Body of Lies

Body of Lies

Body of Lies

by Iris Johansen

The fourth book in the Eve Duncan series (2002)

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In the fourth Eve Duncan romantic suspense novel by Iris Johansen, Eve is requested by a high-ranking government official to leave everything behind, all the reconstruction jobs she currently has, in order to help him identify in Baton Rouge the remains of an unknown murder victim.

Eve, however, doesn’t want to take the job since she is just now starting to find peace with her turbulent past. She has recently adopted Jane with her husband, detective Joe Quinn, and she wants some quiet and peaceful time with her new family.

However, some weird circumstances push Eve to go to Baton Rouge and take on the new job. She is kept in isolation to work on her reconstruction, but when a new murder happens before she has even finished her first face, she knows that a killer is on the loose, one who wants nothing more than stop Eve from continuing her project for good.