by Iris Johansen

The 12th book in the Eve Duncan series
The first book in the Eve, Quinn and Bonnie trilogy (2011)

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The famous forensic sculptor, Eve Duncan, has one driving force behind everything she does: learning about the fate (and possibly remains) of her daughter, Bonnie. While she helps numerous other victims get peace and killers get justice, Eve has always Bonnie in her mind.

So this time around, Iris Johansen started a new trilogy that goes back to the roots of Bonnie’s story. And it starts with Eve. A teenage Eve, one that would grow to become the strong person we know and love. Of course, if you think that the answers about Bonnie will be revealed in this book, think again. Because we still have Quinn, and finally Bonnie in their own separate books of this trilogy.

But we do have a new name:  John Gallo, a man from Eve’s past who might just be the missing link to Bonnie. Because John Gallo was in Atlanta just before Bonnie was taken. Was it a coincidence or a cunning plot device?