Sleep No More

Sleep No More

Sleep No More

by Iris Johansen

The 15th book in the Eve Duncan series (2012)

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Eve Duncan is finally ready to put her past behind. She knows what it means to be haunted by it, but now that she knows her daughter’s fate, she is ready to move on and start a new life with her love, Joe Quinn.

When her mother, Sandra, asks for her help in finding Beth Avery, a woman who went missing, Eve feels that there is more to the story than her mother leaves her to believe. Beth has been locked up in a mental institution for years, but now she is gone.

The more she learns about Beth, the more she starts to piece the puzzles together, revealing a shocking secret. And now, Eve has no choice but to help her mom because the stakes are too high not to.

But someone in the Avery family doesn’t want Eve to investigate. So when Eve asks rogue FBI profiler Kendra Michaels to help her find Beth, she learns that Beth is far from what anyone thought her to be, and she’s not quite that crazy. She is, however, in mortal danger and Eve and Kendra must find her before it’s too late.