Line of Control

Line of Control

by Tom Clancy

Book #8 in the Op-Center series, published 2001

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The National Crisis Management Centre in Washington DC – otherwise known as the Op-Centre – is a beating heart of defence, intelligence and crisis management technology, run by a crack team of operatives.

When world peace is threatened by an international crisis that seems beyond the scope of normal forces, it is the one place the US government can turn.

It’s a mission that only Striker – the military arm of Op-Center – can handle: capture an Islamic cleric who is stirring up a rebellion against the Indian government.

But when the border between India and Pakistan erupts, the Striker team gets caught in the crossfire. Now America’s most proficient covert team is trapped in a full-fledged war. Their fate rests in the hands of a devious double agent whose own agenda is unknown – a man who could just as easily sell them out as set them free…