No One to Trust

No One to Trust

No One to Trust

by Iris Johansen

Standalone novel (2002)

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In her standalone romantic thriller book, Iris Johansen brings us face to face with a ruthless killer, Rico Chavez. He is charismatic and extremely wealthy and won’t stop till he gets what he wants.

And now, what he wants most in life is Elena Kyler, an assassin who is, for once, running for her life. Because Rico wants Elena dead through any means necessary. Not only that, but he wants his son away from Elena, to raise him in his wicked ways.

When Elena asks Sean Galen for help, he knows that she doesn’t feel anything for him, except the need to protect her own son at any costs. As Elena and Galen run for their lives across America, Chavez has all the means to find them anytime he wants.

And when two murders happen, Elena knows that Rico is hot on their trails. And she knows with all her heart that when he finds them, he will destroy Elena’s trust in humanity, get her to betray what is most sacred to her until her own will to live is no longer. And then, only then, will he put her down for good.