because while Jack has a big part in the book, his role is just one in the Jack Ryan universe. The focus is not on him entirely. When I read the book some years ago I felt that John Clark and his team played a much bigger role somehow. But yeah you are also right, it can easily be classified as a Jack Ryan novel.

  21. Mwalthall says:

    So I know this is a old post but I just finished Executive Orders. It took me a while to get hooked on it unlike any of the others. My question is and I’m sure it’s been asked already is which book should I read next? You have Command Authority as next but down below you have the Bear and The Dragon listed as Jack Ryan #9. I was reading on another site and they had Rainbow Six as the next book. I am trying to read them in order chronologically. Thanks for any help

    • Mystery Sequels says:

      Command Authority is next if you’re looking for the Jack Ryan series. Rainbow Six is part of the John Clark series, and comes right before The Bear And The Dragon.

      • Mwalthall says:

        I’m looking for overall chronological order. Like the first book I read was Without Remorse which only shows JR a little bit but it’s mainly about JC.

  22. Jason Henderson says:

    Thanks for the list. I read some of his earlier works years agoa and last year got into a kick and read everything in order as you listed. Thanks for that. The Jack Ryan Series was awesome and the Campus Series were exciting. I do hope that Tom Clancys works continue on throughout the yars with new events similar to that of todays events as well as those in the future.

  23. Pat McCallister says:

    Wasn’t there a book Clancy did about UFO’s? Maybe Atlantis or something in that genre….

  24. Carl says:

    I have read all of the Jack SR/JR/John Clark novels and have enjoyed every one. I would like to know if Search And Destroy will ever be released.

  25. Rob says:

    Hi, just started re-reading Patriot games and noticed that even though you state that this is the Jack Ryan Story #1 because it takes place in 1981 in Chapter 18 – Lights, there is a paragraph that states:
    “From a high of fifty-one terrorist incidents in 1982, the number had been slashed to seven in 1985. The Bureau had managed to run down many of these amateurish groups, preventing more than twenty incidents the previous year, with good intelligence followed by quick action.”
    Appreciate the help to put series in order, but is your order effectively correct?
    Again thanks,


  26. Jeff says:

    You have to read the rest of the books (op center, ghost recon, net force). they are all just as well written and engaging as the ryan books……

  27. vistacharlie says:

    Thanks for the list. I was wondering about some of the sequences and if i have the books in order. However i should mention that “aplinter cell” and “iocenter” are Tom clancy novel series that are not on your list. i presume that they they were written under tom clancy as a “brand” by different authors. probably would be good for the publisher to create an all inclusive list.

    • Mystery Sequels says:

      Splinter Cell is not written by Tom Clancy, but by Raymond Benson, based on a computer games series with the same name, which Tom Clancy gave his blessing to. I only listed here book written by the author himself. Not quite sure what iocenter is though.

  28. Daniel says:

    It was missing a best friend when I heard Mr Clancy had passed on.
    I have read all of his books as well as the books that were co-written, I found them all interging.
    I have not found another author that Intirgus me as much as Mr. Clancy
    I do hope that one of is co-authors will step up and continue his novels


  29. Joshua says:

    I have read the entire Op Center series!! Great reads you need to check them out also every one of his “Ryan ” books were great as well.

  30. Retha says:

    thank you for getting this list together! I want to start at the beginning and work my way thru all of his books. I have already read some, and seen all the movies and have enjoyed them.

  31. Jason B Lentz says:

    Please continue on with Jack Ryan and the Campus, I absolutely love these books. Tom Clancy will be sorely missed!

  32. Marcus Luigus says:

    Does the character Melanie Kraft ( Jack Jr’s girlfriend) in “Threat Vector” ever get revived? If so, in which book that she come back?

  33. Dhess says:

    I have read almost all the Jack Ryan series, now I am almost finish with his Command Authority then I will have to look for the Defend and Support then the last one which is the Full force and Effect.

    I love all these book. I happened to read first the Clear and Present Danger and I was fascinated with the actions and thrills that it gives me so I started to search all his books and one by one I bought.

    Now, I am really thrilled about his son and the campus hopefully the ghost writer or Mark Greaney will continue this book. Really addicting.

  34. Greg says:

    I really recommend the Net Force series. They combine action, suspence, humor, and everyday life. Every time I get another book I go back and reread the others first.

  35. Cookiec40 says:

    I have read all of the Clancy novels and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed each one. I am trying to catch up on the Jack Ryan Jr. series, which promise to be as captivating as the Jack Ryan series (Sr. – President) . Just recently saw the Jack Ryan Jr. movie Shadow Recruit, but I have not been able to find the book. I will locate it and read it.

  36. MATT says:

    Many years ago, I read a few of the Jack Ryan books, but with the advent of the Kindle, I decided to read all the Jack Ryan books in chronological order. Just finished the last.
    Took almost 18 months, but they were fantastic. I can not wait for others to follow on “Full Force and Effect” and also “Support and Defend”.
    In the mean time, I will start reading the other “non-Jack Ryan” Clancy books.
    What a great writer, in the class of Wilbur Smith!!
    May he RIP

  37. Mike says:

    I have read almost all of his books and loved them all. I am now in the process of reading to few that I have missed.

    If you should like Tom Clancy you should like the additional novels, I actually have read most of them, so I can comment on them, including his OP-Center series (12 books), Net Force Universe series (10 books), Netforce Explorers Universe (18 books), the Power Play series (8 books), the Ghost Reckon Universe series (3 books), EndWar series (4 books), and the one book in the H.A.W.X Universe. If you have read any of these books, let me know if they are good and I’ll pick them up as well.

    Read them in order or they will miss a lot of the story.

  38. Chris says:

    Bear and Dragon is a Jack Ryan novel

  39. Michael Hollinshead says:

    Happy Memories of sitting on assorted Greek beaches/Greek (smooth!) rocks, with feet in the sea, with my lovely wife fetching a cold lager every hour! Now retired, I’d thought about re-reading the lot – then, out of the blue, my darling wife died, so in memory of those halcyon days on Greek beaches, and in memory of her efforts on my behalf over (almost) 50 years, I’m well on my way to the task – make that pleasure.
    I came here to find the next one in chronological order after Executive Orders – now I know, thanks! To my mind ‘Debt’ and ‘Exec’ were totally brilliant. Can’t put down books.
    So RIP Tom and Marian, and deep gratitude to the both of you.

  40. Edward says:

    Thanks for the list. Sorry, I have all the hardback books with the dust covers. Yes, no bookshelf space left. But the collection is complete. I understand Kindle is ok. But old school is the best, Sit down on a rainy day and lose yourself in the writing and the intrigue, His stories and characters were real!! We will miss him RIP Sir.

  41. Ken taylor says:

    I’ve been a tom clancy fan for some time. I’ve read many, but not all, of his works. I especially enjoyed rainbow six and the jack Ryan series.
    I’m sadden at his passing and will surely be disappointed if his works aren’t carried on.
    Looking forward to the latest novel and still working my way through the list.
    Why do the good go so soon?
    Be at peace brother tom you’re truly missed.

    Semper Fi

  42. Anna Wolff says:

    I wanted to purchase all the Jack Ryan series on kindle, but very few Tom Clancy novels are available on kindle! To say I was extremely surprised is an understatement!

  43. Emory T. Check says:

    I have Tom Clancy’s entire collection (so far) sitting on my bookshelf. As with all authors, some of their works are a bit boring, disappointing but for the most part are well written. The ones I had a tough time with were the non-fiction, technical ones. They were very slow to me. He really went into detail about the units he was writing about – their make-up, missions,etc. As I said, I have his entire collection – however some hard cover and some paperback. Still must get “Support & Defend” and “Full Force & Effect”. Then my collection will be complete.

  44. Keith Walker says:

    I have all the John Clark/Jack Ryan books and read them all several times although I am just starting on the lates ones.
    If you want to read the whole lot as one continuing story, the order is 1 Without Remorse, 2 Patriot Games, 3 Red Rabbit, 4 The Hunt for Red October, 5 The Cardinal of the Kremlin, 6 Clear and Present Danger, 7 The Sum of All Fears, 8, Debt of Honour, 9 Executive Orders, 10 Rainbow Six, 11 Bear Andthe Dragon, 12,Teeth of the Tiger, 13, Dead or Alive, 14 Locked On, I think Command Authority is next but I haven’t got there yet
    And that is as far as I’ve got

    • Keith Walker says:

      A bit more digging, the order after Teeth of the Tiger is 13 Dead or Alive, 14 Locked on, 15 Threat Vector, 16 Command Authority, 17 Support and Defend,

      The next book appears to be 18 Full Force and Effect which will be published in December and is written by Mark Greaney who seems to be doing a good job with continuing the story line. I wonder where to after that!

      • Mystery Sequels says:

        Sorry Keith, I’m not quite sure what you mean – the order you mentioned in your second post is the order I also listed the books (except I also added Against All Enemies, which is a standalone novel as it comes in publication order between the other books (however I did mention it is a standalone novel).

    • Thomas Andersson says:

      Than you for your extended chronological order. Could you please add where (if at all) in your list the following titles should be placed? (TIA)
      Full Force and Effect
      Under Fire
      Duty and Honor

      • Mystery Sequels says:

        Those books are included as well in the list, have another look.

        • Thomas Andersson says:

          Yes, I am aware of that. You however split up the list into different series (that somewhat overlap and interlink). The list above here in the comments list the books to be read in chronological order regardless of the sub series (which is what I’m looking to read) they belong to but didn’t include the last few books. That was what I was looking for now, the total chronological order of the last few books. (hope I make myself clear and not offend), I’m very grateful for the list supplied as I’m currently reading through the books and just finished Executive orders and started on Rainbow six.
          Thank you.

          • Mystery Sequels says:

            Oh I see what you mean. I have added them as separate series, because having read them, I did feel that they’re not the same series entirely. The teams are different, although many characters do overlap. I feel that they’re in the same universe, but not like a chronological order of the same character progression, you know what I mean?

  45. Reymart says:

    I already read all the 11 out of 12 books of the op center series. I have not read the last one, the finale.

  46. saltydip says:

    I wonder if anyone ever asked Tom Clancy how he felt about the 9/11 attacks, given that the book Debt of Honour ends with a highjacked JAL 747 being flown into the Capitol Building? The book was published seven years before the attacks. Hopefully the current ebola outbreak doesnt lead to another of his envisioned terrorist scenarios.

    • David says:

      @Saltydip, Tom Clancy did make various comments at the time about how the end of his novel seemed to become true life. He did say that he hoped that he had not provided inspiration to the lunatics.

      He was a great author, I am going to miss him.

      • charles says:

        I’m but only 17 and my mother has always suggested that i tried these books i just read my first 2 without remorse and clear and present danger so far i am planning on reading all of his books “in order” by the end of the year i wish i could of met the man he was a true genius and i will never love any books and i have read many different books about 300 or so as much as i have in just starting these books and will never put down any of his books my mom owns them all just sitting in an air tight box down in the basement and i am going to have to dig it up and read the all.
        Only one downside this damn box weighs 1000 pounds.

        • Cookiec40 says:

          Charles, download a list of the Clancy novels, in order of print. You will find them more interesting because there is some continuity from one to another (although not always). You will enjoy them more when they’re in order. Your mother won’t want you to lift the box with all the books. Just place them in order of print and take them out one at a time. I too have them all in boxes (hardcover) and they are heavy.

    • StealthReconn says:

      Good Question. I remember being home sick on 9/11 and watching CNN as it covered the WTC towers. I remember immediately about the incident in Clancy’s books Debt of Honor, then Executive Orders dealing with the plane crashing into the Capitol bldg. and it’s aftermath. I wondered what Clancy was thinking and a couple of hours later they had him on and asked him that day. He basically said, the 9/11 attacks is just so far over the top that if it was part of the plot in a novel, people would say that’s just not believable. But I found a transcript of an interview with Clancy on that day at:

      [edited by admin: text of transcript deleted from the comment due to copyrights. It can be read directly on the link given above]

  47. kathy says:

    I’m trying to find a list of Jack Ryan novels from when he was first introduced in order to the very last one. This Website has Patriot Games as #1 but he was already married with a child in that book. If anybody can, please help.

    • Mystery Sequels says:

      Kathy, the list above is correct, except Jack Ryan first appeared in the Without Remorse, which is officially not a Jack Ryan book, but a John Clark book. The reason is because he only appeared briefly in it. The story in Without Remorse took place in the early 70s, 1971-1973.

      I will also add in brackets for each book when the story actually took place. Hope this helps.

      • Chris Bedford says:

        One of us is confused. I just finished reading Without Remorse and I came across no references to Jack Ryan. There’s a Lt Emmet Ryan of the Baltimore Police, and John Clark who … can’t be John Ryan. There’s a (John?) Ritter in the CIA but he’s an ex field agent. Where did you see Jack Ryan? Was I that drunk when I read it?

        • Mystery Sequels says:

          I have rephrased the sentence. He doesn’t physically appear, there are a few brief mentions about him, a sentence here, a sentence there. It’s been quite a while I’ve read the book, so my memory might not be the best about it, but I do know his name appears at least once.

        • DF Ricca says:

          Near the end of the book, there is a very brief mention of Jack Ryan (his name is only mentioned once; he’s referred to as Emmett Ryan’s son) during a family dinner. Emmett was thinking about Jack’s recent decision to join the Marines….

  48. Shirley hoffman says:

    Where does the new movie Recurit come in in the series?

    • Mystery Sequels says:

      While it is done based on the Jack Ryan character, the movie Shadow Recruit is in fact a new story that was not present in any of the Clancy books and it is not part of the original series – and can’t be placed chronologically anywhere within it either. The authors call it a ‘continuity reboot’ in such cases.

  49. Jeff says:

    Loving the Clancy books. Shouldn’t the Cardinal Of The Kremlin be book 1 in the series though? Jacks Sr. is in early college years and just shows up in one dinner table scene. His father is one of the detectives, and Jack Jr. Is not even born. Yet you have it listed as #4 in the series order.

    • Jeff says:

      Sorry had the wrong title. Been reading a lot of Clancy and mixed it up with the John Clark book.

  50. Keith Dunn says:

    Hi I have been a fan of Tom Clancy for years only only one of his
    books so far not liked Powerplays Bio-strike I got to 1/3 way and could not take any more .pity it had his name on it

  51. Danny says:

    Hi all, I spend a lot of time driving so I personally have purchased all of the novels as audio books and have now listened to the complete series.
    I pray that a talented ghost writer continues on with the Jack Ryan Jnr and the Campus team as I am 100% hooked on the lot. Fantastic stuff,
    Fingers x
    Best regards

    • Dhess says:

      Yeah, me as well. Hoping that this book will continue for the Campus team and Jack Ryan Jr.
      I am almost done with this book series.

      Tried also the Splinter cell – Operation Barracuda, it is also a good thriller book. Have to find the rest of this series though.

  52. Garyh says:

    The death of Tom Clancy was a massive loss.
    I have read several of his books (about 20).
    These have included most of the Jack Ryan ones and some Op Centre and Net Force.
    As one post said, I have read them so many times they are starting to fall apart.
    I am therefore scanning each book and saving to cd.
    This will protect my well thumbed copies and save shelf space.
    Although the books written by ghost writers have been quite good,
    just a shame there will be no more by the master himself.
    RIP Tom Clancy

  53. Bob says:

    I have read all of the Jack Ryan, John Clark and Jr series; they are the best. I have also read one each of the Open Center, Net Force, and
    Power Play novels, which were all good reads, with typical Clancy character and plot development. I plan to find them all and read them when I do.

  54. Jamie says:

    Thank you for this list; I appreciate your help. I work at a library and try to label our books in the “series” order so it’s easier for people to figure out. You’re making that much easier. 🙂

    I am curious, though, as to how you came up with this list. Did you read them and just place them from the information in the books or did you find this information elsewhere?

    I have read all the Net Force books by Tom Clancy, and his kids’ books that are also Net Force, and I really enjoyed them. I haven’t read most of his fiction yet, even though Patriot Games was one of the first novels I read in 7th grade, and is still one of my favorites.

    • Mystery Sequels says:

      I’ve read most of them, and I’m a sucker for reading books in order, so I always prepare a list (in Word) for every book for each series I start reading, updating as the authors write new books). So I’ve just put that list to the blog in a post, figuring others might have the same reading peculiarities like I have 🙂

      • Jamie says:

        I have to read them in order, too. Hate reading books out of order because I always feel like I’ve missed something.
        I’ve got a 79-page 11-point font list of series for the library, so understand that.
        Thanks again! 🙂

        • Tyler says:

          Read them in the order released. The order listed in parentheses in this article is a Chronological order of events of the universe in question. Certain facts and events are not supposed to be know to the reader until revealed by the author. Reading the books in any other order is doing yourself a disservice. The overall intrigue of the storyline will be diminished.

  55. Here is a sad one for the English speaking world. On amazon in the kindle boOk section it is cheaper to buy Tom Clancy in a translated (read more work) German version than it is to buy it in the original (read no extra work) English . What gives with that?

    • Mystery Sequels says:

      Now that is interesting, haven’t checked the translated version, but it seems wrong…

    • leslie says:

      It is called supply and demand. Mr Clancy wasn’t to friendly in his description of Germans.

  56. Bill Griffin says:

    I have read all of the Jack Ryan/John Clark/Jack, Jr titles, as well as all of the Op Center entries. Hard to pick a favorite. Having a background in military and space technology, I find the details in Hunt for Red October and Red Storm Rising to be incredible. The story lines are all extremely interesting and intricate (Sum of All Fears, Bear and the Dragon). I do feel that, while interesting, the Op Center series does not rise to the same level as the JR/JC/JR, Jr. series. Even after 4 books, I do not feel like I know the characters as well as I did after Reading Hunt for Red October the first time. I am looking forward to reading Command Authority, which I have not picked up as yet.

  57. Ginger Weirich says:

    I have read several (not all) of the books in the Op Center and first Net Force series you list above. I found them to be “typical” Tom Clancy — with the same edge-of-your-seat action, well-rounded characters and well-developed plots. Little by little, I continue to read Tom Clancy’s fiction. I fall in love over and over with Jack Ryan (grin, I’m a girl so I can say that). I am so very saddened by his death… he was only a couple years older than I am, and it’s very hard to say goodbye to such an amazing talent.

  58. Steve Sharp says:

    Just finished Command Authority – Best of the bunch with more than the usual intrigue, etc. Mark Greaney is doing a great job helping out with this project and my hope will be that somehow he can continue the series without Mr. Clancy’s help. Time will tell!

    • Tyler says:

      Support and Defend, a new novel by Mark Greaney following Dom Caruso, has been announced.

      • Ruthie says:

        It was also well written. Just finished it yesterday. Again, could not put it down reading!

        • David says:

          Just finished Support and Defend. First time with a “Tom Clancy” and blown away with the book. Now on the lookout for other Campus novels to compare Mark Greaney with the original. Also on the lookout for Mark Greaney novels.

  59. Colin Evans says:

    Red storm rising was one of the best books I have read and I re read it over and over again.I also enjoyed the Campus with Jack Ryan junior

  60. Michael says:

    I have read Tom Clancy’s novels so many times I have to find a place to buy a new set of them…they’re falling apart. About the only disappointment I have is with all of these people who come up with conspiracy theories about the mans death. And I thought I had too much time on my hands…

    RIP Tom Clancy

  61. Echo4Texas says:

    Thanks for the list, I just finished Command Authority a couple of weeks before Putin and Crimea became daily news and look at all the press with skepticism. I cannot do the Kindle thing because I fear if the EMP attack ever comes we will lose Tom Clancy’s works as well as John D MacDonald’s Travis McGee series. What? Whose paranoid?

  62. James says:

    Thanks for posting that it helped me know which one came first.

  63. David benson says:

    I have never read Tom Clancy and want to start. You listed the books “in order” but then in parentheses next to each book is a different set of numbers. Which should I follow if I want to read the books in order?

    • Marika says:

      The numbers at the beginning are the listings in publication order (you can also see the dates when they were published (starting from 1984 upwards). The numbers in brackets (as in Jack Ryan series #1) represent the order in which the books in the series are – chronologically. If you want to start with the series, try to find them in the chronological order, it might make more sense this way. So in your case start with Patriot Games, which is the 3rd book published, however the action within is the earliest chronologically – if it makes sense 🙂

      • Sherry says:

        As a heads up, you have 2 books listed as Jack Ryan #9

        I appreciate the list!

        • Frank Shackelford says:

          start with Red Storm Rising. Gives you a feel of the author and his attention to details.


    I have read most of Tom’s stories. I loved the Rainbow series. I have read most of the op-enter and net force books and grown to love them. The ghost recon were a bit boring. The teeth of the tiger was a real thrill to me as I felt that his son was a real asset to the team. I wish they would make a movie of without remorse with William Defoe as Clark.

    • Michele Morrell says:

      I’m reading the Clark/ Ryan/Ryan Jr series again. Not in published order, like years ago, but in chronological character order{as the characters lives develop}. Just finished Without Remorse and I think this book would be a great TV six part series with Liev Schreiber as John Kelly(Clark) though.

      • Sean Butler says:

        I am doing the same thing, just finished Teeth of the Tiger and about to start Locked On. I have saved Command Authority while I re-read the entire series. Its amazing how many characters and story lines you notice when reading everything back to back. I agree, Without Remorse with Liev Schreiber as Kelly would be amazing, one of my favorites. Although not in the series, Red Storm Rising is a great tale of an 80’s style WWIII. I hope the ghost writers keep my favorite characters alive!

        • Steve Abrams says:

          I thought I was the only nut to do this. And I’ve already read every one. I’ve just completed Bear & the Dragon on my binge read and cannot begin to describe how much I’m enjoying re-reading them all in the order of their story. Tom Clancy was brilliant in how he thread the characters from story to story. And so much of his work seems so incredibly prophetic in the use of technology. Great reads. Great insights A truly great suthor!

          • Frank Shackelford says:

            You mean there are others out there like me. Good, means I am not obsessed.
            I have read Clancy since his start in the ’80’s. Each 10 years I re-read them with the additions..
            It’s 2016, I have just retired, I am starting them again. Looking forward to getting the Campus series.
            I have stayed away from the OpCenter/Net Force bunch. The couple I did read just didn’t measure up.

    • Ron says:

      That would be a good movie. Im reading my way through the series for the third time.

  65. Chad says:

    It is my understanding that any book with “Clancy’s” as opposed to “Clancy” is actually a Clancy storyline authored by someone else. I’ve read one op center book after reading most of the Clancy books to date and was sorely disappointed.

    I enjoyed the JR/ Clark series, with Cardinal being my fav. but my first and the best (imo) Clancy novel was RSR.

    I’ve not yet found the time for Command Autority, or it could be once I read it I know there’s nothing else to anticipate.

    • Chad says:

      Having recently read Against All Enemies, it is vastly a stand alone novel; however, in the last few pages a character from The Campus is introduced in the book. (Vagueness intentional to prevent spoilers.) I smiled a wide smile having read the name- but the point is the book fits within the Jack Ryan universe and its characters or story could perhaps be referenced in future JR stories (or already in ones I haven’t read yet).

  66. Clare Collinge says:

    I have just finished Threat Vector which I really enjoyed – it was fast paced and exciting. I look forward to reading the next book and am sorry that a good author like Tom Clancy is no longer with us.

  67. Maxine says:

    Thanks for the list. I just re-watched in year order: The Hunt for Red October; Patriot Games; Clear and Present Danger; and Sum of All Fears.
    I noticed with Sum of All Fears that Jack Ryan was not married but was ‘seeing’ Cathy at that time. That doesn’t jive with the other books – as in timing et al. Still enjoyed them all though!
    Thanks again!

    • allen says:

      The movie took too many liberties. Read the book and things will fall into place.

      • kaye says:

        Agree. I have to think of the movies as stand alones or it makes me crazy!

        • JKM says:

          Hollywood rewrote the entire book to fit their PC agenda. Ben Affleck is no Harrison Ford. I have watched all of the Clancy books made into films. I have not and will not watch this piece of trash called a movie

    • Sharon L. Rodriguez says:

      I have a question. I lost the sight in my lest eye recently and discovered audiobooks I receive from my library I enjoy listening to them while I’m doing my homework etc. I LOVE the reading of these books by Scott Bick! I’ve not been able to get Hunt for Red October in Audiobook as it was only available in ebbooks therefore I am unable to listen to them in order. Do you know if ALL Tom’s books were read for audiobooks and another library would have them?
      I’m soooo hooked on these series. It’s amazing how much more work gete done when I’m listening to my audiobooks!
      There were other books that didn’t come in audiobooks either.

      • Kat says:

        Hi, I am an avid audiobook listener and a librarian. Hunt for Red October was published on audio CD and in digital format. It is not narrated by Scott Brick, though. Someone named J. Charles. If your library doesn’t have an item on their shelves, they should be able to go outside their system and get what you need through interlibrary loan. Or you can try other local libraries. Clancy is such a popular author, I would be surprised if they are not all available on audio. Also, the Library of Congress has an audiobook program for people with sight issues. Their website is In any case, your library should be able to get any and all of these materials and information for you. That’s what we’re here for. 🙂 I hope this helps! Good luck to you!

      • Les says:

        I know im real late responding to this but maybe it will will help someone else with this or other books. There are e book readers for android and probably ios that will comvert the text from epub books to audio. One for android is Ereader prestigeo. If a book isnt releaded in audio this will still read it.

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