Rick Acker Books In Order – Complete List

Rick Acker is known for his Christian legal mystery series called Dead Man’s Rule, and the young adult detective series called The Davis Detective Mysteries. Reading the Rick Acker books in order is an easy feat. He is one of the best contemporary Christian thriller authors.

Here are the Christian suspense author Rick Acker books in order for this series and standalone novels. The list will be updated with any new books Rick has written.

Dead Man’s Rule Series in Order of Publication

  1. Dead Man’s Rule, 2005
  2. Blood Brothers, 2008

The Davis Detective Agency Mysteries in Order of Publication

  1. The Case of the Autumn Rose, 2003
  2. The Lost Treasure of Fernando Montoya, 2003

Standalone Books in Publication Order

Novellas in Order of Publication

Rick Acker Biography – About the Author

Rick Acker

Rick Acker was born in 1966. He was raised in Chicago. He received his law degrees from the University of Oslo and the University of Notre Dame, graduating with honors. Before moving to San Francisco, he spent 35 years in the Midwest.

For a few years, Rick Acker worked as a senior litigator at Bingham McCutchen working on high-stakes litigations. The type of fraud he investigated while working here is included in his standalone legal thriller novel When The Devil Whistles.

Currently, Rick Acker’s real job is Supervising Deputy Attorney General in the California Department of Justice where his team prosecutes corporate law lawsuits. He only has time to write books during his commute to and from work. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife, Anette, their four children, and two cats.

Some of the cases the author Rick Acker and his team investigated were high-profile cases, including fraud cases concerning certain Wall Street players who created the toxic mortgage securities that lead to the Great Depression.

The author Rick Acker currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his family and two cats.

Dead Man’s Rule features Ben Corbin, an attorney in Chicago running his own law practice. The series has currently two books.

His second series, The Davis Detective Mysteries is a young-adult series featuring two sleuths, a brother and a sister, Arthur and Kristin Davis, who are hired to solve a few cases for the big guys.

Rick Acker’s standalone stories are also legal thrillers, while his Davis Detective Mysteries is a fun children’s mystery series.

As a lawyer, the author Rick Acker displays his knowledge elegantly in the books of both his series. If you’re worried about the ‘Christian’ aspect, it’s not too overwhelming, everyone can read the Rick Acker books in the series or his standalone books without feeling uncomfortable.

Guilty Blood

While the Rick Acker book series ended several years ago, each including two books, the author has continued writing standalone books , most of which are Christian thrillers.

His latest book is titled Guilty Blood, published in 2017. The book is a legal thriller featuring Jessica Ames who gets the news that her son, Brandon, has been locked up on suspicions of murder. She is not a rich person by any means, so she can’t afford a good lawyer for her son.

Then she remembers someone from her past, Nate, a very wealthy and expensive lawyer from her past, whom she has to admit that she feels something for, so she decides to call him hoping that he might reciprocate enough to help her son.

The story is an action-packed legal thriller which reminded me a little of Stuart Woods‘ books. I do not like Christian themed books much, but I have to admit that the Rick Acker latest story is a straight-up thriller with no Christian themes within.

Rick Acker is a great legal thriller author, and while I do enjoy more reading series than standalone books, Rick Acker’s standalone novels are up there with the best.

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