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James Rollins is the author of the popular Sigma Series (also known as Sigma Force series), a spellbinding set of novels that has become a dear favorite from the very first book published back in 2004. However, reading the James Rollins Sigma Series is not enough if you want to read everything this author has ever written.

Here are all the James Rollins books in order for his popular adventure series including Sigma Force SeriesThe Order of the Sanguines, Jake Ransom, and Tucker Wayne, along with his standalone adventure novels listed in publication and chronological order.

James Rollins Sigma Series

James Rollins Sigma series from the first to the latest novel written to date.

  1. Sandstorm (Sigma Force #1), 2004
  2. Map of Bones (Sigma Force #2), 2005
  3. Black Order (Sigma Force #3), 2006
  4. The Judas Strain (Sigma Force #4), 2007
  5. The Last Oracle (Sigma Force #5), 2008
  6. The Doomsday Key (Sigma Force #6), 2009
  7. The Skeleton Key: A Short Story Exclusive (Sigma Force #6.5), 2011
  8. The Devil Colony (Sigma Force #7), 2011
  9. Tracker: A Short Story Exclusive, 2012 (Sigma Force #7.5, Tucker Wayne #1.5, ), 2012
  10. Bloodline (Sigma Force #8), 2013
  11. The Eye of God (Sigma Force #9), 2013
  12. The 6th Extinction (Sigma Force #10), 2014
  13. The Midnight Watch (Sigma Force #10.5), 2015
  14. The Bone Labyrinth (Sigma Force #11), 2015
  15. The Seventh Plague (Sigma Force #12), 2016
  16. The Demon Crown (Sigma Force #13), 2017

The Sanguines Series

  1. City of Screams (The Order Of The Sanguines #0.5), 2012
  2. The Blood Gospel (The Order Of The Sanguines #1), 2013
  3. Blood Brothers (The Order Of The Sanguines #1.5), 2013
  4. Innocent Blood (The Order Of The Sanguines #2), 2013
  5. Blood Infernal (The Order Of The Sanguines #3), 2015

Tucker Wayne Series

  1. The Kill Switch (Tucker Wayne #1), 2014
  2. Tracker: A Short Story Exclusive, 2012 (Tucker Wayne #1.5, Sigma Force #7.5) –book review
  3. War Hawk (Tucker Wayne #2), 2016

Jake Ransom Series

  1. Jake Ransom and the Skull King’s Shadow (Jake Ransom #1), 2009
  2. Jake Ransom and the Howling Sphinx (Jake Ransom #2), 2010

Other Books By James Rollins

What is the Sigma Force series about?

The Sigma Force is basically an elite covert group belonging to the US Defense Department (DARPA, which is a real US organization called Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). The group is made of former Special Forces officers that are highly trained with exceptional skills in their various areas of expertise – almost all involving different aspects of science.

Now combine a skilled scientist with a highly trained operative in the same person, add a bunch of these people to a team, and you get what we call the Sigma Force, a team of “killer scientists” on a mission to save the world. These guys are “scientists with guns” as the author calls them for good reason.

Each novel in the series focuses on a particular madman who wants to destroy the world in his own special way, and on the team who manages to keep the evil villain from bringing his destructive deeds to completion, which invariably leads to the world being saved once again.

Painter Crowe is the mastermind behind the team, soon to becomes its leader, who decides which mission they will tackle next. The very first novel, Sandstorm, is in fact all about Crowe, so we get to see the real genius in action as well.

The way I came across this author was when a friend recommended that I read Subterranean (published in 1999, it was the first of the James Rollins books published). I’ve read it, loved it and got hooked on the story, plot, characters and the awesome writing style. And of course, got enchanted by the author, James Rollins, as well.

You know how it is when a book grabs you from the very first pages. This is what happened to me with James Rollins (real name Jim Czajkowski) and his books. Then I began reading the James Rollins Sigma Series from the first book and the rest is history.

I think the only other author that had the same effect on me was the duo Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child with their museum mysteries, involving the aloof and charming Special Agent Aloysius Pendergast.

As for what genre this series belongs to, the author explains is better than I ever could:

I generally classify the books as scientific thrillers or adventure thrillers. I’m always looking to blend a bit of historical mystery and a bit of scientific speculation, and setting up a large adventure story to wrap all around it.

Currently, the James Rollins Sigma Force series includes 16 books (with the last one called The Demon Crown, published December 2017) with 13 full-length novels and 3 short stories only available on Kindle for like 99 cents or so.

I include them here because they do belong to the Sigma Force series and they are a major part of the narrative, especially if you like to follow the stories in order.

Should we read the Sigma Force Series in order?

Oh yes, definitely we should read them in order! In fact, we should read all the James Rollins books in order, because every single series is well worth it.

I thankfully got introduced to James Rollins before engaging with the Sigma Force series, so I could start reading the books from the very first one right away (I hate it when I read a book just to realize that I’m somewhere in the middle of a series, and then I have to go back and catch up with the rest).

I root for all the characters in the Sigma team and it is interesting to follow how their relationships develop over time, from book to book. For example, Seichan is a very intriguing character, a famous and feared assassin who leaves the Guild and joins the Sigma force – and causes some major ripples in the process as well.

Of course, I want to see how she gains their trust, how she loses it again, only to gain it again…or maybe not?

While each mission starts and ends with a book, the characters’ lives stories are continued from book to book.

There is just something about the Sigma Force series that makes you follow it like a TV series showing the adventures of a very turbulent family – but one that manages to save the world in every single episode – and one that takes us to far away places that we’d never discover on our own, and probably would never go to for real in the first place – hence were forced to live vicariously through their own eyes.

Each book offers an electrifying adventure, thrilling and chilling action and wonderful and heroic characters that you can’t but love. At least I do, with all my heart.

Sigma Force Series Turning Into a Movie

Did you know that the movie rights for a Sigma Force series movie have been sold to the famous Dino de Laurentiis, who said:

James Rollins is a master storyteller. The Sigma Force series is rich with complex characters and thrilling action plots, and we can’t wait to turn this treasure trove of amazing stories into a great film franchise.

I can’t wait to see it when it’s finally turned into a blockbuster movie.

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  1. George McDonald says:

    Stunning storytelling can’t get enough I spend 8 hrs a day in a patrol vehicle listening to your brilliant writing I am in love with Kane and of course Marta from last oracle stole my heart and baco could have his own book please keep up the spectacular writing and if u know lee child maybe the sigma clan can run across jack reacher . And please keep up the good work I started with sigma books can’t wait to dig into ur other work thanks for spectacular writing

  2. BB says:

    I don’t think there will be a movie. Dino De Laurentiis passed away in 2010.


  3. Brian Herring says:

    halfway through doomsday key I realized that I have already read the last Oracle and loved it! what most should know is that he also writes in the other name James Clemens as a fantasy writer. his wit’ch war chronicles and unfinished God Slayer chronicles are fantastic reads

  4. Korey says:

    I love this series! He’s an excellent author who captivates you, at warp speed i might add, with each turn of the page. I started Sandstorm a month ago and now on the (6th) novel The Doomsday Key. I can’t wait to go get his stand alones and also download the short story exclusives. Of course i must finish the Sigma series as well. I’ll be sad when i’m done but i’m happy i finally found an author i can truly relate to, as far as my personal interests.

  5. Sophie Bowns says:

    It sounds great. I’m always looking for new/ different books to read. This might just be the one 🙂

  6. Kristen says:

    That sounds like a good one! I really enjoy a good series. Sometimes when it’s just one book I’m left feeling like I wanted more!

  7. Esther says:

    What great book/series review! I love how you laid it out. Might just have to head to the library today to get started.


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