Shattered Mirror

Shattered Mirror

Shattered Mirror

by Iris Johansen

The 23rd book in the Eve Duncan series (2018)

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In Shattered Mirror, we meet Eve Duncan, forensic sculpture extraordinaire once again. This time, she is home in Atlanta when she receives a package, left in her husband’s truck.

The gift-wrapped package includes a partially-destroyed skull by a bullet. Michael, eve’s precocious 6-year-old son urges her to reconstruct the skull. But when she does, she gets the shock of her life, especially when she gets at her doorsteps the spitting image of that skull.

When Cara arrives home with her friend Darcy, Eve realizes that Darcy is dead woman’s twin sister. But is now Darcy in danger too? And how about Cara and the rest of the family who decided to help Darcy and shelter her?