Sting of the Wasp

Sting of the Wasp

by Tom Clancy

Book #18 in the Op-Center series, published 2019

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It’s a beautiful summer day in Manhattan as excited tourists board the floating Air and Space Museum on the USS Intrepid. Suddenly, a horrible explosion rips across the flight deck, showering the body parts of innocent men, women, and children everywhere. The perpetrator is none other than Captain Ahmed Salehi, an Iranian mastermind whose last terrorism plot was foiled at the last minute by Op-Center. This time, seeking revenge, he slipped under their radar.

Back in Washington, the White House orders Op-Center disbanded—or so it seems. Unbeknownst to America’s enemies, director Chase Williams has been put in charge of a brand-new, top-secret covert attack team known only as BLACK WASP. Its members, each chosen for their unique set of dangerous black-ops skills—martial arts expert Lieutenant Grace Lee, sharpshooter Lance Corporal Jaz Rivette, and JAG attorney Major Hamilton Breen—have been assigned to seek out Salehi and bring him to justice. Whatever it takes.

But Williams and his team soon discover Salehi is part of a new and even more frightening conspiracy, led by a renegade Iranian tycoon determined to become the next Osama bin Laden and establish a new Islamic State that will make ISIS seem like child’s play. From the heart of Manhattan, to the swamps of Trinidad, to the sunbaked mud villages of Yemen, this new Op-Center is America’s only line of defense against a bloody Middle Eastern tyrant.