Night and Day

Night and Day

Night and Day

by Iris Johansen

The 21st book in the Eve Duncan series (2016)

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This is the third book in the Eve Duncan trilogy involving Cara Delaney starting with Shadow Play.

Even Duncan, the world-famous forensic sculptor is in Scotland with her friends, who are all trying to protect Cara. Except, Cara’s mother, Natalie, has kidnapped her, so now it’s up to Eve and the gang to get her back safely. In addition, Natalie also wants Cira’s treasure and she will spare nothing to get her grabby little hands on it.

Because Eve foiled Natalie’s plans for getting her daughter and the treasure, Natalie swears revenge. And now, Eve is in mortal danger unless doctors can perform a miracle. Because unless Eve is saved, she will have to go through the same thing she went through so many years ago. And she will absolutely not do it.

Especially when she has her whole new life ahead of her, with Joe and…