Mind Game

Mind Game

Mind Game

by Iris Johansen

The 22nd book in the Eve Duncan series (2017)

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Mind Game, the latest Eve Duncan book by Iris Johansen takes us to Scotland where Jane MacGuire searches for Cira’s treasure.

Eve is only a side character in this book, but still an important one. The focus is mostly on Jane. It is Jane’s story.

While Jane has a strong connection to the long-dead Cira, the actress from ancient history, she now has a new connection to another girl, this one apparently still alive. And this girl is trying to give Jane hints on how to save her before its too late.

Except saving her means involving Seth Caleb, who always makes her blush and supplies her with butterflies to her stomach every time the two meet.

But as Caleb himself is in deep trouble, Jane has not only to help the girl but also him for there is a deep connection between Caleb and the girl Jane’s been dreaming about and whose face she’s been painting in her dreams.

For those readers who wanted more Jane stories, this is your chance. It’s the very book you’ve been waiting for.