And Then You Die

Long After Midnight

And Then You Die

by Iris Johansen


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An international photojournalist, Bess Grady is no stranger to the horrors of war. She has seen it all, especially during a photo op involving the the aftermath of a massacre while on assignment in Croatia.

When she receives a new assignment from ‘Traveler’ magazine, she believe it will be a walk in the park. How wrong she is!

She is heading to a small Mexican village, Tenajo, and she takes along her sister, Dr. Emily Grady Corelli. But when she gets there, the village is too silent for her liking. The more the sisters walk on the streets of Tenajo, the more bodies they find, all apparently dead from unknown causes. All Bess knows is that all the people died suddenly.

While Bess manages to find a sole living person, a tiny baby, Emily, being a doctor, believes that all these deaths are due to an outbreak of some kind. But when some government forces arrive in town, they take Bess and start interrogaing her.

The more Bess investigates, the clearer it is to her that the government has done a terrible experiment involving the town population, one that they want to keep quiet about at all costs. Even if it means getting rid of Bess and her sister for good.