Killer Dreams

Killer Dreams

Killer Dreams

by Iris Johansen


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Sophie Dunston is one of the nation’s top sleep therapists. And she knows just how easily dreams can kill.

Michael, her ten-year-old son, suffers from life-threatening night terrors, which Sophie, through her work, hopes to heal.

Many years ago, Sophie should have died at the hands of a killer. But she survived. And now the killer is back, wanting what is due to him.

Jock Gavin is a semi-retired assassin, one who knows about Sophie’s struggles and he wants to help. But the man he has chosen for the job, Matt Royd, is is ruthless, dangerous and a real wild card. Can he protect Sophie and her son from a killer who appears in the night when she dreams? Because the bogeyman is real, and he is hunting her dreams once again. Just like so many years before…