The Perfect Witness

The Perfect Witness

The Perfect Witness

by Iris Johansen and Roy Johansen


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Teresa Casali has a strange gift: she can read people’s memories. She had this gift since she was a child. And this gift (or rather curse) never did her any favors.

In fact, her father, a powerful mobster, used her gifts to expand and increase his corrupted empire. Until Teresa had enough and decided to run.

Now, after several years, fate seems to have caught up with her. Because there are some people who want her back at any cost.

When Andre Mandak appears and gets rid of her pursuers, Teresa is not sure what to think. Can she trust this stranger and is he acting in her best interest? Stilll, she has no choice so she goes into witness protection and changes her name to Allie Girard.

Now Allie lives a normal life, has a family, but she knows that a darkness is looming forever over her. Andre promised back in that he will come back for her and she will help him using her gift. But so far, all is quiet.

Until it is not. Her cover is blown, and Allie is on the run again right until she realizes that it’s time for her to no longer be a pawn in everyone else’s hands. She has a gift and she will use this gift to uncover the past and to survive. Even if this will be the very last thing she will ever do.