Hunting Eve

Hunting Eve

Hunting Eve

by Iris Johansen

The 17th book in the Eve Duncan series (2013)

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Eve is on the run. She has just escaped from the claws of madman  Jim Doane who wanted to use her for his nefarious purposes related to the death of his son, and now he is fast closing in.

But while she is running, the CIA is after Jim, along with a hired killer who is tasked with taking care of Lee Zander. Eve is on her own, and now she has to prove that she is capable of taking care of herself without the help of her friends. Of course, that doesn’t mean that everyone else is not desperately trying to find her, because they do. Hopefully, before she goes missing for good.

We have Margaret, the dog whisperer,  Dr. Kendra Michaels with her keen vision, and even a dead child, all who want to find Eve. The series is become more and more supernatural in nature, but those who love their romantic suspense novels on the strange side, will be enthralled by these new characters that help Eve however they can.