Fatal Tide

Fatal Tide

Fatal Tide

by Iris Johansen


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Many years ago, Phil Lontana, an oceanographer, was searching for the lost underwater city of Merinth.

Years after, Phil went missing, and now, Melis Nemid, a marine researcher and Phil’s stepdaughter, is living alone on a remote island in the Carribbean, working on researching dolphin behavior.

When Phil contacts Melis out of the blue, she flies to Athens to meet him, only to be greeted by the visuals of Phil’s ship blowing up with him on board.

Now Melis wants to find out what happens and contacts oceanographer Jed Kelby asking him for help. In return, all he wants is her help in finding the same underwater city Phil was once obsessed with.

What they both don’t count on are the psychotic killers who want to kill Melis and seems to know her darkest and deepest fear, one that he wants her to relive over and over again.