American Gangsters on Film

American Gangsters on Film

by Frankie Y Bailey

non-fiction book
published 2025

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Written for both crime history buffs and movie fans, American Gangsters on Film provides an in-depth look at real life gangsters, the Hollywood movies, and the mythology of gang life and organized crime.

American Gangsters on Film covers 10 of the most important films that depict organized crime on the silver screen. Following an introduction, each of 9 chapters focuses on an individual movie, like Bonnie and ClydeScarface, and The Departed. A 10th chapter analyzes the critically acclaimed television show The Sopranos. Presented in chronological order, the films and television show are discussed in historical context, making it easier for readers to understand both the choices made by filmmakers and reception of the films and the TV show.

Additionally, this volume provides an overview of crime and justice in American history and culture. To that end, each film is discussed in the context of real-life events. Ideal for students, the book also examines the role of the films in the social construction of images of organized crime and gangsters and the role of the movies in shaping popular perceptions.

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