Dead Aim

Dead Aim

Dead Aim

by Iris Johansen

The 4.5th novella in the Eve Duncan series (2002)

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In Dead Aim, Eve Duncan doesn’t appear at all, as she and her husband, Joe, are away, and the beach house that Alex and Judd use are actually theirs.

Alex Graham is a well-known photojournalist who, through her camera, has seen and captured some of the worst humanity has to offer, along with heart-breaking catastrophes and tragedies.

Her next assignment takes her to Arapahoe Junction, Colorado, where a dam breaks. Here, she not only takes shattering photos but she also helps search for survivors. When it turns out that the Colorado event was not an accident at all, Alex is right in the middle of it all. And as a journalist, she is bound by her rules to tell the truth. But someone doesn’t want the horrible truth to come out, even if it means silencing Alex for good.

The billionaire John Logan, whom we have already met in previous Eve Duncan books, assigns Judd Morgan, a bodyguard, to protect her. Judd is a very dangerous man, a commando who will do everything in his power to keep Alex safe. But what if Alex doesn’t want to be kept safe at all?